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Myaxx says that Azmuth built the self-destruct to keep the Omnitrix out of the wrong hands. After a battle in a power plant, Ben notices something strange is happening with the omnitrix, but doesn't tell anyone. He is devastated by Gwen's sacrifice and starts pounding at the wall before turning back into Ben.
He says that he can find Azmuth's DNA signature on the Omnitrix in his ship, and they can use that to find him. On the ship, Tetrax gives a suit to Myaxx and a gun and the two go out to detach the ship from Vilgax's. Azmuth asks why Ben continues to defend the Omnitrix, and Ben says that it is because he thinks of people besides himself.
Tetrax and Ben go to find the creator of the omnitrix to fix the omnitrix before it destroys itself and the universe along with it.
Vilgax picks up the Omnitrix signal Myaxx fits the Omnitrix with a device that will stop the energy bursts. He blames Myaxx for the disaster - if he didn't have the Omnitrix, Gwen wouldn't have died.

Ben comes in as Heatblast, gravattack, or XLR8, deactivating the DNA bomb and freeing Max and Gwen. Gwen tells him that Max doesn't want Ben to be vaporized and reminds him that Tetrax said that Azmuth would deactivate the Omnitrix, not fix it. Tetrax tells Ben that transforming speeds up the countdown and tells him not to use it again. On the way, Tetrax tells Ben about how he betrayed his home planet to Vilgax and it was destroyed. Gwen destroys drones with a spell and runs into the control room where Vilgax and Gluto are fighting. Ben and Gwen stop the ship from crashing, but they fly into a rock pillar and crash anyway. Ben turn into Stinkfly, but then into Wildmutt and Diamondhead before the Omnitrix settles on Grey Matter. Tetrax programs a scanner with Azmuth's signature and says that it's dangerous for the prisoners to see Ben and Gwen as humans. Ben makes the Omnitrix release an energy burst that destroys all of the drones and knocks Vilgax and Sixsix away.

The Omnitrix discharges a burst of energy knocking Ben into a worker and getting the Tennysons banned from the mall.
Azmuth says that he didn't create a weapon, that the Omnitrix was a peace device, and people like Ben and Vilgax turned it into a weapon. Azmuth says that the universe being destroyed is the best thing that could happen, and Ben calls him a selfish jerk. Ben apologizes to him for destroying the hoverboard, but Tetrax says that he's there because he picked up the Self-Destruct Mode signal from the Omnitrix, and that when it is destroyed, it will destroy Ben. The lair begins to collapse and the four run outside, where Vilgax, Sixsix, and many drones are. Gluto reveals that he can speak English and has understood every insult Ben has used on him. The Tennysons hear a radio bulletin that zombies are attacking a mall and head to fight them.

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