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Audio visual spaces such as auditoriums, boardrooms and meeting rooms are critical to day-to-day business operations. Our audio visual consultants will gain a thorough understanding of your business objectives to design a purpose built solution with you. Once installed there is often a requirement to extend these services beyond the traditional meeting setting to remote workers and flexible office configurations where a combination of screens and cameras can operate jointly. The key to a successful Audio Visual solution is making sure that systems are intuitive, accessible and always available. We provide AV services for teaching rooms and will work with you to explore how you can use technology to present your learning materials in the most engaging way.
We can provide custom-made AV solutions for high profile prestigious events including graduation, Festival of the Mind and the Mobile University. Forward-looking organisations are turning to powerful audio visual equipment to change the way they communicate and interact. We have extensive experience of control system design and implementation, ensuring the AV equipment is user friendly and intuitive, designed to manage and deliver the most professional presentation possible.
Crestron control platforms integrate various systems and technologies so they work together as a single system.

ClickShare is a wireless meeting room presentation system that allows multiple meeting participants to share content simultaneously. A guided tour of the NEC Display Solutions booth at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2016 in Amsterdam.
Seamlessly monitor and manage boardrooms, classrooms, lecture halls, video conferencing rooms, and more with Fusion RV®.
Helping our clients produce events that create defining experiences for their audience is vital to everyone at All Event Specialists. Proper design, planning and execution of each event are critical to reaching that goal.
All Event Specialists specializes in providing creative solutions for corporate theater, live event management and audio visual presentation support. We excel by offering highly skilled technicians, quality equipment and professional project management. When communicating your message you deserve a partner that will help you achieve your goals. By choosing All Event Specialists you have a partner focused on helping you create defining experiences. We combine spatial, technical and operational audio visual design, combining acoustic and lighting design, to integrate technology into your locations. Solutions can often involve a range of services and technologies such as large projection screens for a board room combined with industry leading HD Video Conferencing solutions and Audio facilities. Our experts will provide advice and guidance on how to integrate the Audio Visual environment with Unified Communications solutions to provide staff an immersive and joined up experience. Our highly skilled support teams and trainers will provide the on-going services required to facilitate transition to your new solutions.

We work with the world’s most exciting audio visual companies to create remarkable environments from boardrooms, meeting rooms and reception areas to public areas, training venues, conference centres and auditoriums.
As part of an audio visual installation we can automate the entire surroundings from blinds, lighting, acoustics and room temperature to projection display, video conferencing and TV distribution. From video, audio, lighting, shades, heating and cooling – all systems can be managed remotely and globally. True collaboration is often difficult when only one person controls the meeting room display – this enhanced collaboration will change meeting dynamics forever.
The software enables you to centrally monitor, manage, and maintain AV equipment in every room. When issues arise, you can provide real-time remote technical support and receive instant alert notifications to minimize downtime.

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