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You’re in the right place if you want to breathe easier and truly enjoy life to the fullest — while accelerating the process of achieving your most important goals. Did you know virtually anyone can enjoy the same inner peace and awakened states as Zen monks while enjoying material success? Ecstatically enjoying every single delicious moment of the day — no matter what the day brings. Achieving your goals and living more into your highest potential — in every area of life.
Having the tools to automatically summon a calm, confident and serene sense of inner peace any time you choose while you’re working or playing.
Living in the present moment while creating far-reaching impact in the areas of life most important to you. I’m Mary Allen, author of The Power of Inner Choice and known to many as America’s Inner Peace Coach. Clients experience exponentially more inner peace — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so they can enjoy a life of freedom, flow and fulfillment, as they consciously live into their highest potential. If you’re not enjoying all the success and peace-of-mind you desire, and know you’re not currently living into the highest version of who you were meant to be, you’re likely experiencing challenges in three key areas.
Focusing on inner peace without living into your true potential results in struggle to provide financially for yourself and family,  settling for less than you desire or neglecting a higher calling. Embodying both success and inner peace challenges us to higher levels of consciousness and results in living more into our highest potential fueling life purpose and our greatest contributions to the world. It is my privilege to guide you toward greater success, while you simultaneously surrender into inner peace and create your best life. Mary Allen is one of the rare teachers around today who has the honesty, the authenticity, the articulation and the humor to help you shift out of your mind and into the unlimited possibilities of living in the present moment. Mary’s program ‘Secrets to Profound Peace and Soaring Success’ offers a wealth of wisdom to enliven and enhance your life. Register now for this FREE series of interviews and conversations with lesbians who are transforming our gay girl world.
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Our NLP Life Coach Certification Online includes our NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses as well as the NLP Life Coach Certification course.
All iNLP Center programs are accredited by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences & the Texas State Board of Examiners for Professional Coaches.
The iNLP Center has been approved for third party tuition assistance from the United States Department of Defense and National Football League Trust. We’ve also been featured on industry leading websites, such as GoodTherapy and PsychCentral, the two largest mental health sites in the world.
First year gold membership to IAPLC and the International NLP Association is included in your program. Get your NLP life coach certification online from the worldwide leader in NLP and life coach training. Psychotherapy Networker Magazine revealed that there are still under 10,000 life coaches in the United States. The life coaching industry is increasing by 575,600 jobs annually (Bureau of Labor Studies). Getting your accredited NLP life coach certification online allows you to develop the skills without the high cost and inconvenience of traditional training. This track is intended for those who already have an active coaching practice and would like to add NLP Life Coach training to their current practice. This track is intended for those starting their coaching practice and need a business plan, marketing training, and a website to build their practice. You’ll be guided by an expert through our proven life coach marketing module that teaches you to establish yourself in the perfect niche, based on your interests and expertise. Based on your niche, our expert design team will build your custom website or enhance your existing site. You’ll be given writing opportunities on our websites with links that point to your life coaching website so that visitors get to know you and potential clients know where to inquire about your service. If you go through the rest of the course with your ideal client in mind, this will double the value of your learning! Throughout your training we teach you how to construct good quality, search engine optimized articles that you will write for your own site, our site and other online blogs.

The iNLP Center’s Life Coach Process is the core model that ties all of your skills together. Pervasive elements of coaching are those skills that are always in use through every interaction and every phase of the coaching process. Most of the pervasive skills are taught and practiced in the NLP practitioner section of your life coach certification program.
The key is to learn and integrate the techniques and models so that you can help virtually anyone, anywhere. This is the time you get to really apply your understanding of self-sabotage to helping others.
Your trainer will personally guide you through the process so that it becomes easy for you to facilitate with your clients. During your strategy sessions with new coaching prospects, you need to know where to focus in order to get them to invest in your service. The section is a bonus program that you will receive once you complete the course and receive your NLP Life Coach Certification. What are the main differences between the NLP Life Coach Track and the NLP Life Coach Premium Track? Mike Bundrant (co-founder of iNLP Center, Master NLP Trainer and retired psychotherapist) is your life coach trainer. However, because the Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings are self-paced, you can work more quickly or slowly depending on your needs.
The Life Coach training portions require a set amount of time because you are working with a trainer. Yes, you will receive a certificate upon completion of each section (NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, and NLP Life Coach). If you pay for the course in full, you will receive your certificate as soon as you complete each training. Do I have to enroll in an entire NLP Life Coach track or can I add it on after I complete the combo? You can add on the NLP Life Coach Training or Premium Training after the combo for a reduced price, inquire. We can easily convert your regular track to the premium track and will send you an invoice for the difference in price.
Your website gets created after you complete the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Trainings. We can either offer suggestions for your current site, or we can convert your current site to a WordPress site if it is not already in that platform. All my formal training, results and client recommendations have earned me the accreditation of Master Certified Coach (MCC) currently awarded to only the top 1% of all coaches.As an experienced life and business coach spanning 16+ years, I’ve coached well over 1000 high-achieving clients, business owners, distinguished professionals, celebrities, busy moms, coaches, authors, transformational leaders and even a couple billionaires – to get clear, make powerful changes, and create far more meaningful results in their lives and businesses. Living in the Sweet Spot and resolving the conflict between enjoying material success and true inner peace. Once you have completed all three courses, you will hold the title of Certified NLP Life Coach. Certificates are accredited by the International Association of Professional Life Coaches (IAPLC) and the International NLP Association.
It helps to determine your niche with our trainer and receive your marketing niche journal.
The Premium Track includes longer private training sessions during your Life Coach training so extra focus can be directed to the marketing aspect of your practice. For those new to website ownership, we assist you in registering your domain and setting up your hosting. Throughout your training, we will work with you on these articles so they best reflect your unique coaching style and drive niche traffic to you. At the very beginning of the course, you’ll fill out a survey that helps you clarify the kind of practice that best suits you. You’ll work with your trainer to establish the goals and business practices that work for you. Our NLP life coaching certification will lead you through a simple, fun and highly effective process to help you nail this down.
It also determines how to apply the coaching skills that you will be learning throughout the training. Throughout your NLP training, you’ll be guided by this journal to apply the tools and techniques to your niche and convert your new skills into content that will attract new coaching clients. You will learn how to structure you articles, find guest blog opportunities, and learn the best blog practices.

In the life coaching section, you take these communication skills to the next level with our unique application processes.
The AHA Solution is a world-renown program to help people overcome the universal problem of self-sabotage.
Through a series of exercises with others and self-evaluation, you will really begin to understand the depth of self-sabotage and be able to help people at the core, not just working on the surface. This section will show you specifically how to direct clients so that they register for coaching with greater consistency.
It consists of a complimentary one-year gold membership to IAPLC which includes business support, a directory listing, opportunity to become a published author in their book, group tele-summits and activities, and a social networking for coaches guide. If you know that your goal is to be a certified NLP Life Coach, we recommend enrolling in a track. Additionally, the NLP Life Coach Training is accredited by the International Association of Professional Life Coaches.
The Life Coach Premium Track, should take around 5 months to complete.The estimated time is based on the average student. If you are making payments, you will receive your certificates as your payments for each section are paid.
However, if taking the premium training after the combo, your private training sessions will be slightly reorganized. Is it built while you are working through the NLP Life Coach training portion of the Premium Track so that is completed prior to your completion and you can learn to use it by the time you are certified.
Getting clear about what’s next and closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be so you can consciously create your best life out of inspiration not desperation.
An NLP Life Coach Certification is a great way to fulfill your career goal as a Life Coach, affordably and efficiently. It’s an amazing opportunity for anyone qualified to have a prosperous career as a life coach. I work with you every step to ensure you understand the material and feel confident helping others.
This journal guides you through each NLP module to prepare you for working with clients, plus formulates blog ideas for your website and for guest posting opportunities.
With this unique module, you’ll learn how to sign on clients using our proven strategy that shows you specifically how to conduct first-time interviews and successfully enroll new clients. We provide feedback on content, suggest what content to include for the best results, and provide training so you can edit and manage your website.
We want you to be excited about the helping people and have a clear direction where you want to go. Then, you’ll work with an experienced and successful trainer to solidify your direction into the life coaching industry.
Your trainer will help you become clear about the client profile that you are most likely to succeed with.
Your trainer will guide you through this discovery and help you create a plan to overcome them.
Imagine, regardless of what your clients says at any point in the training, you will know how to respond productively. You’ll also learn what to ask and say to them, specifically, to get them to sign on for your coaching services.
We will also suggest pages to include and you will upload the content for those pages directly in our online learning center. By the end of your training, you should feel confident with your online presence and be able to start reaching your client demographic. Successfully help your clients navigate obstacles and experience deep inner change with over 45 powerful personal change models. Once you approve the site, we will optimize it for search engine performance and provide online training modules so you can easily learn how to edit and publish new content.
When you combine these models in your interventions, you’ll find unlimited combinations of helpful strategies.

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