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Use your GPS-enabled smartphone to automatically open the garage door as you approach your home. The essence of this project is to remotely actuate a switch connected to the garage door opener when a GPS-enabled smartphone enters a pre-defined geographical trigger zone.
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To start with, my garage door opener has a connection for a manual pushbutton and thus I simply attached the relay contacts of the UM506 Universal Module in parallel with the pushbutton. The Lantronix module, however, offers two clear advantages: lower power consumption and, more importantly, the ability to recover without intervention in case of a power outage.

But before you can make any configuration changes you will need to know the IP address assigned to the module when it is first attached to the network.
For the DI-624 the configuration is set in the Virtual Server page of the Advanced tab.The other configuration change required for the router stems from the fact that IP addresses assigned to home users by Internet Service Providers are usually dynamic. That means that the address that the smartphone needs to communicate with can change at any time.Fortunately, many routers provide a feature called Dynamic DNS.
Minimal familiarity with the Android development tools is required to build the App.The friendly URL (as obtained from the Dynamic DNS provider) of the router as well as the forwarded port number have to entered in the source code and, if you require a password to complete the connection to the XPort, then it must also be hardcoded.
Likewise, the geographical coordinates of the trigger point must be determined and entered.

The location and radius of the trigger zone(s) may also be dictated by the speed at which you can approach, the update rate and accuracy of the GPS receiver, and the latency in X-10 communications.

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