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Learn how to integrate the advanced Tachyon tools & methods into your healing practice.
Tachyon energy enhances the ability of the body to heal itself, especially in cases where it takes a lot of energy to recover from an injury or trauma. The Tachyon course offers skills and hands on training in using the advanced tachyon tools (TLC).
As a student you will go through intensive healing process while studying the art of tachyon healing. Graduates will receive an official academic diploma from the University of Integrated science, California. Every wedding resource I found online shoved a checklist in my face and wanted me to obediently start ticking things off a list. I felt like I was being brainwashed into wanting society’s current definition of a wedding. In this meditation, you’ll discover your wedding day to FEEL, and how YOU want to feel in it. Your wedding is the Olympics of you coming face-to-face with any unresolved family conflict. This why you need get your Zen on and use your yoga and meditation practice now more than ever. Many well-intentioned people will try to “help” you throughout your wedding planning process. I’ll show you how to release pent up energy, reground, and make decisions quickly and easily from your heart.

I’ll also ask you to consult your inner wisdom on a few key issues that were hotbeds of conflict during my wedding (and I wish someone had made me think through from a yogic perspective). In this section, I cover how to write your own ceremony (if that’s the route you’re choosing). I also give you a copy of my whole originally written ceremony as a cheat sheet you can pull from or use as a reference for your own wedding. Here we go into the nitty, gritty to ensure you feel the way you want to feel on your big day, and all the people and places that need to be in place for that to happen. Thanks to yoga, meditation, and all the principles I teach in this course, I was SO grounded and present on my wedding day that had the exact opposite experience. Over the course of my wedding weekend, I got to talk to every single person I wanted to talk to. I set up a weekend, and took care of myself in such a way that I was able to see and appreciate how every friend and family member surprised me on my wedding weekend.
Especially, coming from a divorced family, I was shocked at the sense of union and wholeness my wedding made me feel. This course is delivered to you via email in the form of audio files you can listen to at your own convenience as you commute, clean or exercise! This course also comes with a Facebook Group just for yogini brides where you can chat and share with one another (and with me!). I am SO HAPPY that I decided to use yoga and meditation as tools throughout my entire planning process. What I’m offering here is a toolkit so you can also show up as your best self on the most important day of your life.

Upgrade to the full course within 14 days, and this amount is credited toward your purchase. Adding frequent Tachyon sessions and procedures to the recovery period can have a profound impact on the recovery ability of the body and how fast it can get back to normal.
Tachyon holistic healing is based on charging the body with life force, opening energetic blocks and re-aligning the flow in the body. The natural healing that takes place is often more intense and faster then with common energetic modalities. The practice combines energetic and conscious healing, using the advanced tachyon tools reserved for certified Tachyon practitioners.
Various health care professionals from Dr.'s to Reiki Masters, have founds these healing tools powerful and effective. Regardless of your background, even if youa€™re a true-beginner to healing work, you can learn to facilitate a safe, dynamic and highly effective healing support. Unlike vibrational healing modalities, These tools are unique in bringing to the healing session a 'beyond frequency' Tachyon field with a definitive impact.

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