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Misschien wel het meest populaire onderdeel van Pokemon Ruby en Sapphire waren de Secret Bases, en in een remake kan dit spelelement natuurlijk niet uitblijven!
De Secret Bases uit Pokemon Ruby en Sapphire hebben een upgrade gekregen, en heten nu Super-Secret Bases.
Zodra je eenmaal een Secret Base hebt, kun je hem uitrusten met allerlei meubels, poppen, matten en posters. Natuurlijk is een Secret Base niets aan als je hem niet kunt delen, en Pokemon Omega Ruby en Alpha Sapphire komen met nieuwe manieren om elkaars Secret Base te bezoeken.
Als je iemands Secret Base gevonden hebt, kun je er vechten tegen de eigenaar en diens Secret Pals (geheime vrienden). Secret Bases via StreetPass is een functie waar ik al jaren om roep en met QR codes is het nog beter. The Pokemon Company just released new information from Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Create and hang out in your own Super-Secret Base in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire! Super-Secret Bases are an awesome new way to express your creativity and join up with friends in the upcoming Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games.
Using communication features, it’s easy to connect with other players around the world to share your Secret Bases with one another.
To help you get started with Super-Secret Bases, you’ll meet Secret Base Expert Aarune.
Look forward to building your own Super-Secret Base—and visiting your friends’ Super-Secret Bases—in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, launching this November!
The PokeMasters is independently owned and operated and is not sponsored by, or othewise affiliated with the above companies. Following on from the original games, Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire feature Secret Bases. To create a Secret Base, you need to have a Pokemon knowing the move, Secret Power, and take it to one of many places in the Hoenn region.
This game has a great number of Secret Base locations across the region, each with different shapes and sizes.

Route 115StairsA Secret Base in a cave that?s said to have been a dwelling for people long ago. Since you can pretty much turn a secret base into a personal Gym in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire I wanted to try making a guide for making a Type-Themed Gym! Extra Master Ball Guide - How to get MORE MASTER BALLS in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!
The Smogcast Request forum is now open for those wanting to talk competitive 'mons on Smogon's Twitch! I also hope the appearance of the Wifi Battles changes along with (maybe) better Wonder Trading?
And yeah, honestly, I think PokeBank's system of checking if your stats, ability, types, moves etc. Looking quickly at a few other screenshots, it seems like the pink 2x2 rug with Laptop and flag may be a necessary piece of furniture in every secret base. The Pokemon Company heeft de eerste details onthuld over hoe de Secret Bases hun terugkeer gaan maken in Pokemon Omega Ruby en Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Op allerlei plekken in de Hoenn-regio zul je bomen, struiken en grotten vinden, waar je je eigen geheime basis in kunt bouwen. Niet alleen keren klassieke meubels als de glijbaan en het glazen standbeeld terug, maar er zijn ook nieuwe bijgekomen, zoals een Poke Flute en jukebox. De eigenaar van een Secret Base kan kiezen wat voor soort gevechten er gehouden kunnen worden. Secret Bases are back in the form of Super-Secret bases and this time there will be more functionality.
Create a Secret Base that’s all your own, including selecting and placing Decorations however you like. Aarune and his Flygon are world travelers, bursting with excitement about the Secret Base culture in the Hoenn region.
In addition to that, three special areas are located in the game, needing Dive to get to initially, that have a lot of Secret Bases within them.
I show what secret base decorations are best for making your gym a Grass Type Gym as well as showing the best secret base locations that work with the theme.

It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. We've now got a subscription service, so the newest articles (of your choice) are delivered right to your inbox! ORAS will probably also have the pentagon, even though it is, in a sense, Kalos's symbol.
Nadat je drie badges hebt bemachtigd, zul je Secret Base-expert Aarune en zijn Flygon ontmoeten op Route 111; hij zal je helpen met het bouwen van je eerste Secret Base. Je kunt een eigenaar ook toevoegen als een van je eigen Secret Pals, en ze meenemen naar je eigen Secret Base. You can use Decorations to create tricks in your Secret Base, decide the rules for what kind of Pokemon battles are allowed there, and make it like your very own Pokemon Gym!
With a QR Code, you can get the Secret Base of a particular player you’ve been wanting to visit.
This enthusiastic adventurer will teach you all about the fun of Secret Bases during your journey. If you find base owners that you like, you can scout them as one of your Secret Pals and bring them back to your own Secret Base.
Visit lots of Secret Bases and collect lots of flags to improve your team’s rank and get rewards, including increasing the skills of your Secret Pals. Really no one's gonna believe that your flareblitz garchomp is real, why bother with this rubbish? So I was thinking - from an in-game perspective, I wonder what else will be better than the original games in terms of movepool, available mega etc.? Daarnaast kun je iedere dag de vlag van een Secret Base stelen om het niveau van je eigen team te verhogen.
Flag colors will change based on a team’s rank, so you can tell another team’s rank at a glance—and others can tell yours!

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