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Awaken Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes, in the Vinyasa style, which combines conscious breathing with flowing sequences. Michael Aronoff is the owner and founder of Awaken Yoga and Meditation Center located in Greenlawn, Town of Huntington, New York. Spiritual Meditation will have "no" Guru or dogma that will subtly take your money, your innocence or in anyway try and control you or your thoughts, because in true meditation you become your own guru and master, connected directly to the divine light through your yoga (union). It is your natural spiritual birth right to evolve in this lifetime from the human being into the spiritual being, and to live in the bliss of your spiritual awakening as 2012 unfolds.
Meditation will relieve stress and balance our life, while improving our over all health and wellness..
While she had never practiced yoga before, she was referred by some of her friends who said yoga would help her increase her flexibility.
As much as I talk to people about yoga, I often don’t get asked one of the most basic questions out there: “Why do it?” So, just as I did with this new student, here are 10 reasons why I practice, as well as reasons that have been demonstrated through study and research, to be benefits of regular (at least a few times per week) yoga practice. Increased strength: Through the poses and sequence, one is using one’s body weight as resistance. Increased flexibility: By placing a sustained load on certain body parts, such as the hamstrings, lower back muscles and muscles of the chest, muscles are stretched. Improved connection to the body: Yoga helps practitioners improve their relationship to their body by helping them see how the effects of lifestyle, diet, stress and lack of stretching affects them as they come onto the yoga mat and move through the poses. Greater awareness of your foundation: One of my private students is a physician in an acute care facility for children.
Improved posture: I have a private client who works over a computer as a programmer all day. Improved coordination: Regardless of the style of yoga practiced, there will be a connection of breath to movement as you move from pose to pose.
Stronger bones: Some research suggests that yoga can improve bone density through the weight bearing nature of the practice.
Improved mindfulness: You may have heard this term and wondered if it’s just a new age phrase for people who practice yoga. Michael Aronoff is the owner and founder of Awaken Yoga and Meditation Center located in Greenlawn, town of Huntington, New York. Michael has been studying yoga and meditation for over 35 years and began teaching meditation in the late 70’s. Michael became a formal student of the MRO in 1995 and took jukai (Buddhist precepts) in 1998 receiving the name “Kenjo”. Michael has received teachings from His Holiness The Dalai Lama in Dharmsala, India and Thich Nat Hahn in Plum Village, France.
Michael has taught at workshops and teacher trainings throughout the US and is the Director of Teacher Training at Awaken.
While maintaining a consistent meditation and yoga practice for most of his life, Michael raised four sons and ran his own law practice.

David Newman is a best selling recording artist and author, sacred chant master, and inspirational teacher.
Jean Brown is a certified TriYoga instructor, licensed clinical social worker in private practice, and an actress and director. We are a traditional practice center devoted to using all the tools of yoga to Awaken your own true nature. Michael has been studying yoga and meditation for over 35 years and began teaching meditation in the late 70's.
So come join other children of light or seekers of the divine knowledge that will share and practice this pure form of ancient meditation yoga (union) with you.
We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. This book demonstrates how to use a wide range of yoga postures, purification practices, breathing exercises and meditation practices as a portal to a higher consciousness - with all the everyday benefits implied in that phrase: an enhanced sense of peace, love, joy, happiness, harmony and personal fulfilment.
When she came to the session, we started talking about her exercise history and some background on her overall health. Balancing, twisting and holding poses in various positions builds strength without the jarring nature of other activities, such as lifting weights (if done without proper body awareness). As one develops an awareness of how the body feels in each pose, one has a better chance at starting to make positive changes to improve different aspects of their lifestyle that are negatively impacting their health. This can be due to problems with overall health, vision, sensation in the extremities, overall weakness due to lack of conditioning or mental changes.
She described to me one of the benefits of her practice as a “greater sense of standing strong in my feet, which helps me feel more grounded, present and less reactive during times of stress at the hospital.” When I teach yoga, it’s always interesting to me how the positions of the feet differ from student to student.
He has literally changed the shape of his cervical (neck) spine by hunching over the keyboard. Working with the sequencing of yoga is not unlike learning how to dance and as a result, you will experience greater coordination in your body as well as greater awareness of your limbs in space, called “proprioception.” This improved awareness can translate to moving with increased awareness throughout your day as you sit at your desk, lift anything heavy or exercise. While having stronger bones is helpful for everyone, especially as we age, it’s of particular importance to women who age and begin to show signs of osteoporosis (loss of bone density leading to bone weakness and breakage). I like to think of it as increased awareness around how external stimuli affect the body and mind.
Originally from the Midwest, her roots took her back to train under the guidance of Jonny Kest. He met his first guru, Sri Chinmoy, in 1978 and began studying zen meditation with John Daido Loori, abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery in 1990.
These include Beryl Bender Birch, David Swenson, Sri Pattabhi Jois at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India, and Shiva Rea. In 2004 Michael gave up the practice of law to devote himself to teaching yoga and meditation full-time.
Jean has a unique approach in that she blends the principles of TriYoga, such as relaxation-in-action, into all of her fields of expertise.

Learn, practice and discuss the ancient knowledge, techniques, philosophies and schools of thought.
She looked at me and with complete authenticity said, “So what is with this “yoga thing” anyway?
Additionally, yoga done in a heated room can help practitioners experience even greater flexibility, as the muscles are warmed, which can lead to an even deeper stretch. Many yoga poses require you stand on one leg and many, if not all poses, help you strengthen your ankles and the soles of the feet. This has been well documented as a negative result of even casual computer use, due to the position of the head as it hangs down, combined with the weight of the head on the muscles of the neck.
With this increased awareness, one has the ability to avoid certain things and increase other things, all with the goal in mind of increasing health and positive mood. Through the years Margie has studied with many teachers including: Michael Aronoff, Beryl Bender Birch, Schuyler Grant, Bryan Kest and most recently Claire Este-MacDonald.
The benefits of this comprehensive yoga system enhance not only one’s daily life, but offers tools to naturally transform traumas and difficulties, and also develops important skills for honing acting abilities. Contributions welcome.) Raja Yoga Meditation helps you relax, refresh and clear the mind and heart. Enjoy the bliss of divine music including Kirtan and join in our post meditation drum circle. What are the benefits of yoga?” I loved how she was so defenseless in her lack of clarity around why yoga has become a staple for so many people. Yoga helps us develop a stronger, steadier foundation, which, along with improving strength, can relieve poor alignment in other parts of the body. Yoga practice helps to build greater awareness of the posture, especially around the neck and head and can also strengthen the muscles of the upper back, which will counter the weight of the head as you lean over your computer or smartphone. When you practice yoga, you have a better chance of connecting the dots between what you do off the mat and how your body reacts on the mat. By allowing the breath to move the body, Margie creates a balance between intensity and grace within each class.
Look inside to rediscover and reconnect with your original, spiritual essence– thereby restoring a functional and healthy balance between your inner and outer worlds. Ultimately, what is most important to you about practicing may or may not be found on a list but will be found in your body, mind and heart as you try yoga and experience it in your body.
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