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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Personal Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.
You can improve your chances of success by dedicating a few minutes every day where you picture yourself being successful and how you have done it. The second thing you have to do is find the goals in your life and determine the things you love and want to do. The last thing you need to is to identify the skills you need to improve and the skills you can produce already on your own.
You have to be consistent, if something doesn’t work don’t just forget about it, try and find ways you can get closer to making it work.
Plus it will give you insider access to my newest updates, interesting ways to connect and learn. So here are 10 traits that I’ve seen as essential for obtaining lasting success in any endeavor. Success can be obtained by many, but maintaining the drive to reach our goals requires a passion for pursuit and a lust for life.  We can create a to-do list and set our goals with the best of them, but without this necessary habitual hunger, we will most certainly fail to bring to the table the results we imagined. The post was nice, but a week before the election, maybe you shouldn’t be slapping a picture of Senator Obama on top of it. Furthermore, the display of the image will not direct a mindful person to the assumption that Obama is, indeed, the definition of success, unless that person already believed that to be true. A mindless person, however, might come to the conclusion that Obama is successful because of its placement in this post.

I had nothing to do with the image of Obama and I had no intention on making this post political.
I would also like to add another characteristic that makes all the difference in the world as far as being successful, and that is being unconditional with yourself (and therefor others).
I started with the need to be unconditional because that is the key to being able to live what you love. I believe that the characteristics of successful people that you written are definitely true. Two very powerful things here: clarity of intent, and one that you are missing, meditation.
Another very important trait of successful people is their ability to gain clarity, to clear their mind of emotions, information, and anything else that is not relevant to what they are shooting to accomplish.
Spelled is most common in the US, however both are acceptable throughout the rest of the world. What if by chance the top person or favored candidate makes a damaging mistake or becomes ill or simply drop out for personal reason?
Also in the process, you have made some contacts along the way and have attracted the attention of some influential people who want to invest in you or in your cause.
There are so many distractions and thing that can challenge you from accomplishing your goal. Its opposite would be like going on a trip across the country to Boston without a road map.

Or perhaps those who make the decisions simply fall in love with you because you represent something to them? If He is your first priority, things will fall into place, I experienced it in my life, recently again, and can assure you, if you put Him first, you will notice a difference. By keeping the following in mind, you can still dramatically increase your chances of becoming more successful in whatever you choose to accomplish. You may think of yourself as limitless, but there are limits to your powers, however, you can achieve more than you may realize with the proper focus and dedication. It was a very stupid decision on my part to add a political tone to the article when, as anyone who reads the article will realize, there was no reference to Obama or politics. And even if you didn’t get what I you going for initially, you still end up in a much better place than where you started. Now before anybody make any comments on this, I am not trying to convince anybody, I am just telling you about my experience. In my opinion, one of the least thought about abilities of human beings is that of concentration and focus.
It is easy to develop most of the above traits (optimism, focus, passion, etc) if you have everything going for you.

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