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Cycle along the renowned Danube Cycle Path from Passau to Vienna alongside the Blue Danube. Walk the Coast to Coast from St Bees to Robin Hood's Bay, one of the world’s greatest long-distance trails.
The Cotswold Way, one of England's finest National Trails takes you from Chipping Campden, all the way to Bath, through quintessential English countryside. This famous long distance trail will lead you through beautiful forests, alongside peaceful canals, historic castles and forts, and past brooding Loch Ness.
Immerse yourself in history with a walking tour on the Hadrian’s Wall Path, a fascinating and rewarding walk from England’s coast to coast east to west alongside one of Britain’s iconic landmarks. Cycle from the Irish Sea to the North Sea, west to east, along the UK’s most popular long distance cycle path, the C2C. Scotland's finest long distance walk; towering mountains, tranquil lochs and rushing rivers combine to reward you with a unique and ever-changing landscape.
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Find your perfect self guided walking or cycling holiday in one of our UK, European, or Worldwide destinations and discover why thousands of people trust us to organise their walking or cycling holiday in Europe, the UK, and around the world each year. This hiking programme is moderately difficult and especially designed for people who would not feel comfortable on long and tiring treks along steep paths, who would yet like to savour the best the landscape and local culture have to offer. All of our self-guided or private guided hiking tours can be additionally tailored to meet your requirements.
Do you create products or organize events for UX professionals or manage a UX team that’s hiring? Guided selling is an approach that attempts to educate consumers about a set of products or services and provide decision-making support that directs them to a solution that is right for them. This approach is especially helpful in situations where the decision-making process is complex—for example, when purchasing complex products with many features and functions. Looking at some examples, like those shown in Figure 1, might help you to understand what guided selling is not. In contrast, guided selling is an interaction that serves to educate shoppers about a set of products or services.
Such a conversation would likely include a discussion of a shopper’s intended usage or preferences for a product, an explanation of various product features and attributes, a product recommendation based on the personal needs of the shopper, and potentially, a presentation of alternative products and upsell options. Each of these examples requires a slightly different approach to the conversation, as well as the display of its eventual results and recommendations.
To help companies make better design decisions for their implementations of guided-selling applications, my company sponsored an independent usability study of existing applications. By far the most important criteria for success in designing a guided-selling experience is the efficiency with which the application asks the necessary questions and moves the shopper through to the recommendations.
To increase the perception of speed, a particularly helpful guideline is to limit the number of pages through which a shopper must navigate. Our tests indicated that video has the potential to be very polarizing or distracting in guided-selling scenarios. In contrast, audio alone rather than video can enhance the overall experience without being too distracting. If you were shopping for a laptop in a store, a salesperson would ask you questions about more than just your intended use of the laptop during your conversation with him.
If you make recommendations without giving any rationale for them, shoppers become prone to skepticism.
One option for making recommendations might be to show what impact a shopper’s answers to your initial questions would have on the results rather than simply displaying the recommendations on an explicit results page, as in the example shown in Figure 12. As a UX designer working for a site that sells complex products, I’d say that there are some other things to consider before deciding whether a guided selling technique will work well for customers and the business.
The first is that the products on sale must differentiate along the same lines as the guidance.
Another thing to keep in mind, depending on the UI execution, is that, until customers see the breadth and depth of inventory, they may well not know what they want. If you need a bit of inspiration on where to go on your next adventure, this collection might just point you in the right direction to find the ideal walking or cycling holiday. World famous long distance trails like the West Highland Way, cycling along the Danube, and pilgrimage routes like the Camino Frances which are all unforgettable experiences, where you will enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded walkers, and feel a true sense of achievement at the end of your route.

Our most popular Camino; this trip earns you your Compostela as you will have walked over 100km. James) from St Jean Pied de Port, in the Pyrenees, to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Almost the entire trail runs through the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and passes through a succession of enchanting English villages, featuring traditional Cotswold cottages and welcoming country pubs.
Dip your back wheel into the sea at the beginning of your epic journey and your front wheel in at the end, as tradition demands.
Our route crosses huge national parks with broad alpine meadows and serrated summits, glacier lakes, stone rivers, encountering rare plant and animal life.
The stress is on the four most renown Bulgarian mountains - Rhodopes, Pirin, RIla and Vitosha. Along with its wonderful climate, the mountain offers the perfect setting for gentle hiking amid pastoral landscapes, valleys dotted with picturesque villages, verdant meadows with grazing flocks of goats and sheep, ancient deciduous forests, Roman roads and bridges, and an enormous diversity of natural phenomena, incl. You have come to the right place, looking at our above-the-tree-line self-guided hiking trek, which covers the very best of the highest Bulgarian mountains: Rila and Pirin.
During the last few years this destination has become one of the most popular places for one-day hiking tours in the Rila Mountains, epsecially if you are based in Sofia. We understand that sometimes small changes may have a great effect on the tour program and we will do the necessary step for you.
Similar to a helpful salesperson, a software-based guided-selling application leads a consumer through a set of questions that assess their values, intended usage, and knowledge of a particular product category, then directs them to information and products that meet their needs.
In addition, this approach is valuable when selling products that are new to the marketplace and in situations where the intended audience is not likely to have knowledge of a product domain. Typically, it involves having a dialogue or conversation with shoppers to elicit their needs and make recommendations that are specific to their situation, similar to that shown in Figure 2. In this example, a guided-selling application might ask the shopper about how often he intends to grill, what types of food he likes, and whether he intends to place the grill in an area where it might be difficult to light. We examined a number of different guided-selling applications that represented a variety of industries, as well as different approaches to navigation and interactions, and we solicited feedback from representative shoppers in several usability testing environments. No one wants to spend time entering information unnecessarily—especially if they are unsure or leery of the result. Pageless designs and interactions that use progressive disclosure, such as accordion-based designs, were well received by participants in our study. During our tests and through analysis, we discovered that the best experiences leveraged audio to elaborate on or supplement textual information on the screen. He would use your answers to his questions as an opportunity to educate you about your choices.
Imagine you are buying that laptop at a store: The salesperson asks you questions about your intended use, then simply ends the conversation by telling you to buy laptop model 123. Some shoppers know exactly what they are looking for and just want to quickly find it and buy it.
For example, categorising running shoes in terms of comfort or support might seem like a good idea, but if the manufacturers don’t go to market like that (for example, Nike are basically a fashion brand) the choices customers make end up giving them seemingly random results. Hiding the inventory from them until they’ve gone through a decision tree of some kind may well be counterproductive. While videos come with mixed reviews, they do present great SEO opportunities that can help your content reach more people. Is this something that you have to do by yourself, or is this something that you need to have specific software for? Now, in 2015, guided selling is no longer just a fancy, nice-to-have feature, but has become a mandatory asset for businesses that want to attract, satisfy, and turn their visitors into customers.
A journey of 770km across Northern Spain following the most popular route of the Camino de Santiago. The programme includes a visit of the Rila Monastery, listed by UNESCO and one of Bulgaria’s best-known sights. Climb the giant of Rila, Mount Musala (2925m), highest in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula, trace dramatic ridges, visit the world-famous UNESCO site Rila Monastery and thrill on the challenging climb to the Pirin summit of Mount Vihren (2914m).
The reasons are several: impressive nature beauty, easy access to the trailhead by chairlift, variety of paths and hiking routes in the area. Some obvious examples are consumer electronics and complex products and services relating to healthcare, insurance, financial services, and travel.

A typical online shopping experience might present you with a number of filters to help you narrow the set of choices that are available to you. For example, what if a shopper doesn’t know what size of cooking area he needs or what grate type would be best for the type of cooking he wants to do?
This interaction is analogous to an in-person experience with a salesperson who knows how to ask the right questions to guide shoppers toward the right product and make them feel confident about their decision.
Based on the customer’s answers to these questions, the guided-selling experience would suggest certain product options and educate the shopper on why those options would make sense for their situation. The audio enhanced the sense of having a conversation during the guided-selling experience and both educated and engaged participants. To facilitate efficiency throughout a transaction, it is important to present mutually exclusive responses and allow a shopper to skip a question if it doesn’t apply. But our usability test results suggested that this approach too often adds unnecessary complexity to the questioning process. Other shoppers just don’t have the patience or inclination for conversational shopping experiences online. The guidance then comes across as a cynical sales technique masquerading as informed choice.
It may end up preventing customers converting on stuff they would have chosen had they known about it. An exceptional kaleidoscope of beautiful caves, deep gorges, alpine meadows, glacier lakes, monasteries, and museum villages with authentic old-time architecture. Follow the almost infinite series of trails to alpine meadows, rocky Cirques, remote glacial lakes and onto spectacular ridges and summits. If you wish to make your walk harder or easier your guide will be able to adjust the programme accordingly. Each year, thousands of tourists enjoy the beauty of its scenery and its plant and animal life.
Just put down your travel period, reference for the difficulty level you are looking for, your group size, guided or self-guided and send us an email.
Guided selling can be helpful in any circumstance where consumers are likely to need help orienting themselves to the available choices, as well as support in making an informed choice. For example, you could select a certain brand of grill, size of cooking area, or type of ignition.
Also, a video of a person in this context can seem like an intrusive salesperson rather than a helpful one. To ensure accessibility, shoppers should be able to get through the experience by just reading the text. To build trust with shoppers, the best guided-selling experiences complete the story by telling shoppers why they’ve recommended particular choices. I have connections at iGoDigital and would be glad to point you in the right direction of someone there if you would like me to.
Every day you walk with just a daypack, allowing you to fully enjoy the stunning sceneries around you. The trek goes to Cherni Vrah Peak and then following the ridge of mountains through The Peat Reserve it goes all the way down to the Golden Bridges rocky phenomenon. Finally, we found that shoppers have a tendency to become distracted by trivial or unimportant details in a talking-head video during the question and content portion of the discussion. However, we found that audio can significantly add to the overall effectiveness of such interactions. They would have performed better if they had initially been asked questions, then reviewed the results separately.
However, for audiences who need an orientation to a product set and help making an informed decision, guided-selling experiences that follow the best practices that I’ve presented in this column offer the potential to be highly persuasive and effective shopping experiences. For example, in the video example shown in Figure 9, several research participants indicated that they were looking at the woman’s outfit rather than listening to what she had to say.

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