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Confidence can be referred to and described as many things, however in my world it is far simpler; it’s not being nervous in challenging situations, it’s being “true to you” and having valued purpose.
For me, confidence is about standing on your own and having the self-respect and understanding that you are allowed to be “you”, not necessarily a different extroverted character, but simply a better version of the person you are right now.
Internal conversations can be both positive and negative depending on your ability to control the linguistics you use, being in the present and talking about the “can’ts”, only strengthens and confirms your inability to have the confidence you desire. When you change those internal conversations you change the whole “behaviour” of the thinking process – thus changing the reception via your senses, and the internal and external projection of that event. By a simple alteration to the “words you use”, makes it harder for the conversation to be anything than positive. This tip is about immersion; it’s about putting yourself in the situations that you would have usually avoided and not been the “true you”. This step is about reducing the “power” you have installed with the opinion of another; especially those who fail to play a fundamental role within your life.
By honouring who you are and what you truly prefer in life, you’re creating an environment for confidence to grow. When the right people and opportunities come along, you feel confident because things seem easy. About the Author Latest PostsAbout Benjamin BonettiHaving left school at 16, Benjamin served four years with the Royal Engineers travelling across the globe. Supporting Benjamin every step of the way, Team Bonetti work closely together to deliver exceptional service to Benjamin’s clients.
November 27, 2013 by stultsmamaof4 8 Comments If you are a faithful follower, you’ve probably noticed that the new posts on Being Confident of This have been few and far between lately. I vacillate between patient waiting on my Redeemer and repeated attempts to escape this difficult lesson. This season of trial has been just that – trying, and at times I feel so keenly the attempts of the Enemy. This verse offers comfort to those who, like me, know their desire to please the Lord, their desire to do right, maybe even to be perfect, but they also deeply understand their own flaws. In the beginning, being confident of this meant that I was confident God would never give up on someone like me, so flawed, so imperfect. I have no words to even begin to describe what that means to me – that because of what Christ suffered, I can find freedom! Yet, the Lord carried us through every hurdle we faced, even when… our babies were born six weeks early and ended up in the NICU. Even when we faced developmental delays, and head-shaping helmets, and corrective eyeware,  and one specialist after the other, etc. We truly didn’t know what we were saying yes, to, but it just so happened that we said yes to leaving a comfortable job with benefits for a full-time ministry position that required a move, albeit thankfully a short distance. We waited for a year, with half of our belongings packed away, for Him to sell our home so that we could move to our new community.
He proved faithful every step of the way, providing a place for us to stay when we were temporarily homeless (thanks, Mom and Dad!), a place for our belongings to be stored, furniture for our growing family, a better mower for our bigger yard, and the faith and boldness to jump into a new-to-us church with its old-to-them problems. I was so excited about where He was leading us that I temporarily forgot the pain of moving and the insecurity of building new relationships.  How can an MK like me forget such things?! Even here, right here in this tough spot that seems to last for eternity, He is faithful.  He does not leave me, nor forsake me. When the road ahead looks to be too dark and you find yourself fearing, remember His faithfulness and be confident.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. As it is said "First Impression is the last impression", it always makes a difference on how you portray yourself to somebody on your first meet. Despite said trials, he is my happy child, my cuddler, the one who pats my face gently, the one who seeks me out regularly just for a quick snuggle and then it’s back to playing.  He requires near constant physical touch. Out of all four children, he’s the one I have the least clue about.  Who will he grow up to be, this young boy? Sometimes I forget what all he’s been through because it was mostly in his first year of life, but he really has taken everything in stride. Your life just got exponentially better and more stylish now you've signed up for our newsletter. I should have gone to bed long ago, but the quiet is so peaceful and I’m feeling so thankful. And it’s because of Him, our Creator God, that I am gifted with this one life, this one year, this one day never to be repeated again. I notice the way my daughter’s bedtime hugs and kisses always come with compliments like beautifulest or sweetest or nicest or bestest. I notice, too, the way our youngest son really hugs me back, both small arms around my neck and a nice squeeze (but not too hard), maybe even a few pats on the back.
I can’t leave out our middle son, our macho man, who seems unusually happy and eager to please this evening (bedtime is normally met with his frowns). What really struck me this evening, though, was the sense of peace that pervaded the air here. Instead, it is far too easy to allow the cares of the day to supersede what is the best thing. Yes, He truly does use the everyday moments to teach some remarkable truths, doesn’t He? Knowing who you are is the key to fully understanding and achieving high levels of confidence, in knowing the “true you” you actually become perfectly aligned with your central nervous system, which, in turn produces little or no conflict with your deeper responsive system, and thus changes the behaviours retrospectively. Lets face it, no one actually cares if you have an embarrassing twitch, mess up a presentation or say something you shouldn’t.
When you honour who you really are, you will do things like dress in a certain way, eat a certain food or even laugh at something alone. You’re allowing yourself to be comfortable and express yourself in the way, which is true to your values and beliefs. The Web, PR and Support teams, and Benjamin’s management teams form the foundations of Team Bonetti.
I don’t want to bore you with a list of everything that has added to our burden lately, neither do I wish to complain about our temporary trials.
1:6 as my very own, my life verse, I did so because I knew I struggled with perfection, since as long as I can remember. He’s faced many trials in his young life already: a premature birth, an apnea monitor, an adverse reaction to immunizations resulting in a seizure disorder, a misshapen head requiring a corrective helmet, enlarged tonsils that interrupted sleep, removal of said tonsils that resulted in a brief hospitalization, and so on. Yes, we would die for our children and each one has a special place reserved just for that one in a mother’s heart. As the mother of adults, I’m not sure we ever completely understand our children even when we think we have them pegged. One of my grandsons has had digestive problems since he was born and isn’t allowed many of the foods his siblings can eat, but he also takes it in stride and is happy and loving.

I also agree to receive periodic emails with offers and promotional marketing messages from Life & Style. I love the thought of enjoying our little ones (even the big ones) and the realization that God does the same with me. I’m always surprised when God takes an ordinary moment and draws my attention to a thought-provoking lesson.
This in turn makes you feel comfortable, and that produces a level of confidence that exceeds the previous step.
Following a few false starts, he settled down to work at a local estate agency and went on to run his own independent estate agents, based in Worthing, West Sussex, which he sold in 2008.
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I’m praying that we all know God is the faithful one and for this truth to pull us through those moments that are dark, uncertain and interminably long.
He NEVER allows anything in our lives or takes us anywhere on life’s journey where His grace is not sufficient to sustain us!!
This is beautifully written and is evidence that through blogging, God can bring about the most precious and surprising realizations of our lives and our families!
If you slip into negative language patterns gently bring yourself back to conscious control.
It was at a NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) course in 2008 that he met the MD of NLP World, Terry Elston. I have a heart for encouraging women everywhere to understand God's limitless love for them and what His grace means for everyday living. You truly are blessed and it’s a great reminder to us all to count our blessings as well, my friend! Following the course Benjamin became heavily involved with NLP, leading courses and working alongside Terry himself before establishing personal development company, Empower Your Life. And thank you for adding in that last sentence, whether that was an afterthought or the ending you started writing for, it caught me and reminded me of the Father’s love, how He sees us with such tender compassion and knows each of us inside and out, our uniqueness, exactly how He created us. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the snow because it also (cold temps and all) is a blessing from the Lord. This is quite natural as the whole date concept might make you feel undermined and nervous. That as you slowly let the reigns of the need to be perfect loosen, you soar in the things He called you to do. That does not mean you should do something extra ordinary just to look cool or behave cool. It is quite possible you would try to get out of your comfort zone in order to impress somebody on your first date. But, never forget you might lose your confidence quickly if you do something you aren't quite aware of or sure about. The way you accessorize and dress also plays an important part in boosting your confidence.
You cannot possibly be formally dressed in a night club, right? Be an "Actor" - Even after doing everything you still do not feel confident at your first date, start the act.

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