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For my American readers, David Suzuki is an environmental superstar here in Canada and his foundation does some pretty extensive research and policy work to further environmental conservation. The event’s website has a pretty sweet infographic with a bunch of information about the detriments of nature deficit and the benefits of access to nature.
I’m sure that everyone can attest to feeling better after spending time outdoors in a natural setting like a park or even your backyard. Lucky for me I don’t live in a densely urban environment and I have some pretty easy access to nature.

I’ll be posting pictures on Twitter and Facebook about the ways I spend my 30 minutes a day so make sure to follow me! This is going really well for me so far…I guess it helps not working and having gorgeous weather.
Yeah, you can win prizes if you submit pictures of how you spent your 30 minutes (See this). Mostly I think they’re using the info they obatin from the questionnaire to study the effects of nature on people.

Samantha Menzies is an opinionated young firecracker who just happens to enjoy distracting web surfers with chronicles of her mildly entertaining daily pursuits.
Now that the weather is getting a little nicer, me and a co-worker are going for lunch time walks.

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