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Relationships are not just necessary for our survival, but play a major role in our happiness in life. Some of the patterns and habits we learned during childhood helped us to get by when we were younger, but fail us in adulthood.  Habits of success in school (being right and quick with an answer) and career, might work against us in relationships. What we say, and more importantly what we don’t say matters.  Words send powerful messages and this book not only helps you speak more clearly for what you want and need in your relationships, it will help you hear what your partner is asking for. If your relationships are going to work, then they need to work emotionally and that means addressing the beliefs you have about yourself.
Men and Women are different, and they respond differently to the same circumstances or gestures.
A quick read, yet insightful and powerful introduction to beliefs and agreements unconsciously affecting our life.  More importantly it is a simple reference for how to change and feel better. Reference - English Learning/Improving E-Books Collection-Best quility educational English learning E-Books !
When we think of being in love, which is a major source of happiness, we think of sharing that with another person.

Being demanding and driven might make it difficult to slow down, listen, and be understanding of our partner.  The practice of helping to solve problems and take care of other people’s needs might cause us to neglect our own wants and desires that make us happy and fulfilled. We have different ways of expressing love, and perceiving that we are loved.  This book will help you sort that out.
Read this book if you are having a difficult time being heard by your partner, or if they have difficulty sharing with you. We attach and bond to people.  We did it since childbirth and it provides many signals of safety, being cared for and emotional stability.
We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right.
Yet, we don’t get any training or education on healthy relationship habits.  Issues of money, sex, or emotions, all important aspects of adult relationships go unaddressed.
These books are some of the best resources and help at getting in touch with what makes healthy and happy relationship work. If you want to develop more self-acceptance, compassion, and gratitude you will find this book invaluable.

Most of these moments happen automatically and so we don’t’ know how to change them when bids are missed.  Identifying your basic methods of connecting allows you to change your overall relationships. You will also respect those differences and value them instead of find them as issues of complaint or conflict.  It is written particularly to help women stop sabotaging their relationship happiness, but will be a help to anyone. When those signals are not there from our partner alarms go off, fears activate, and controlling behaviors begin.  Being aware of these dynamics based on Attachment Theory within each of you provides a way of navigating around these drama’s.
Without being aware of your own behaviors, words, and emotions, you have little chance of changing them.
This book is focused on couples understanding the source of emotional drama causing them to withdraw from each other and create conflict.

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