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There is a general tendency to assume that assertiveness and aggressiveness are synonyms of the same behavior pattern.
We come across different kinds of people and their personalities during our day-to-day interactions. The English word dictionary tends to describe an assertive behavior pattern as something where the person is always ready to argue over any case. Aggression is known to be stimulated by external factors and has a large-scale effect on the personality of a person. An aggressive person feels that only his opinions and actions matter while others are incapable in decision making.
An assertive person usually speaks out his honest views on a subject in a polite conversational tone. An aggressive person on the other hand, tries to achieve his goals and dreams by hurting others or by stepping on other people's self-esteem. An assertive person tends to make a unhindered and normal eye contact with the other people. An aggressive person tends to glare at others in order to make them turn submissive to his statements and decisions.
An assertive person has a straight posture without any slouching and his expressions are generally relaxed.
An aggressive person, on the other hand, tends to stand with crossed arms and a rigid posture.
It is very difficult to tell an aggressive person to check the reflections of his behavior and opt for a change of personality. People who are passive aggressive often suppress their anger and frustration and inculcate a pessimistic attitude towards life.
Passive aggressive behavior in the workplace can lead to a lot of problems in an organization in terms of its overall atmosphere, productivity, and efficiency. The following article will give you an in depth understanding of the intricate and complicated subject of dealing with passive aggressive people and what it involves.

Have you come across the term "passive aggressive behavior" and wanted to know what it means? The actual causes of negativistic personality disorder are not known as yet, but it is believed that genetic and environmental factors are responsible for it. Living with a passive aggressive husband can cause emotional as well as psychological problems to a woman. There are people who have to argue out every case that comes across them without thinking over what they are saying. An aggressive person is often known to blurt out his views and opinions without considering what others feel about the whole situation. At the same time, he makes sure that others are respected and encouraged to make similar progress.
However, if you want to make your relationship work, you need to take a reality check on your man, his traits and the changes you need to bring about. In fact, it is nothing more than disappointment when it comes to living with a man showing such a disorder.
This article will answer all your questions and will also discuss how to recognize such behavior.
KindertrA¤nen rollen, es wird geweint, gebrA?llt und oft reichlich aggressiv gegen den vermeintlichen Gegner vorgegangen.
My article will enlighten you about the difference between assertive behavior and aggressive behavior.
There is another personality where a person calmly and confidently puts forth one's point of view without being harsh.
Point is assertive behavior includes politeness, firmness and confidence, but there is definitely no sign of aggression. Such people are also known to impose their views forcibly on others, thereby violating individual freedom of choice and decision making. Experts agree that assertiveness creates stronger human bonds and improves chances of personal and career success due to free flow of fresh ideas between two people. There is yet another trait where a person is aloof towards decision making and is submissive to other people's ideas. An assertive person is often considered to have good communicating skills, thereby helping him in creating a good circle of contacts and relations.

Aggressive behavior is often seen to be expressed through sudden anger bursts, mood swings, verbal threats, tantrums or through usage of social manipulation. These behavior patterns set us thinking about the exact differentiation between them and ways to identify such personalities. Assertive behavior can be explained in simple words - here the person pushes forth his take or opinion on a particular situation by keeping his voice calm and conversational.
As far as verbal outbursts are concerned, there is a repeated tendency to belittle others and their capacity for decision making. For a better understanding of passive aggressive behavior in men, women and children, read on.
Aggressive personalities have a tendency to dominate over others thereby straining their own social relations. They will neither get influenced by others view unless these views are actually more rational, nor will they try to influence others into changing their minds.
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