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Yoga is usually defined as union: union between the limited self (jiva) and the cosmic self (atman).
Hop a plane and escape to these oases of relaxation, adventure, mindful eating, and awe-inspiring views. You don’t have to journey to an exotic ashram in India a la Eat, Pray, Love for an exclusive, life-changing meditation retreat.
Get outside: Eight miles of trails await for hiking, running, or snowshoeing, which transcend into the practice of active or moving meditation.
Take me there: Lodging rates include three healthful meals a day and start at $109 per night per person. Hana, Maui, and Austin, TexasHow to disconnect to reconnect: True luxury and tropical paradise meet in this experiential Hawaiian destination that features an enchanted itinerary of guided meditations, nurturing yoga, luxury spa services and accommodations, eclectic and nourishing gourmet meals, and endless adventure.
Miami Beach, FloridaHow to disconnect to reconnect: Soak in the Florida sunshine and positive vibes at this spa hotel that offers a spectacular lineup of meditation experiences and workshops, including garden fire-pit meditations, crystal sonic-sound bath meditations, healing through chakras, breathwork, and kundalini and yoga workshops. Get outside: This is Miami Beach, so all the water has to offer is at your disposal, including swimming and stand-up paddleboarding. Take me there: To register or find a list of upcoming themed retreats, which range from two to six nights and start at $595 per person.
Get outside: Whether you want to stay active or jump-start your goals, there are no shortage of activities to keep you moving.
Halibut Cove, AlaskaHow to disconnect to reconnect: Discover the softer side of Alaska in a secluded lodge that features a poustinia, a silent meditation space open 24 hours a day. Take me there: Lodging, meals, yoga, meditation, and various other amenities and activities, including the boat ride to get to Halibut Cove, start at $500 per night per person.
Lenox, MassachusettsHow to disconnect to reconnect: Step into luxurious elegance fit for royalty at this grand estate located in the Berkshire Hills. Take me there: All-inclusive packages offer accommodations, meals, and a variety of activities and classes. Get outside: Strenuous physical activity is discouraged while going through the full Ayurvedic treatment program, but guests can stroll the walking trails around the tranquil property day or night. Get outside: Although the California vibe is more Zen than adrenaline, guests can run along the Pacific Coast Highway, go on a nature hike, or enjoy the ocean by kayaking and surfing.
Rhinebeck, New YorkHow to disconnect to reconnect: Just a train ride from New York City beckon six learning paths spanning health, healing, and sustainable living to awaken your spirit. Get outside: Wooded trails and country roads provide the perfect setting for a walk, run, or hike.
Take me there: Two-night single cabin room accommodation packages, which include three meals a day, start at $662 per person.
Arrive in the capital city of Laos and experience the calm antiquity of Luang Prabang, a UNESCO Heritage city where buses and trucks are prohibited. Stay at the Muang La Resort, an intimate boutique lodge situated along the Nam – Ou river amidst lush greenery. Arrive in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) and hop on a short flight to Mangalore and continue by road to Neeleshwar Hermitage, a hidden tropical destination set in a secluded palm grove beside the Arabian Sea.
Fly into Siem Reap, the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat, and practice yoga amidst its mystical temples and magical real of overgrown primordial trees. Treat yourself by staying at the exquisite boutique hotel, The Samar Villas, which has masterfully incorporated Khmer style aesthetics with a touch of modern design. Arrive in Yogyakarta known as the centre of classical Javanese fine art and culture and stop on the way at an antique Joglo architecture style teak house, Pecel Solo, where you can experience a colourful array of traditional Javanese cuisine. Once a week the resort organises a famous traditional ?rijst – tafel? experience where food is served by waiters regally dressed in the traditional garments carrying a variety of Indonesian dishes on flat woven trays. Arrive in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, and hop on a short flight to Pokhara, a charming town and base for many of Nepal?s popular trekking routes. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us. All look gorgeous but, erm, none of them appear to be yoga retreats – just clicked through to all their websites, and not a mention of yoga on any of them. Well… I only spent a few minutes looking but I could find a mention of yoga on at least 3 of the 5…! 10 of the best places to stay in Europe this Spring : Why wait until Summer to get away this year? Are you looking for something different from the fun filled or sight seeing adventure tours across the globe? This Buddhist meditation retreat center is spread over 600 acres of land across a Rocky Mountain Valley in the northern area of Colorado, surrounded by rocky peaks and pine forests. Shambala is the perfect place to recharge with its unspoiled surroundings, fresh air and the wonders of natures beauty. Located just outside of Mumbai is the slick and attractive modern 40 acre Osho Meditation campus that practices active meditation. You can also enjoy some unorthodox amenities like: night club, mini hall and tennis courts.
This is situated on a 200 acre property that surrounds an old mansion in central Massachusetts. This Insight Meditation society is mostly comprised of woody area and some of its area looks rural.
This retreat center is located next to the Phu Ruea National Park in Loei, Thailand and is surrounded by lush green tropical forests and green hills. The huge property has many indoor and outdoor meditation spaces, outdoor dining area as well as waterfall gardens. Science does not yet know or understand the reason for it, but it appears that the effects of meditation are that some changes do take place in the body during meditation. The specific word meditation is a term that is used to refer to the technique that is being used.
Typically the person who is meditating will do so using one of several different techniques or ways to meditate. Meditation by definition is a holistic method or practice of mind to body communication that is used often in alternative medical practices as well as in complement to some religious practices. In some cases, meditation has been changed or altered to remove all traces of Eastern religious connotations to allow for those who are not able to work with the religious or spiritual values to also practice meditation.
Meditation is nothing more than a means to train the mind to help to control the reactions and responses of the body.
In some cases, if not most, it is difficult for people to meditate without some kind of formal training in the process. When formal training in meditation takes place, the mind is more readily able to adapt to the process and to become more relaxed and more peaceful. Some people find that meditation classes of a formal nature are not really necessary and they will find books on meditation or YouTube videos about meditation that can help them to learn how to meditate without taking formal meditation classes. In fitness training, the body must do certain exercises that will help to build the muscles and tone them.
Exercises are important in meditation as they are in any other fitness program and will help you to be able to expand what your meditation can do for you. Guided meditation is a type of meditating where the person who is meditating is guided by another person verbally. Mindfulness can assist you in your parenting, in your career, in your family life, in your relationship and even in helping you to keep your body and mind healthier and more alert.
Jon Kabat-Zinn–the promoter and inventor of secular mindfulness in the US specifically states that although mindfulness can be achieved through formal meditation, that is not the only way to accomplish it. When you enter into mindfulness training, whether you do so formally or do so on your own, trying to achieve mindfulness in your own right, you’ll find a wide range of different benefits and exercises that can help you even when you are just beginning the process.
You won’t be able to realize the real benefits of a meditation retreat while you are inside it. Once you realize that retreats work well for you, you will make them a part of your practice from time to time.
Spiritual meditation has been practiced from centuries and is known to teach us gratitude, compassion and happiness. With Zen meditation techniques, you learn how to leave your worries behind and self-transcending meditation takes you beyond mental awareness, while at the same time keeping you fully conscious of everything happening around you.
When you are first starting in meditation, make sure that you know why you want to meditate, what you expect to get out of it and what the benefits will be for you.
Even some of the more prestigious universities and businesses today are recommending meditation and yoga to enable people to quiet their mind and to become more productive and more accepting of their life. How do you get started in Yoga and meditation or even just in meditation and how can you ensure that you’re doing it right?
Whether you’re traveling solo, want to reconnect as a couple, or take an unforgettable trip with friends, some incredible resorts and getaways in the States are geared to help you decompress, reenergize, and connect with yourself and the natural world.
Visitors also have access to the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya, a Buddhist monument that stands 108 feet tall and is open to the public on the first level. There are no dedicated retreat dates, so book a stay when it works for you and do exactly what your heart desires. In Austin, mountain bike or take advantage of challenge courses between guided meditations, tai chi, and nature hikes. Inspired by a holistic approach to wellness that incorporates fitness, nutrition, and bodywork, the Standard offers a hydrotherapy playground featuring an arctic plunge pool, mud lounge, Scotch hoses, infinity pool, and hamam, plus services such as acupuncture and life coaching.

Guests can also enjoy daily sunrise yoga, martial arts instruction, and rides on rented Warby Parker bicycles.
The unstructured time between sessions, when guests are eating, resting, or walking, can be the most awakening, says Surya Chandra Das, teacher and co-director. Meditation offerings range from beginner to advanced and include such experiences as floating meditation, mindful stress mastery, forgiveness meditation, and a labyrinth.
Outback hikes, mountain biking, yoga hiking, trail running, challenge courses, and an all-day rock climbing excursion on Mt. Stillpoint Lodge welcomes guests for scheduled group retreats and offers a cabin for private stays where guests can set their own schedule. A popular activity is hiking into the park to enjoy a prepared lunch and then set out on inflatable kayaks to explore the glacier lake’s icebergs.
Services and experiences, such as spiritual direction, private yoga, or massage, are additional.
Beyond the typical experience, Canyon Ranch defines spa as a Special Personalized Adventure.
Hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, and snowshoeing will connect you with nature, or challenge yourself on the ropes course’s zipline and giant swing.
For a comprehensive list of rates ranging from two to 10 nights and to find out more about Canyon Ranch’s Lenox property or other properties, including Tucson, Las Vegas, and Miami.
Various meditation practices are offered here, from Buddhist to tantric, depending on the workshop and instructor.
The 200-acre Hudson Valley campus offers more than 350 workshops, yoga teacher training, and rest and rejuvenation retreats each year.
Explore the quiet 80-acre Long Pond Lake by kayak, canoe, or rowboat, and take a swim in warmer months.
Depending on the program, workshops and specialty services have additional tuition and fees. Here are some of my favourite resorts that not only offer a serene and tranquil environment but are located in some of Asia?s most exotic destinations.
Continue your travels onwards by road towards the northern part of the country where the landscape rises in steep green folds from the earth and imprint the terrain with cliffs, mountains and high plateaus. In addition to being a great sanctuary to practice yoga and meditation, there is also plenty of opportunities to visit the ethnic minority tribes, experience the natural hot spring, enjoy a rejuvenating spa experience, take a cooking class, or enjoy a jungle adventure by Jeep, mountain bike, or on foot. The Hermitage is spaciously built on twelve acres of land and offers a tranquil and secluded environment.
Great complement to your yoga and meditation sessions are the therapeutic treatments at their Ayurvedic wellness centre. Siem Reap is home to charming old French shop houses, shady tree lined boulevards and colonial Chinese architectural buildings. An oasis of serenity, the property offers a luxuriant tropical garden and swimming pool, an extensive library, an elaborate cuisine, a lounge bar, and rejuvenating spa treatments. Stay at the d’Omah, a private residence turned into a boutique resort where every room has received its own personal touch and design.
Practice Yoga at your private pool followed by a therapeutic message given by the local healer of the village. Stay at the award winning property, Tiger Mountain Lodge, situated on a spectacular hilltop ridge a thousand feet above the Pokhara Valley.
Their restaurant offers a wholesome cuisine that ranges from Nepali dishes to continental specialities made from local fresh ingredients and home-grown herbs. There are various forms of Buddhist meditation that are practiced here from week long programs to multi week intensive meditation study for advanced meditation practitioners, there are over 100 different programs to choose from. Shambala also offers a modern retreat campus. There are over 65 single and double rooms in this center for your comfortable stay.
Osho designed these courses to help people express and experience repressed feelings and emotions and also to teach ways to notice habitual patterns and deal with them in new ways over time. The Indian Buddhist traditions are practiced here and the main forms include vipassana and metta. There are about 79 minimally furnished single and double rooms in the main retreat center with shared dormitory style bathrooms in each floor. It is a practiced focus wherein those who use it are seeing and learning more about themselves. Many different varieties of meditation exist, most of which are rooted in spiritual traditions from various civilizations and ancient religions, though not all are so. Just as you must train your body to be fit, so too the mind can become more fit and help your body to overcome certain reactions and behaviors.
The reason for this is thought to be that many if not most people are not receptive initially to being able to tune out the world around them. Exercises for any part of meditation that you find most difficult can be used to help you to overcome that difficulty. Learning more about mindfulness and the benefits that it can offer you is in your best interests. Learn more about mindfulness by viewing our pages on the process and how you can benefit from it.
Larger retreats might have more than one leader, but there will be one person who will be in charge of all the activities, and he will have the last word in everything related to the structure.
In addition, it is highly flexible to accommodate different themes that a leader might wish to bring in. Your practice is special, as it facilitates your own awakening, and the awakening of people who get in touch with you.
Many people practice meditation on a daily basis that have no ties to any religion, including Buddhism or Hinduism.
While Anapanasati teaches us to focus on our breath, Metta Bhavana is all about filling us with love and kindness. It is liberation of self, but also a realization that we are never totally free, bound by our physical senses, body, and mind.
Learning how to meditate, just as learning anything else, can be more difficult or more easily accomplished, depending on your level of concentration and the chosen meditation that you use. Take time to prepare yourself for your meditation by selecting a place and a position in which you will be comfortable and in which you will be uninterrupted. Try to select a time that is midway between meals or snacks since the digestive process is not necessarily positive for meditation. Very rarely will you find the religions of the world, the non-religious community and the medical and scientific community in agreement on anything. Oprah Winfrey, one of the most famed celebrity talk show hosts of all time has promoted meditation multiple times on her shows and is said to use it religiously to help her to calm and quiet her mind.
The only thing that anyone can teach is a method that will lead you to the experience of meditation.
On the menu, you’ll find fresh, raw, organic, and spa-inspired Mediterranean cuisine (even a hamburger and tater tots) as well as a selection of juices and smoothies. Designed to increase awareness and simplify life, a daily schedule of multiple meditation sessions, yoga, and free time lead guests through a contemplative process that heals and connects. Take, for instance, the story of a guest who tackled her first hike on a challenging trail in about 45 minutes; by the end of the retreat, that same hike took four hours.
Guests have access to enriching and diverse programming that focuses on art and photography, integrative wellness, culinary exploration, equine experiences, and, of course, meditation and healthy living. Guided meditations, yoga, and a labyrinth for walking meditations contribute to the calm, environmentally conscious campus surrounded by majestic wilderness where guests can connect with the spectacle of nature.
Add transformative programs designed to boost well-being and health to your all-inclusive package and move effortlessly from visualization mediation, spiritual guidance, yoga, the on-site labyrinth, touch therapies, and full-service spa treatments.
Guests have the option of visiting the health spa for a complete Ayurvedic treatment that includes wellness sessions, daily two- to three-hour cleansing spa treatments, yoga classes, lectures, organic vegetarian meals, and meditation.
A meditation roundhouse is located on the scenic 27-acre property, where guests can also enjoy cliffside hot springs (clothing optional), ocean views, healing arts, and soul-seeking meditation and mindfulness workshops that incorporate a hybrid of interdisciplinary themes, such as yoga, music, self-connection, stress-reduction, and fulfilling relationships between fathers and sons. Meditation, both guided and self-practice, is integrated into classes like Zen archery, moving meditations, or meditation-focused workshops that teach techniques such as Vipassana meditation. If you decide to adventure off campus, be sure to ask about nearby hot-air balloon rides and state parks. From the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Borobudur in Indonesia, peaceful nature setting of northern Laos and Kerala in India, to the dramatic mountain ranges of the Himalayas in Nepal. On your final day take the river cruise back to Luang Prabang and enjoy a charming scenic experience of the local village life along the river banks. The buildings are made of wood and laterite and modelled on palm-thatched fisherman huts overlooking a serene beach. The resort offers sightseeing tours that include exploring the archaeological sites of Angkor, mountain biking, horseback riding, shopping and visiting art galleries. Activities offered range from a sunset dinner on the beach, a visit to the UNESCO Heritage Site of the ninth Century Borobudur to seeing local village life and rice plantations on bicycle.
This exclusive property is an ideal sanctuary to practice yoga as you enjoy its panoramic views of Machhapuchhare and three of the world?s eight thousand metre high Himalayan peaks, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Mansalu.
Activities include bird walks and day hikes through the forests and villages escorted by trained local guides. These are traditional Asian massage techniques based on manipulation and use of the body?s meridian pressure points.

There are many meditation retreats spread across the globe that will help you relax your mind and free yourself from work pressures, conversations and commotion. Accommodation styles vary to suit your liking and your budget from lodge rooms with private baths to dormitories and seasonal tents.
The techniques you will learn here include power breathing, meditative dancing, vocalizing and whirling.
The teachers at this retreat are not paid, but will accept donations once your course is finished. The choice depends on your style of meditation and what you would find working better for you.
You can stay in reasonable wooden houses in this retreat and there are separate shared bathrooms.
The interruptions that take place are difficult to avoid and the meditation process is not originally workable for them.
In meditation too the training will help your mind to be better able to accomplish certain things.
For example, some formal exercises might be used to help you to clear your mind more readily or to focus on the thing about which you want to meditate in order to help you to overcome problems or to learn to relax.
The guiding will help to move the person who is meditating into a different state of consciousness. There are multiple ways to get mindfulness training, including working with an experienced and expert trainer.
If you can view your entire stay in the retreat as practice, then you can gain the most from it. Shi-ne helps you to develop peace of mind and spiritual meditation techniques like Tonglen make you well versed in handling adverse circumstances. Meditation allows you to momentarily glimpse beyond the physical cage, to maybe even one day transcend the self, and become enlightened.
Avoid coffee or tea and try to stay clear of alcohol or drugs during the meditation process in order to ensure that your mind remains alert during your meditative process. Stay for a weekend, a week, or a monthlong journey of self-exploration that focuses on body awareness, mindful living, contemplative arts, or personal transformation.
Surrounded by the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, the property includes a 3.5-acre organic farm with gardens, chickens, and horses. Talking is encouraged during guided sessions, which offer opportunities to ask questions and discuss ways to integrate experiences into daily life. Outdoor treatment rooms and a full spa and bodywork menu rejuvenate and pamper guests with Ayurvedic, reiki, and Thai massage therapies.
An organic garden and freshly caught halibut, salmon, oysters, and mussels enhance the pescetarian menu that features artful cuisine. Back on Stillpoint’s property, nature trails are easily accessible for hiking and picking berries in the months of August and September. Create a getaway that fits your style, or step out of your comfort zone with programming options like tarot card reading, astrology, portrait drawing, mandala making, cooking classes, or a Rite of Passage ceremony. There is also a four-day Transcendental Meditation retreat to learn the practice and enjoy the various benefits of the Raj, including gem light therapy, anti-stress massage, and aromatherapy. Part of the experience at Esalen is its historic lodge that has hosted legendary guests like Henry Miller, Steve McQueen, Joan Baez, and Hunter S.
A sacred space called the Sanctuary is open for daily group meditation and contemplation hours. For the more adventurous, paragliding and micro-light flights against Annapurna?s backdrop are also available.
One who will go there once get in touch with Buddhism meditation technique and most probably Lama Surya Das meditation teachings.
Meditation retreats give you an opportunity to venture deep into your inner feelings and to learn the art of being silent.
Men and women accommodation are separate and they are not allowed to mingle inside the center. Today most people use meditation as a way to enhance and promote their long term good health.
In fact, some people have, using meditation exercises, learned to control their heartbeat and other physiological responses. The process of guided meditation means that you or the person who is meditating will be required to follow the instructions that are given verbally.
If you do not have time to take formal classes in mindfulness, you’ll find a wide range of different places that can help you to learn online and to study mindfulness, what it is and how you can benefit from it. Meditation can also be about relaxation, the improvement of well-being, a better lifestyle, and a willingness to engage in the moment and enjoy it for what it is. That seems to be the case on Yoga and Meditation, where every community seems to be accepting of the fact that there are vast benefits in store for the people who practice meditation and yoga. You can adjust and amend your methods and add to them over time as you grow more experienced in meditation and yoga. Lodging varies from tent platforms that get you close to nature to lodge suites with modern amenities. Executive chef Benjamin Baker and his staff specialize in farm-to-table cuisine with local, organic ingredients. Fresh vegetarian meals are prepared three times a day from teacher and co-director Patricia Brown’s cookbook and feature Indian-inspired recipes and organic vegetables from the garden. Mindfulness, self-discovery, and living in the moment are at the core of this luxury wellness spa, which also extends into the kitchen. Chef-created meals, including vegetarian options, are mindful and focus on health and nutrition and fresh, seasonal ingredients.
The following are some of the best Buddhist meditation retreat centers that you can explore to change you as a person. These instructions are designed to help you to concentrate fully on your breathing or on your mind. If you are sensibly cultivating this sacred quality in you, rest of the things will be taken care of easily. Maybe you just want to work better, sleep better, or see every moment as all that it is, and all that it can be.
This approach strips away talk about dharma and karma to offer straight-up meditation techniques. There is vegetarian and vegan cuisine, as well as meals for carnivores, ranging from Italian to Indian. Healthful, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredients are featured on a changing menu with vegetarian and vegan options.
Family-style communal dining at the lodge features vegetarian and gluten-free options, organic produce from the on-site garden, and locally sourced eggs and fish. Yoga, shamanic healing, acupuncture, massage, henna, facials, and chakra portraits are some of the services and treatments offered in the Wellness Center. This can range from basic breathing (pranayam) and simple postures (asanas) to the more advanced levels. This will in turn help the person who is meditating to relax, to expand your mind, to clear the mind completely and to focus your attention and your awareness on your own meditative state. Trying to invent something new puts you in a danger zone, where you might take yourself in the wrong direction.
An integral emphasis on sustainability and farm-to-table is reflected in Omega’s dining hall, which serves mostly vegetarian meals and is three-star certified by the Green Restaurant Association.
It is to make you realize your identity with the greater self, to make you know and tune in with your existing inner nature. This sanctuary is situated among hills and fruit trees on 12 rural acres in Maui, with views of both the Pacific Ocean and Haleakala. Residents typically make at least a yearlong commitment, but those with a regular meditation practice are welcome to come for a week during the summer in-house season. In the cycles of our life, that serves almost everyone."It's common to worry about a week without conversation, meat or sleeping in. Austere conditions may prompt insight into the difference between what you want and want you need.
A traditional Buddhist meditation retreat starts early in the morning; nonprofits will likely expect you to do a work period (cut those carrots mindfully) and to pick up after yourself.
More than anything, says Kornfield, look for "a place that's known for love, [with] a spirit of loving kindness and compassion in everything that it does."Spirit Rock, CaliforniaOnce San Francisco's northern suburbs give way to what looks like Tolkein's shire, the hills of Spirit Rock appear. Native Americans once used this land for spiritual rites; even the wild deer and turkeys are calm, without any need to flinch from humans. Residential retreats, held throughout the year, run as long as two months."Some come for healing, either the healing of the heart or the healing of the body," says Jack Kornfield, one of Spirit Rock's founding teachers.

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