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The idea that brain training or anything else could significantly alter the abilities of the adult brain is actually relatively new. The relatively new science of neuroplasticity is a study of the physical processes of change within the brain, and it has shown that the brain is indeed far from static. A classic example of this neuroplasticity and brain self-reshaping was uncovered in a landmark 2006 study of London taxi drivers, whose job requires some very specific brain training in the form of storing vast amounts of route and geographical information. The study found this extra brain volume was absent among London bus drivers, who also navigate the streets of the city daily but consistently drive the same routes. Interestingly, the same 2006 study indicated that while training the brain to be more adept at a specific task or skill will generally result in marked short-term improvement in that area, the increased capability doesn’t necessarily translate to greater overall long-term intelligence or even increased capability in related areas. We all experience this phenomenon regularly with what might be called everyday brain training. While most brain training programs haven’t been shown to increase overall long-term intelligence, there is one that seems to be capable of producing generalized long-term cognitive improvement. Dual n-Back is a variation of the n-Back task, which was introduced in the late 1950s as a means of measuring a part of working memory. The Dual n-back test, introduced in 2003, simultaneously presents the subject with two stimuli, one visual and one auditory.
Research suggests that regular training with Dual n-Back can measurably improve recall capability and increase fluid intelligence, which includes the ability to think abstractly, reason, identify patterns, solve problems, and discern relationships. Most people find Dual n-Back training falls somewhere in the range between exceptionally challenging and fiendishly difficult.
When it comes to every day brain training, you can absolutely enhance your ability to perform specific tasks and skills by practicing them. Unfortunately at this time there is little documented science to support the concept that most everyday brain training translates to generalized overall improvements in cognitive function and fluid intelligence.
Whether or not brain training is worthwhile depends to an enormous extent on the user and his or her goals. We are the trusted guide for those that want to experience the incredible mind-boosting effects of nootropic supplements. Everything you need to know to get started including guides for beginners, stack advice, and detailed reviews. Brain-training applications, and the science behind them, can sharpen your memory, raise your IQ and help improve your focus so that you can stay on task. Eidetic focuses on a particular area that everyone could use some help with as they grow older: memory.
Fit Brains is a project by Rosetta Stone, the company famous for its language-learning software.
Connected Rogers™ is a trademark of Rogers Publishing Limited or an affiliate, used under license. Just like a muscle, our brain needs regular exercise and challenge to reach its full potential. The app also include your score history, a global top scores list, and graph of your progress to keep the track of your performance. Memory Trainer is a great brain training games for Android that comes with 20 different sessions. It also comes with a nice graph that showing you the improvement of your memory in the graphical form.
Brain Age Test Free is a free Android app that will test the age of your brain based on a few simple tests. In addition to that, it also improves your memory and therefore will make you brain younger with time. When it comes to brain training, one of the best classic puzzle games to play is Sudoku and Sudoku Master is the best choice if you want a quality Sudoku game. MatchUp is another classic puzzle games that can help you exercise your brain and train your memory.
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Home Hedge Funds Markets Blog Authors About Us Contact Us Privacy Policy Terms of Use Site Map All text and design is copyright ©2016 Insider Monkey. Until the early 20th century, the adult brain was regarded as basically unchangeable, developing during critical early years of childhood but then becoming fixed and static. Each ability we gain or lose is reflected physically in the brain; gray matter can increase or decrease, and neural connections can be created or severed. MRIs of the taxi drivers’ brains showed that they had unusually large volumes of gray matter in the mid-posterior hippocampus, the area responsible for storing spatial information. The bus drivers had no need for storing large volumes of spatial information, so their gray matter volume in that specific area of the brain was not increased.
In fact the bus drivers, who had an average amount of gray matter in the part of the brain that stores spatial knowledge, outperformed the taxi drivers on acquiring new visio-spatial knowledge.
Playing chess frequently will eventually make you a better chess player, but it won’t necessarily increase your odds of winning at other board games. Dual n-Back, a variation on a widely used cognitive neuroscience assessment tool, is the only brain training task that has been shown to actually improve long-term fluid intelligence. In the original n-Back task, a single item is displayed in different locations on a grid, changing positions in each turn.
The subject attempts to identify matches in following turns, pressing one designated key if the match is visual and another designated key if the match is auditory. A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) indicates that Dual n-back training actually expands working memory, which predicts and correlates with fluid intelligence. But studies suggest that it’s the very effort that it requires that makes it capable of producing lasting and generalized brain changes.
Whether it’s driving a car, doing a crossword puzzle, dancing a rumba, or simply typing on a keyboard, doing the same thing over and over trains the brain and will eventually improve our skill at that specific task.

Your brain will reorganize itself to accommodate and facilitate those specific skills, and you’ll see the benefits in faster, better, and more efficient performance. This also applies to special brain training games and programs, but they’re fun, stimulating, and can be beneficial to the brain by exercising aspects of cognition like concentration, alertness, and focus. Training in a specific task or skill will make you better at that task or skill, and training with the Dual n-Back task may possibly increase your fluid intelligence and boost your IQ. Their service offers over 40 games to improve mental skills, such as memory, mental flexibility and problem solving. It uses a technique called spaced repetition, which tests and refreshes your ability to remember a set of facts or numbers over a growing period of time.
It also focuses on an area that is both useful and not covered by many similar apps: attention. The app tracks your progress across different areas, such as memory, concentration, speed, logic and language. The app comes with games to hone your visual and spatial skills, language processing, arithmetic, logic and memory. If you don’t task it, it will become sluggish and with time, you will start forgetting things, so the best way to keep you on top of everything is to not only exercise the body but also the mind. There are many brain training games for Android, and the following are some of the best free brain training apps to keep your mind sharp and alert. The app has 28 mindware’s brain training games with more than 100 levels of different difficulty.
This game tests your spatial and visual memory, concentration and other elements by asking you to remember numbers, colors and names.
It has an impressive graphics and smooth interface, letting you reach all the buttons of the app easily, such as the numbers and some other options. It also has several handy features such as auto-save, Undo and Redo, smart notes, error checking and hints.
They are extremely helpful to boost your memory so I recommend you to play those games regularly to keep your brain in tip-top shape. To view this article, you can disable your ad blocker and refresh this page or simply login.
This concept was overturned a little over a century ago, when scientists began to theorize that the brain continues to change throughout life, reorganizing and actually reshaping itself. Spending a couple hours a day with a Memory or Concentration app will make you good at those tasks, but it won’t make it easier for you to remember your passwords. In a Dual n-Back test in which n=1, the user would be asked to recall both the location of the visual stimuli and the audio stimuli in the previous turn. While these findings remain somewhat controversial, they do offer solid scientific encouragement about brain training effectiveness. However there is some solid albeit controversial research backing up the idea that training for about 20 minutes a day with the Dual n-Back task may actually enhance fluid intelligence.
But again, the parallels between brain and body training are pertinent: in both cases, any exercise is better for you than no exercise at all. Lumosity also collaborates with neuroscientists at a variety of universities on a project called the Human Cognition Project, which serves as the basis for the design of their games. What sets this app apart is that allows users to determine which facts they want to remember.
The app’s games have a variety of levels to focus on your particular needs; the games grow more difficult as your ability improves.
At the end of the quizzing session, the app calculates your rate of success, and tells you how old your brain is.
If you want to share your levels you can do that across the world, you can watch your own progress as well. You’ll get better and faster at doing any task you perform regularly and frequently, and your brain will physically reorganize itself to make this possible. For instance, a test in which n=1 would mean the subject would be asked to remember whether the item is in the same position as it was in the previous turn; if n=2, the subject would be asked to remember if the item is in the same position that it was in two turns ago.
Training with Dual n-Back is thought to enhance the brain’s ability to maintain information in an active, easily retrieved state, especially under conditions of distraction or interference.
The app, which consistently receives five-star reviews, is free with a subscription to Lumosity. Students can put away their flash cards and, instead, enter facts and dates for their next test as a study tool.
The app tracks progress and provides analysis on where you are improving, and which areas still need work.
Also available within the app are a variety of “brain food” recipes that are meant to promote mental health via nutrition. Get BrainWars on Appstore ElevateElevate will improve your focus, speaking skills, processing speed, memory, math skills, and more! With the sole documented exception of the Dual n-Back task, brain training doesn’t appear to generalize to improve overall intelligence or even related skills.
If you have a hard time remembering your family members’ birthdays or phone numbers, Eidetic will help you memorize them so they are always at hand. The harder the level becomes, the more complicated the images are, so the game will really train your memory, as well as your attention to detail.
Get Elevate on Appstore Peak – Brain Training26 games to get your brain skills in tip-top shape!
Users can also determine the length of time they have to memorize things, from a day to a month.
Get Peak – Brain Training on Appstore Lumosity MobileLumosity is designed by neuroscientists to train memory, attention, and more! Get Lumosity Mobile on Appstore Odd 1 Out!Find the pic that is slightly different than the others! Get Magic Touch on Appstore Fit Brains TrainerBrain training app brought to you by Rosetta Stone, the world’s premier learning company!

Get Fit Brains Trainer on Appstore The Real WordCan you spot The Real Word before time runs out? Get The Real Word on Appstore Traffic Rush 2Use your finger to flick rushing cars across the intersection… without CRASHING!
Get Traffic Rush 2 on Appstore Stop – Fun Categories Word GameThe player that gets most correct words in the least amount of time wins!
Get Stop Word Game on Appstore Impossible RushImpossible Rush is a game that tests your brain’s reflexes! Because of technology, ironically, many people are no longer exercising their mental skills and, instead, are making their gadgets do things like computations and analyses for them. Get Pudding Monsters on Appstore Letterpad – Free Word PuzzlesLetterpad gives you 9 letters. Get Letterpad on Appstore Bonza Word PuzzleBonza mixes word search, jigsaw and trivia knowledge to create something completely fresh!
Get Bonza Word Puzzle on Appstore Plexiword: What’s the WordCan you guess all the words? Get Plexiword on Appstore PaperamaFold the paper sheets to create origami figures in more than 70 puzzles! Get Paperama on Appstore Where’s my geek?More than 200 levels full of impressive Pixel Art scenes and many hidden surprises!
One way to find out if you are either of the two is by trying the puzzle-filled game called The Moron Test. As the name of the game suggests, it tests your mind through different obstacles and challenges which are seemingly easy yet tricky. Every time you solve a problem or finish a challenge, you’re closer to being a genius. You need to finish all the obstacles for you to be hailed as a genius.The game has a fun and animated interface, featuring different animated characters adding to the fun factor of the game. Get Think on Appstore Hungry Cat PicrossUse your color brushes to complete the grid and discover the picture!
The Moron Test lets you exercise your brain through various challenges while being user friendly.
Take the test to know whether or not you are a moron.Brain Age Test Free What do you think the age of your brain is?
Get Monster Feeder on Appstore Are You A Dodo?“Are You A Dodo?” includes nine fun mini-games to train your brain!
The numbers will eventually disappear and you have to tap the bubbles in the numbers’ descending order.
You have up to 3 chances before the app will start to analyze your brain age.Play the game 10 minutes a day and it will help exercise your brain, particularly your short-term memory, making you more alert and most importantly, making your brain younger. The game is very user friendly, perfect for everyone no matter what age or brain age.Brain Age Game We have already mentioned one brain-age determining app and another app of this sort is Brain Age Game.
Playing this game lets you determine what your brain age is, but what makes the Brain Age Game unique from The Brain Age Test is that it also measures your memory age and arithmetic abilities.It has different kinds of brain tests that will help you workout your brain reflexes and concentration. It explains to you more about memory training, allowing you to have an in-depth understanding of how it can improve your brain.The app allows you to track your progress and continuing your last session is also supported.
You need to have imaginative thinking to be good at math and you can get a daily dose of that with Math Genius Brain Trainer.This app provides you math puzzles to solve. The app puts your brain to the test with infinite levels, and playing it regularly improves your skill in doing quick and accurate calculations. You can also tweak some of the app’s settings via the Preference button found on the homescreen. You can also continue your unfinished games anytime you want via the Continue button.Brain Genius Deluxe Brain Genius Deluxe is another app that is filled with brain training exercises, dedicated to help your brain think better.
In this app, you have to prove that there is a genius within you by passing all of its 23 brain training games. You may think that those may not be much, but these games are challenging since they are timed. Playing it also allows the app to analyze your brain skills such as observation, memory, calculation, and reasoning.You can also track your performance when you use this app. And, if ever you need a break from the challenges, you can check out the bonus games included.Interface-wise, the app is very easy to use and each challenge is easy to understand. It includes various games and brain exercises that you can play to improve your memory, speed, flexibility, accuracy, and reaction.
You can brag about your high scores to your friends by sharing your results via Facebook.Move the Block If you are looking for a mind-enriching game that you can play with your siblings or your parents, then try Move the Block. The app has 100 exciting levels that you can play, so it will be long before you run out of puzzles to solve. Tracking your scores every time you play is also supported in the app, allowing you to see how much you have improved. Your scores could also be shared on Facebook so that you can let your friends know that you are exercising your brain.Reversi Free Reversi Free is another game that can give you a mind-boggling exercise. You have to be very clever and careful in flipping those chips, or else a game that you thought you were going to win will turn into a shocking loss.The app has a very user friendly and intuitive interface. It has 10 levels of difficulty including some hints that can guide you in playing the game. The app tests your arithmetic skills by giving you math questions such as basic subtraction or addition.

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