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For all other types of discussion, please post them in the forums.This includes (but not limited to) theories, fanon images, discussion about how great someone is, fanon stories, etc. For a while now we've been notified that there are altocumulus clouds at the top of the tattoo.
The filled circle apparently represents an Overcast, and the blank circle represents a clear sky-which matches the altocumulus clouds next to it. At the bottom of the tattoo appears to look almost like two symbols for Iron facing each other, and on top of it is a diamond with a circle on it. But the middle-the stick with the pointing arrows and dots under each arrow, is yet to be solved-so far I believe it is the weathervane of the shack, which I will go with until someone fills it in with an actual answer. But the top of the tattoo is the sky, and the bottom of the tattoo is underground, which is starting to uncover the tattoo. Until we figure out the middle of the tattoo, we can make a conclusion that the tattoo is basically from a high point to a low point.
If any of this what already solved, as in, we already know it, then please tell me that too. Considering that the cypher is on the side of the Multidimensional Bridge that Stan is working on, I think that the tattoo is a representation of the multidimensional spectra, specifically one that Stanley is trapped in by, or escaped from, Bill Cipher!
The Stan twin theory states of four people in the society: Stanford, Stanley (the twin), and Bill-the other one wrote the books, but due to a spoiler consensus I may not speak his name.
But that seems confusing - since the blindeye sounds like something Bill would be in, and Bill appears to be an enemy of Stan. Could the symbol Dipper circled instead be the one we are looking for when it comes to the secret society?
Let’s turn on the Way Back Machine, which by the way you Ole Time Cachers will remember. A good friend told me I would like this new game called Geocaching and he gave me the web site. Now you are wondering what all this has to do with meeting the Secret Service while Geocaching. It would take a novel to write all the things I (we) were involved in and around this time.
The reason for our visit (GEO*Trailblazer 1 & Tiggr) was a Lewis and Clark Mission 200th Anniversary.

I set my GPS at the Benchmark in the Center of the Compass Rose of the Washington Monument and was turning to talk to Tiggr when I noticed 5 little red dots in my heart area. From my experience I know what this is and I look up and see a Secret Service Agent coming at me saying. I would give a million dollars to have a picture of his face at that very moment he was awed yet had to continue with his duties. But I took advantage of the situation even while going through a complete shakedown; I am a Warrior and can keep a cool head even under pressure and got to explain all about Geocaching. After he was satisfied he asked for my ID at which point I gave him my ID and USA Freedom Corps ID and he disappeared. A few minutes later he returned gave me back my ID and said to have a great tour of the City. By the way, we were there and had a full run of the city with hardly any people as the City had been evacuated due to a storm approaching. When we got home I found out the reason for the shakedown…The Original 100 Documents of the Founding of our Nation were being put on display at the very time we were out front playing on the White House Lawn. We also visited Philadelphia, Plymouth Rock and some very historic Benchmarks on that trip.
If you have a story you’d like to share, please contact me and I’ll feature YOU as a guest author! It was first notified in Mystery Shack Mystery in a cryptogram decoding to "EVER NOTICED STANS TATTOO".
The diamond+circle looks slightly like the portal in Stan's secret underground laboratory-UNDERGROUND. My guess is that it is a secret society symbol, and the MAIN symbol is blank-but each member of the society has the tattoo with a different circle.
However, since in all his other appearances it is full, we will assume that is an animation error. A Various Secret Society SymbolsSecret societies are (typically) fraternal orders that have been associated with everything from controlling international government to forbidden rituals to being a bunch of old guys playing gin rummy and complaining about their wives. SEARCH FOR THE BLINDEYE appears to relate to this, so not only could Search for the Blindeye be the name of the society, but "they" could be the mysterious runners of the site-the domain itself being a foreshadow of the actual relevation. Things are overloading my head and now it is all jumbled up rather than being a smooth theory.

It could be the society's symbol, and the blank circle could still belong to Stan - while any filled instances being animation errors. GEO*Trailblazer 1 said that I should be stopped and questioned by the Secret Service and then write about it. Not having a computer made it hard for about the first year and there were no cables or any way to hook a GPS to a computer (my, things have changed!) At that time, you relied on entering each point by hand OH and my GPS then only has 2 decimal points (Benchmark second part Triangulation) used to find GZ (geocache, benchmark). We walked in the footsteps of our forefathers 200 years to the day in many places as they did (back to novel).
We rounded the corner to the Washington Monument of the ZERO MILESTONE and were getting the required clues. Hmmm, maybe I really should write a novel as I have just touched the surface of the deep and wide adventures I have made while geocaching. The one thing that I thought made sense was "Eternity or Immortality", the one I am going with. The banner hung in the mystery shack could be the main symbol, and the unfilled circle on the side of Stan's desk is just in honor of the author, and the blindeye could be a rival society.
But, since HE’S had that experience, I thought it would just be easier to ask him to share his story with us. I was more into Benchmarks due to the fact it was one of the ways around SA by knowing the error for the day from known coordinates (Benchmark). When it shows up on Bill Cipher in Dreamscaperers and when it shows up on the side of Stan's desk in Gideon Rises, it is blank.
Thing I don't understand is that it was blank, yet on Stan's back it is filled-plus Gideon said "Stanford" after all.
Many rumors have flown around about these organizations, but here are some stone cold facts about secret societies. All secret societies worship a hyper-intelligent barn owl named Duane “The Enforcer” Roosevelt. Now Though it could have been anyone, the coincidence that all three of these things relate to Rob in this theory is uncanny.

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