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Our collection of carefully chosen self-help books will help you discover your strengths, stay motivated and achieve greater results.  By selecting the best self-help books for you, we not only save you time, but money and effort too. Sites like Amazon, Barnes and Noble have best sellers’ book lists and now we are revealing the best selling self-help books our esteemed readers have been buying in 2011. It’s no surprise that in the year 2011, money mindset and wealth building tips and techniques became a top priority for our readers.
In addition books on purpose and fulfilment in life have also proven to be selling really well.
Achieving more in less time was also a priority for our readers in 2011 with books on productivity ranking high on our best sellers book list.

One thing is certain, you are guaranteed to do more, have more and live better than you ever dreamed of by reading self-help books and learning from great mentors. Getting Things Done’, ‘First Things First ’ and ‘ Do More Great Work’ were firm favourites. Then be sure to grab these top selling creativity books: ‘ Made to Stick ’and ‘ Six Thinking Hats ’. We will continue to simplify the task of finding the best books about topics you are really passionate about.
Her warmth, sincerity, generosity of spirit and natural empathy puts you immediately at ease.

She is dedicated to excellence, committed to her own continuing personal development and is utterly professional.

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