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I'm the author of many courses linked with the subject, such as the Lucid Dreaming course and Be Psychic.
It contains all of the most powerful methods of initiating Astral Travel, as pioneered by the CIA projects, and leaders in the field, such as Robert Monroe, Oliver Fox, Sylvan Muldoon and Hereward Carrington.
It'll take you straight from knowing absolutely zippo about Astral Travel, through to being a skilled practitioner, all in just a matter of weeks.
The main Astral Travel Secrets manual is an absolutely no-fluff program, containing over 90 pages of solid information on what works, and what doesn't. This is a 55-minute, open-ended session, which you can use to explore anything you desire - fly across the globe, fast forward to the future, discover far-flung countries, overcome fears and phobias, indulge in astral sex - whatever you desire! The 8 Keys to Achieving Astral Projection a?? Your step-by-step system for out-of-body experience success! Quick & Easy Ways to Eliminate Fear a?? Discover why Astral Travel is completely safe, and how your fears can prevent you from enjoying your experiences to the fullest! How to Contact Other Beings - Once you get accustomed to Astral Travel, you'll encounter forces and energies beyond the physical realm. How to Access your 'Soul Records' - Information is stored for every single conscious being in a sort of Cosmic Consciousness. 13 Ways Astral Travel Benefits Your Physical Life a?? Love, wealth, success, happiness, sex; they can all be improved using the power of the astral plane! Imagine if you had an expert with you, during your Astral Travel experience - guiding you at every turn, ensuring your complete safety and ultimate enjoyment. With this recording, I gently guide you deep into your very first Astral Travel experience, providing you with plenty of helpful tips along the way, prompting you on how to relax and behave, focusing your awareness, and initiating the projecting of your consciousness. This is an open-ended session, meaning you can use it to take you to the Astral Plane - and then do ANYTHING you wish.
BONUS: This CD now includes special brainwave entrainment tones, to help increase your relaxation levels, and increase your Astral Travel results! These are essentially goal-specific versions of the main Guided Astral Travel Meditation CD, each of which gently prompt you toward a very specific Astral Travel experience.
Session #1: Experience Your Spirit Guide - In this session, you'll be guided to meeting your very own spirit guide on the Astral Plane.
Remember, once you've had a little experience with Astral Travel, it'll soon become second nature to use these recordings.
Using the techniques on this course, you'll be able to take your first steps toward discovering the true potential of Astral Travel - and how to use it to gain amazing benefits in your own life. Imagine being able to 'Remote View' any part of the world - just by projecting yourself there! And today, these benefits are available to YOU - for less than the price of one night at a decent hotel. You'll be amazed at the way you benefit, when you tap into the futuristic power of Astral Travel.
I'd like you to try it out for yourself - and I'm willing to backup my belief that you'll find it a life-changing course, with a physical, cash-bound, real-world guarantee! You'll soon own absolutely everything you need to get started with Astral Travel - and will be ready to begin enjoying your own adventures on the Astral Plane. Like a handful of others privileged enough to become adept at Astral Travel, you'll soon be able to transport yourself absolutely anywhere, at any point in time - and do anything!
The COMPLETE Astral Travel Secrets Manual - Everything you need to know to get started with Astral Travel! 55-MINUTE Guided Astral Travel Meditation Audio CD - Ready to get started with Astral Travel? Psychic Dreams and Astral Travel Enhancing Magick Spell Cast Pendant Necklace - Lucid Dreaming! The potent and powerfully infused spells cast upon this necklace will allow one to call upon dreams that will answer prophetic questions in their life, creating a dream oracle and to be able to access understanding and deeper intuition regarding that which is going on in their waking life. YOU WILL NEED A DREAM DIARY TO KEEP BY YOUR BED SO YOU DON’T FORGET DETAILS OF THESE DREAMS!!
You will spend more time in REM sleep, meaning that your sleep will be far more restful then previous sleep, you will be more intuitive in your waking life as well, due to your increased information. This pendant has been infused with magick and will act as a dream oracle, allowing you to ask and call upon higher spiritual beings, such as angels, and your spiritual guides, to receive help and answers to your questions. You can even focus on something you wish to know more about, for instance, an example would be to focus on a career path you wish to get into, and the to ask your guides to give you an experience that will tell you whether or not this is right for you.
If you wish to dig deeper, to use the pendant as a source to reveal truth within yourself, access blocked and recessed thoughts, or even heal from past wounds, you will be able to do so by simply meditating with a guided meditation before falling asleep.

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We would like to address that we are selling metaphysical items, and as such, much of our information is received by hearsay, folklore, mythological tales, and channeled information. And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein ~ Insight Meditation Center, Barre, Mass. If you feel appreciation or gratitude for anything you have found here, please donate any amount, large or small, as an expression of your support for my work.
I gratefully receive all expressions of gratitude and appreciation offered in exchange for value. An Insider’s Guide To The Art of Astral Travel and Discover Your Own Expanding Consciousness by Victoria LoveAstral Projection: Revealed! I'm a personal development author, with an intense interest in everything connected to Astral Travel. I'm the man behind the million-copy Subliminal Power tool - and have business customers ranging from Microsoft to the US Army.
I'm talking about a program that will take you from Astral Travel newbie through to platinum-level professional - all in just a matter of weeks. No hype, no excess - just genuine, hardcore information on the techniques that get RESULTS.
In this session, you get the chance to visit those loved ones that have left the physical world. This guided meditation will take you outside of your comfort zone, straight to far-reaching places on the Astral Plane.
Simply slip on your headphones, sit back, relax - and follow the instructions on the audio. From fresh business ideas from the future, to personal guidance from your Spirit Guide - this course will change your life. This is a 90+ page, no-hype, no-frills guide, crammed with platinum-level practical information and techniques to get you started on the Astral Plane. You will be able to create and incubate these dreams, based on what you are having questions about. Through your work with your dreams, you will be able to gain psychic guidance and protection, chakra balancing and cleansing, grounding, answers to questions you have, information to help you, magickal skills, better health, more direction in your life, leading yourself to your right path, gains and successes in business and other financial endeavors, etc. Spiritualists of many societies throughout history have called upon oracles and interpreted their dreams, and it is time that we tap into the abilities that we have. As you become more advanced in psychic dreaming, and your astral travel takes on new levels, you will also become a more astute lucid dreamer, and be able to alter and control your dreams as if you were conscious. Due to the high number of non-paying bidders, we do have to restrict bidding to those who have an account that is currently in compliance with bidding and purchasing policies. We try to avoid leaving negative feedback at all costs, as this will seriously hinder your ability to purchase other items down the road from other sellers, but we will be forced to initiate this process should you choose not to pay for items you have committed to buying in an attempt to help all sellers lessen the rapidly growing non-payment issue and protect our businesses.
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I have a great gratitude for so much of what has come before and what lays ahead there really is no greater thing that springs forth than the enthusiasm in my life. You can communicate freely, and confirm for yourself that they now live on happily in the after-life.
I never thought Ia??d ever say that and, to this day, I know some of my colleagues just wouldna??t believe it. Just get in touch with our around-the-clock support team, and we'll be sure to assist in ANY WAY we can! If you're not absolutely thrilled, simply return the course at any time within six months, and we'll refund every penny you paid. This pendant will help you do that fairly quickly, and will open the portal to the spirit world while you sleep, allowing you to astral travel and communicate with those beings! If you have an extraordinary circumstance please message us to let us know what is going on, and when you will be able to purchase the item, and each case will be looked into on an individual basis.

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Have you ever experienced an out of body experience?If you have, then you have experienced astral projections.
SCOTTSusan Ann Wall on First Glance by Kimmie Easley, Diane Rinella, Marcia James, Kelly Collins, Abbie St. Just genuine, honest advice and techniques that will get you Astral Traveling in record-time. If we do not allow you to extend the payment deadline, please understand that it is not personal, rather just trying to efficiently run our business.
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What if you could leave your physical body and experience life while your physical body lay sleeping in the bed?
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We do study and research as much as possible after we have received channeled information to decide whether or not it resonates with ourselves after we have received it. Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn In The Astral Projection Handbook… What Is Astral Projection And How It Can Change Your Life Forever! Feel free to message us and give us feedback down the road so we can add it to our client testimonials, and more importantly, so we can continue to positively affect the lives of our clients. Much, much more!Download your copy today of The Astral Projection Handbook!Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99! As per Legal requirements: We are required by law to state that anything we sell is for entertainment purposes only. There is no way for us to know whether or not our spirits and the information we have received is truth.
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