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Today’s guest post is from Jo Tantum, one of the UK’s leading baby sleep specialists. Babies need sleep, so that their developing brains can process everything they have learnt during the day. Try not to let your baby fall asleep in your arms or while feeding in the day time – always lay your baby down awake. Set a base time for his middle of the night feed and never feed before it: stretch that time gradually until your baby sleeps through the night. As with alot of people that have also commented I believe a strong routine to suit your family really works!!
My 5 mth old likes to stretch out so making sure any toys aren’t in the way is important. Sticking to the same routine really helped, Bath, bottle and a story before bed – as well as keeping everything nice and calm so no telly on and the lights on low.
I brought an autofade touch light which gives a very faint glow so I can Tap it on and off when I need to feed during the night. If you have just become a mum of a newly born and need advice to handle your toddler in a beautiful manner then you just need to grab a copy of television star Jo Frost’s new book Confident Toddler Care.
Jo has worked as a nanny for 10 long years before she made her debut on television screen in 2004.
Jo has a maternity nurse background and over 24 years of experience of getting little ones to sleep without distress.

Babies and toddlers relish routine and ritual, they like to know what’s coming next which provides certainty. Ensuring bath water is tepid use Sleepytime Hair & Body Wash to gently cleanse your baby.
A baby who is overtired when they go to bed is only going to nap and not go into a lovely refreshing deep sleep.
To be in with a chance to win one, simply leave a comment on this post before 14th March, telling us your top sleep tips – what helped your baby get a good night’s sleep? I’m not very good at strict routine but he sleeps through fine though sometimes one of his friends gets stuck underneath him if he turns over and he gets a bit annoyed, but it definitely helps having them in with him. My 3 yr old likes a story, milk, squeezy bear hug and kiss, then his night light goes on and he lays down. Julie Wills, mother of two from Stourbridge was one of those who was waiting to meet Jo Frost in the event and told that she is an avid viewer of all her programs and do not afford to miss them. Jo is a regular speaker at the Baby Show Live and a guest expert on Channel 5’s Live with Gabby. Follow this by wrapping your baby in a super soft Cuddledry towel, gently pat dry and enjoy bonding whilst massaging baby with Sleepytime Organic Massage Oil. I’m also exclusively giving advice to my newsletter members every month, to sign up click – ‘monthly tips’. They sleep in the same room and so far no problems, but I a m expecting them in the next few months when they gang up against me, not wanting to go to sleep!

According to Jo, her program came at right time as at that time there was so much written in papers about the trouble causing children and the program came as an information guide, by which they could decide what they wanted to do and what not. Dress your baby in a soft comfortable grow and a sleeping bag dependant on temperature.
I could be anywhere in the UK or around the world; talking on stage at a Baby show, writing for a top parenting magazine or on TV.
What I can guarantee is that some, if not all of my day, is helping sleep deprived parents get some much needed sleep.What do you feel are your biggest achievements? Oyster card for when I’m in London and a snack bar as I never seem to get to eat!What are your ambitions in life? I’ve been really lucky and running my own  successful business was the major ambition.
A couple more books and my own TV series , so not much really ??Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Welcome to the magazine of my life, a site I set up in November 2010 to share my passion for family life, food, fashion, film, beauty and travel.

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