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Confidence training courses can benefit people in many organisations as confidence is a key part of leadership, sales, building relationships with suppliers, customer care, etc. Our confidence training and assertiveness training courses use an interactive leading-edge approach employing verbal and non-verbal aspects of confidence and assertiveness. We work primarily in Brighton and Sussex, Birmingham and The Midlands, London and the South East. Contact us to find out how confidence and assertiveness training can benefit your organisation. All our work is bespoke so training matches the reality of organisations and can really benefit employees. To find out more about how confidence and assertiveness training can benefit your organisation call us on the number below and view some of are free confidence tips too.
Assertive receptionists are confident, stand up for their rights, establish the facts, enjoy their work and are not bulldozed by bullies. A receptionist with assertiveness skills would be great at questioning people to establish the relevant facts before they make a decision and will not be pressured into making a decision on the spot if they dona€™t feel comfortable to do so. When in control of the reception area, it is vital that receptionists are in monitoring who is entering the building and deciding the callers that can be transferred through to the relevant departments. Many people believe that they have little confidence and often shy away from bullies and any form of confrontation.
Sometimes ita€™s very hard to control our natural reactions from influencing the way we deal with situations in the work place.
Some receptionists may use the word a€?Noa€? too often and other reception staff may not use the word enough. Assertive staff are extremely lucrative to companies because they can express themselves freely, get things done, don’t take no for an answer (which is useful when dealing with clients) while at the same time appear polite, professional and fair.
This course contains many practical, step-by step guidelines on how to approach others and construct sentences to get maximum results. The best approach to master assertive techniques is to go through case studies, participate in practical exercises and keep repeatedly performing the skill until it is completely memorised. Optional content and exercises are provided which you can use to extend the course to more than 1 day. The philosophy behind this course is to help the delegates to practice these daily encounters in a controlled environment using a variety of powerful exercises on assertiveness and communication skills that help the delegates put together effective words and mean what they have in mind to get results. Many delegates may know what they ought to do, but when it comes to it, they may feel paralysed and helpless. Once payment has been processed, you will receive instructions by email and will be given links to the download pages. Skills Converged is a unique company that provides professionally designed fully-customisable training course materials based on the latest research in learning & development. We can also provide this training course for your staff or your organisation anywhere in the UK. The key to leadership and team performance, and therefore business excellence, is effective communication. Do you have the right people, working with the right systems and processes achieving the right results and working effectively towards your company goals?
An external facilitator can support you and your team to clearly identify what your business needs to do to be successful in 2016. This one-day seminar enables people in a leadership role and prospective leaders to grow in self-awareness of their unique leadership and communication style.
We explore the typical strengths, weaknesses, needs and motivators of each style using the DiSC.

We also turn our attention to understanding different styles of leadership, the distinction between management and leadership and how to utilise the learnings to engage and motivate team members, to bring out their best. Contact us to register your interest.
The road to success begins and ends with Time Management. In a busy, information-crazy world, the ability to become effective at this vital habit is absolutely essential, for the successful manager and self leader.
Developing the habit of successfully planning, prioritising, managing your schedule and managing your self isn’t easy.
The ability to communicate confidently and assertively is an essential skill for leaders who are required to deliver feedback. Understand Win-Win techniques to achieve joint solutions that meet the needs of all parties. Contact Us to register your interest. Many managers acknowledge that giving feedback is the most difficult part of their role, particularly when they want to change the way someone is behaving or working and they suspect that the staff member may not initially like what they have to say.
This is a half-day workshop built around one of the core concepts from The Coaching Clinic: The Coaching Conversation communication model. We offer half day and one day workshops that will ultimately help your team build awareness of communication styles, appreciate and value differences, reduce conflict and build a culture of alliance and collaboration. We offer team development programs which involve indoor and outdoor experiential learning, tailored to meet the development needs of your team. Understanding what makes people tick and inspiring people to achieve their highest potential is the ongoing mission for Amanda Woolridge. Investing in confidence and assertiveness training has a positive impact on an organisation's bottom-line results. Assertiveness skills enable receptionists to make the best decisions for the organisation and themselves. The inability to question effectively to find important facts would reduce the chances of a scenario being resolved in a timely and hassle free manner. Assertiveness skills can be used to break news to unwanted callers and to callers you demand to get something they are not permitted to receive i.e.
The fact is that we will all come across a situation in our personal or work life where assertiveness skills will help us to achieve a fair outcome and the one that we want.
Some people can become personally offending by the comments made by other and say things that they may regret at a later stage. How many times have you told yourself that you could have done better when handling a conversation only to repeat the same mistakes again? Delegates will learn about the right attitudes, body language, styles of communication and psychology behind manners such as passive-aggressive behaviour. This approach which is used in this course allows the delegates to learn the content fully during the course and leave the course knowing that they can confidently address real-world challenges as they appear. The course contains optional content and many practical exercises which you can use to easily extended the course to cover more than one day.
We are engaged in different conversations everyday and use ever more sophisticated ways to communicate with our friends, family and colleagues. This course will be incredibly useful for anyone who has ever wondered he or she could have done better in a previous conversation. Courses are designed with attention to detail both on content and style so that you can deliver unique state-of-the-art courses to your clients and get maximum results. Download our training resources and extend your portfolio to meet market demand and deliver state-of-the-art interactive training courses.
Building awareness and improving communication is an outcome of all our programs whether the focus is on leadership or coaching skills development, or team building. Some of them can be delivered in the format of one-to-one coaching. Contact us to express your interest.

Until staff members have the tools and skills to achieve this, assertive communication can be torturous. You understand your behavioural profile and identify the environment most conducive to your success.
They are available as half day and one day or longer programs or can be integrated as part of a wider event such as a leadership conference, strategic planning session, DiSC workshop or annual retreat. Specialising in coaching executives, Amanda has over 10 years experience with business leaders across a variety of sectors including tourism and hospitabilty, the hotel industry, public services, utilities, construction, engineering and education. If the receptionist is ready to respond to the person, they will use an assertive structure to deliver the information. Without the necessary skills people may tend to fall into the category of being passive or aggressive in their approach.
Learning the correct phrases and answers to give in a situation will help the receptionist to gain respect from the other person, improve the chances of their comments taken on board and actions implemented. With this in mind how to receptionists find the right balance and what are the alternatives for saying no.
Handling other people, whether they are aggressive or passive, is something we all need to do no matter what we do in our jobs and doing it well consistently requires a skill. If you run the course for more than one day, an exercises included in the course allows you give homework to delegates which you can subsequently use the next day to see how well delegates have learned the skills discussed in the course. The more opportunity to communicate, the more we need to know how to effectively express ourselves and handle all sorts of communication challenges. Instead, exercises are designed to teach them the sequence until they absorb the material in their long term memory through repeated use. Browse through the options below or engage us to tailor a program based on your organisation’s development needs. At the same time, you will learn about the differences of others and the environment they require for maximum productivity and team work in the organization.
While it will often allow individuals to meet short-term aims in the longer run it will cause increasing disfunction.Our communication skills trainers have many years of experience in showing people how to develop their communication style to allow them to communicate in a clear and relaxed manner. Assertiveness and confidence courses are from half a day to three days (which may be back-to-back or spread over time) in length, depending upon a clients aims. Confidence plays a big part in delivering this information so the person understands the receptionist is in control and they must listen to the point being made.
If receptionists are to improve their confidence they need to decide want they want to achieve from the scenario, understand the facts involved and learn the assertive structures and self-awareness techniques to implement deliver the information. Hamilton Mercer Training have explored many areas and have collated some great examples which you can learn by attending our Professional Receptionist training course or our dedicated Assertiveness Skills training course.
For example, it is not always easy to assertively say no, but then if you know how to say it correctly it may not be that difficult. While you are with us we are focused on offering you a relaxed and productive learning environment. However, we are always happy to adapt courses to meet customers’ specific requirements.
Some suggestions we have already considered are shown with each course description and we are delighted to hear new ideas.

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