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How do I know this for sure?  After all, I preach direct experience as the best teacher.  I know that theta meditation is a powerful meditation technique because I have been monitored while in deep meditation! Theta brain wave cycles are from 4-7 hz.  Back in the early days of research for what became known as hemi sync, researchers at the Monroe Institute were able to determine that some very interesting meditation and consciousness explorations occurred when binaural beats entered the theta brain wave cycle range. By Deane AlbanThe phenomena of binaural beats and brainwave entrainment can induce the same mental state associated with traditional meditation practice, but quickly. We think thoughts to the tune of 50,000 per day and up to 70% of those areA believed to be negative. Negative thoughts cause chronicA stress whichA in many real ways changes the form and structure of your brain.
Regular meditation can reduce stress, stimulate new brain cell formation, and slow down the rate of brain cell aging.
But anyone who has tried traditional meditation can tell you that quieting your mind this way is not easy.
For thoseA who struggle with focus and concentration, meditation can be frustrating and can become an additional source of stress.
In the past 50 years, technologies have been developed that can induce the same brainwave state as meditation by simply listening to certain sounds. One of the most popular forms of sound technology used for this purpose is known as binaural beats.
Using binaural beats technology is claimed to bring about the same state as meditation, but quickly.
To fully understand binaural beats, you need to know a few basics about brain waves and a concept called brainwave entrainment. You normally go in and out of differentA brainwave states depending on what you are experiencing. But it’s possible to manipulate your brain waves by meditating or by using binaural beats or other kinds of sound technology. Binaural beats cause your brain to synchronize, or entrain, itself with the beat frequency. This has the effect of inducing aA desired brainwave pattern, letting you experience the benefits of that brainwave stateA at will. Delta waves are the lowest frequency brain wave andA occur during deep, dreamless, restorative sleep. Theta waves are associated with the drowsy state you experience as you areA falling asleep or during light sleep. Your brain enters theA alpha brainwaveA state almost immediately whenever you close your eyes. Alpha wavesA are associated with relaxed wakefulness andA can occur during light meditation. As long as you are physically active and mentally alert,A you probably spend most of your waking day in aA beta state.
Gamma brain waves (not to be confused with gamma rays) are the highest frequency brain waves. They are the most recently discovered since they could not be measured until the development of digitalA electroencephalography.
When in the gamma brainwave state, it is thought that the senses are sharpened, and feelings of happiness and peace predominate.
Heightened focus, super concentration, and massive productivity are all said to be yours when you’re in the gamma state.
The phenomenon of entrainment was discovered by a Dutch scientist over four hundred years ago. When you listen to sounds of a certain frequency, your brain waves will synchronize with that frequency. You entrain every time you hear a musical beat that has you bobbing your head or tapping your foot. By listening to MP3s or CDs that produce brainwave entrainment, you can induce a desired brainwave pattern quickly and reliably. Binaural beats is one of the most popular methodsA to utilize the phenomenon of brainwave entrainment.
Others you may have heard of are isochronic tones, monaural beats, andA audiovisual entrainment. When two tones that are slightly dissimilar in frequency are processed by the brain, it registers a beat at the difference of the frequencies.
Since each ear has to perceiveA a different frequency for binaural beats to be created, binaural beats are best experienced when the two tones are heard through stereo headphones.
Our understanding ofA most things related to the brain, be it brain training or how to treat brain disorders, is in its infancy.
The study of how to manipulate brain waves for the enhancement of brain health and mental well-being is no different. Unfortunately, muchA of the information available on brainwave entrainment and binaural beats is publishedA by companies selling products based on these technologies. One study, A Comprehensive Review of the Psychological Effects of Brainwave Entrainment,A is often cited as the gold standard on the effectiveness of brainwave sound technology.

If you’ve never listened to a binaural beats sound file before, click on the arrow below to play a sample. Ideally, you shouldA listen with headphones to getA the full effect, but this will give you a general idea of what binaural beats sound like. That’s why most binaural beats meditation MP3s or CDs are overlaid with music or environmental sounds. Other programs are availableA to help alleviate specific problemsA or achieve specific goals. There are binaural beats audio programsA designed to induce sleep, reduce anxiety, and increase weight loss, concentration, or study skills. One of the most unusual uses ofA binaural beats technology is to encourage lucid dreaming, a state of consciousness in which dreamers are aware that they areA dreaming, to achieve various cognitive and emotional benefits. Binaural beats could be a problem ifA you have epilepsy or an irregular heartbeat, especially if you wearA a pacemaker. Since brain waves and heart rhythms are electrical patterns, it is theoretically possible that they can be negatively disrupted by binaural beats. Meditation isA one of the best things you can do for your health, mental well-being, and even your longevity. The use of binaural beats sound technology is an easy shortcut to achieve a meditative state of consciousness. While the science surrounding this technology is still in its infancy and there is still much to be learned about it, it is widely considered safe and often very effective. There is some scientific research and a lot of anecdotal evidence that using binaural beats meditation programs can provide the same benefits as traditional meditation. I personally useA a variety of traditional andA binaural beats meditations in my daily meditation practice. Movies like Limitless and Lucy have fueled an interest in the power of so-called smart drugs. We've looked closely at the market and found a supplement that combines some of the most effective, safe and natural brain enhancers we know. These enhancers work with your brain's own neurotransmitters to really improve your thinking, focus, and mood. Binaural Beats Online Information resource for binaural beats, monaural beats, isochronic tones. Meditation is practiced worldwide by people from all walks of life and from people with many different spiritual beliefs.
There are many different levels of meditation that can be achieved with practice and dedication.
Binaural beats have long been used in combination with meditation because of their ability to help bypass the conscious mind and allow the brain to experience the right brainwave frequencies for deep levels of meditation and healing. There are many different types of meditation practice and binaural beats can be used with each type. A walking meditation is typically done quite slow and there are certain patterns to follow in order for it to be effective. If you are having trouble with any of these meditation techniques just remember that patience and perseverance will reward you with good results. To find the right brainwave audios to complement your meditation practice see our Unexplainable Store – Binaural Beats Review. Get your FREE copy of "Self-Hypnosis Secrets" and receive our newsletter for the latest articles and updates. Isochronic Tones are the most powerful type of entrainment and known to be the most effective at this time. By purchasing this product, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions. Although the evidence from published scientific research seems to be in favour of the effectiveness of binaural beats, a search of the literature showed that this evidence is insufficient.
The 'frequency-following response' effect has been used to achieve brainwave synchronization in various ways throughout history.
Binaural beats are an effective tool in accelerating the process of reaching meditative states. The usefulness of this effect has led to the creation of many helpful products which allow you to safely and effectively reach altered states of consciousness.
The 'frequency-following response' effect has been used to achieve brainwave synchronization for a period of several centuries.
To state it clearly, Binaural beats, Isochronic tones, and Monaural beats have been shown to induce selected brainwave states in the listener. Meditative states are achieved in the mind due to the 'frequency-following response' effect. Relaxation (while awake), pre-sleep and pre-wake drowsiness - When you are engaged in pleasant relaxing activites you will be in this state. Now that we know which brainwaves are associated with particular mental activities, it will be easier to determine the proper audio tools to reach desired states. Tina Huang, was an employee of Transparent Corporation, a company that sells sound technology software, when she publishedA theA study.

Smart drugs are substances that claim to make you smarter, highly focused, and more productive.
It is universally known as an effective method to relax the body, clear the mind, find inner peace and connect to a universal source. As you reach higher levels it is possible to have spiritual awakenings, reach enlightenment and to fully realize who you are and what your purpose it on this Earth. Each person will resonate with a different type of practice – one that suits their lifestyle and purpose. Walking Meditation – Walking meditation is great for anyone who has trouble sitting still for longer periods of time.
The focus of this meditation is to try and block everything else out except for the flickering flame.
Mirror Gazing – Mirror gazing might sound silly but it is a great technique to really contemplate your life and who you are. However if you push through the fear it is an excellent way to be honest with yourself and reach new levels of enlightenment. Focus on an Inspiring Quote or Affirmation – This is an awesome method that works especially well with binaural beats.
Focusing on an inspiring quote or affirmation daily sounds simplistic but can help make drastic changes in your life for the better. Should you ever have listened to BBs, you can contribute hereto by clicking on the link and filling out the questionnaire. The 'frequency-following response' effect allows these specialized sounds to create optimal states for meditation. Along with Binaural beats, Isochronic tones and Monaural beats, have also proven to elicit the 'frequency-following response' effect. Cultures as physically distant as the Monks in Tibet and the Aborigines of Australia have used a variety of instruments to produce music capable of inducing multiple harmonic resonances.
Using advanced audio technology we have determined the precise audio stimulation needed to reach deeply relaxed meditative states, or concentrated states of mental alertness.
When an external stimulus with the desired frequency is heard, the corresponding brain-state is induced in the listener. Binaural Beat technology is designed to cause your brain to generate frequencies that match specific states.
Our custom beats are designed with musical tracks or natural sounds to enhance your meditative experience. If you would like to support the site you can purchase custom binaural beat tracks and discounted packages in the shop - in which case thanks! It combines physical exercise with mind conditioning that is extremely effective in relieving stress.
By sitting quietly, listening to your binaural beats and focusing on a quote that inspires you or an affirmation that resonates with you, you will find your energy and vibration change to a new positive level. These audio tools will allow you to reach states of relaxation which previously would have taken years of meditation practice to achieve. The technology to induce these states has increased in popularity over the last decade or so. Listening to these Review the table below to determine the frequencies associated with the type of mental activity you would like to experience. While they are quite helpful, it's good to consider them as a supplement to assist in reaching particular states. Whether you want to meditate, visualize, or get some rest, we have a binaural beat that can help. If there are any distractions along your way it is okay to acknowledge them and then just continue on. With this type of meditation you will light a candle preferable somewhere where you can sit quietly and be alone. Due to this overwhelming demand, numerous programs have been developed to help users gain the benefit of these altered states of consciousness. Your mind must first be tranquil; only then will it be able to follow the rhythms that the audio guides you towards. Then begin to ask yourself what you can do to make your life better as well as to make you a better person.
I will outline which brainwave frequencies are conducive to the different states you may be trying to achieve, and show you which audio program will help you reach it. This is because the frequency created with Binaural beats is actually due to a small variation in tone from the left ear, to the right. This causes the 'frequency-following response' effect to induce brainwave synchronization, or entrainment.

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