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Messages is a brief, highly interactive text that emphasizes interpersonal communication skills, ethics, critical thinking, listening, and power in a multicultural world. In this age of sophisticated communications technology how can interpersonal communications be suffering?
This book takes an applied approach by having students focus on developing and practicing interpersonal skills rather than learning pure management theory. While intentionally brief, Messages provides a comprehensive introduction to interpersonal communication that creates a foundation for students to first understand the concepts to develop the necessary skills to apply what they have learned through real-life examples and exercises.

Simply, few people take the time (or even feel they have the need) to learn the skills of effective one-on-one communications. With a renewed focus on skill-building, this text helps today's students understand how to master their interpersonal communication skills in every area of their lives. This book emphasizes a systematic approach to interpersonal contact because its authors know from their other work - presenting, leading, marketing - that systematizing the approach to any activity will help individuals excel at it. And while it's not easy to deal with the most difficult of people, you can learn a range of skills and techniques that can significantly improve your life.

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