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There is a wealth of information out there on the internet but there never seems to be enough hours in the day to take it all in.
DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, and it is a very polarizing topic in the ebook publishing world. To a new author looking to self-publish their book, the publishing industry may seem like a mysterious and enigmatic place, with lots of rules and conventions. This post was compiled from the most common questions I have gotten from clients about ebooks over the years. There is no doubt that when the Kindle was launched in 2007, print as a medium for distributing books was put under severe pressure.
After months (or even years!) of working on your novel, the sense of achievement you feel when you’ve finally finished that first complete draft is unlike any other. More often than not, revising a manuscript – really, properly revising a manuscript – will take longer than completing the first draft. One of the most difficult aspects of revision is finding the right perspective from which to approach your draft. It can really help to take a break from your manuscript once you’ve finished the first full draft. It is at this point in the process that traditionally-published authors will have the help of an in-house editor to assist them through the revision process.
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There are some Good Ideas that come from the Mind-Power Paradigm (The Secret), but there are even Better Ideas that come from what I will call a Heart-Power Paradigm.
The next store you go to is selling pots (probably for the plastic trees), and they are just as disgusting as the trees. How are you spending your thoughts?  Take an accounting, and ask yourself how much time and attention you spend thinking about things you DON'T WANT—things that bother you, things that drive you crazy, or things that you fear and worry about?
You see, your thoughts are like currency with which you buy the life you hope to live, and whatever you buy with this mental currency will follow you home, and fill up your world. In the first place, WHY would anyone THINK ABOUT hideous plastic trees and equally ugly pots, then act upon those THOUGHTS, and buy unwanted and unattractive items to clutter one's world?

If changing a depressed disposition were that easy to do, then everyone would be doing it—but they're not! Truth is, a bitter fountain cannot bring forth sweet water; neither can a clean fountain bring forth bitter water. The fundamental power to spend brain bucks productively does not reside in one's mind, for YOU cannot think or choose or act beyond the level of Who You Are—the core of your character, the condition of your Heart. This means, in order to solve any problem, a paradigm shift is required!  A shift from the way of thinking that was capable of creating a problem in the first place, .
If you've been paying attention, you have discovered that we have a crucial conundrum: If you can't CHANGE your mind using the same mind that needs CHANGING, how can anyone ever escape Einstein's Mind Bind?
Now that it has officially launched, we want to take a moment to introduce ourselves and tell you more about us. In the intervening years, sales of print books declined as the popularity of ebooks took off. It’s only natural that you’ll want to release it into the world as soon as you can; you might even be pretty sick of your characters, plot, or even of writing itself!
It’s tedious, it’s often a little boring, and it can even be quite painful – sometimes you have to make difficult calls about cutting out huge chunks of your manuscript for the good of your novel as a whole, but it’s not an easy thing to do when you’ve put so much work into every last word you’ve written.
Even bestselling authors with dozens of titles to their names have to hone and refine the first drafts of their books before they’re ready to be released.
When you’ve worked on the same project for so long, it can be hard to acquire that ‘distance’ needed to objectively evaluate what needs to be revised. Take a little time off, think about other projects, concentrate on other things, walk the dog, paint your nails – and don’t look at your novel for a while.
The editor will work with them through the rough draft, picking up any errors or inconsistencies and making suggestions for improvement. The following introduces a vital dialogue; if you've thought that The Secret offers something Great, what I share in these articles is Greater — not because I say so, but because the weight of evidence supports this conclusion! Imagine that you are given a million dollars and you take this bushel of money down to the mall to spend in any way you'd like. Now, these aren't the nice attractive trees you might want for your home or office, but they are absolutely hideous, ugly, and obviously plastic trees.
As people possess a Heart tainted by shades of black or gray, the thoughts and deeds that proceed from this kind of Heart will be inescapably impure and unproductive.
Again, being Blind in the Mind means: the head that thunk its way into a tangle cannot be used to think its way out of a tangle.

The last thing you’re probably going to feel like doing is going back over everything again, scrutinising every word and rewriting scenes you’ve worked so hard on. As you know from experience, characters and plotlines evolve as you write, and your finished draft may look very different from what you had in mind when you started out.
Certainly, it’s a difficult thing to accept when you’ve already invested a lot of time and effort into a project. You have all the details of the story and the characters in your head, but have you actually conveyed it all to your reader?
When you eventually do return to your draft, it will be with ‘fresh eyes’ that will allow you to see any potential for improvement that you may otherwise have missed. The role of the editor is a complex (and seemingly mysterious!) one, particularly when it comes to self-publishing – and this will be the subject of an upcoming blog post, so keep an eye out!
As long as the head remains disconnected from the heart, people with dark-hearts will proceed to solve their problems in precisely the wrong way; they will be beset with a blinding mental block that breeds more perplexity. Revision is an essential step in honing a coherent, well-considered storyline and ensuring that your plot and characters are properly developed. But it’s because you’re already so invested that you owe it to yourself, your story and your readers to make sure that your novel is the best it can be. Professional freelance editors can fulfil that role in guiding the author through revising their manuscripts, ensuring that the end product is the best version possible.
James Ray became prideful about his own positive power, as he supposed, and his Head got disconnected from his Heart. As a result, Ray made short-sighted decisions that resulted in the deaths of three people who put their faith in him; sadly, they trusted a mere mortal to lead them to enlightenment and fulfillment. So you grab this hideous pot, drag it up to the front counter, plunk down ten grand and say, "I hate this pot! So with the dawning of a new day many people drag yesterday's dreary baggage behind — they go shopping for hideous plastic trees, buy them, and bring them home to clutter their world.
You must first attend to the core of your character before you can think positive and productive thoughts — this is where James Ray went wrong. Self-publishers need to pay their editors before they see any return in this investment in their novels; but this also means that the editor is accountable only to the author rather than the publisher, and will always put the author’s best interests and needs first.

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