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But your life is already so busy, you don’t know how to break out of the daily grind and find the time, energy, and resources to make your dreams a reality. Join me and Patty Aubery, the business mastermind behind Jack Canfield Companies, on a powerful 4-day retreat that will have game-changing consequences for your life.
You and a select group of 25 other high achievers will have nearly unlimited access to my soul-inspired teaching and expertise and Patty’s unbeatable business genius. We’ll personally walk you through the process of drilling down into your deepest desires and creating a “new life plan” that will help you achieve your biggest goals and enjoy a life of joy, prosperity and purpose. Because of the group’s intimate size, Patty and I can help you go deeper and farther in manifesting your passion, purpose, and true mission in life. Best of all, you’ll complete this transformative work in a 17th century villa in the spectacular Chianti countryside just outside of Florence in Tuscany, Italy! This is your day to let go of the things that have been holding you back and become fully present in the moment. With your purpose crystal-clear in your mind, you’ll strategize your goals, align them with your purpose and passions, and access the wisdom of others through powerful mastermind sessions that will help you create a action plan.
Plus I’ll host an opening night cocktail reception so you can get to know the other participants and meet your future support team. AND I’ll take you on a surprise excursion that lets you experience the best of what Florence and the Chianti region of Tuscany have to offer! I’ve specifically designed the agenda to allow time for connection and one-on-one work with me. InteractionYou’ll have dozens of opportunities to interact one-on-one with me and Patty so we can truly help you with your personal goals and address your unique needs.
Mastermind SessionsYou’ll join a small group of other high achievers for powerful daily mastermind sessions in which to get advice, brainstorm ideas, and solve problems. Every morning during the retreat, you’ll wake up in your beautifully appointed hotel room in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Florence, Italy.
After a light breakfast, you’ll be escorted via private chartered transportation that will drive you through the city’s historic streets, past art and architecture that belongs in a museum. Then you’ll leave the city and enjoy a gorgeous drive through the Chianti countryside, through rolling hills covered in centuries-old farms and vineries. The spectacular scenery will awaken a deep appreciation of beauty  and possibility in you—so when you arrive at the 17th-century villa  where most of the retreat activities will take place, you are energized  and open to receive the insights that are waiting for you. Here’s where we’ll be doing the bulk of our transformative work:  a beautifully restored 17th-century private villa in the heart of the  Chianti region of Tuscany.

The villa, which has been lovingly restored and renovated over the years, features modern comfort in a gorgeous traditional setting. You’ll love digging into your work in the light-filled, open lounge furnished with wi-fi, comfortable chairs and sofas.
There’s also a spacious dining room with a large open fireplace and a magnificent table that will seat all of us. I look forward to eating some delicious meals with you there and continuing our heart-felt conversations!
There’s a pool where we can relax and reinvigorate ourselves after a full day of soul-feeding work.
It’s funny – I’ve seen many participants experience their biggest “a-ha!” moments when they’ve been floating on inflatable chairs in the pool!
Known as the “cradle of the Renaissance,” Tuscany is home to some of the world’s most priceless art and architecture. It seems like there’s a “palazzo” on every corner bursting with iconic sculptures and paintings – and many of these incredible palaces date back to medieval times.
It’s also a land of lush vineyards and farmlands, famous for its gentle climate and seemingly endless sunshine. Make sure you book some time before or after the retreat to explore the region because you are going to want to soak in as much of Chianti’s beauty and culture as possible. I have to tell you, Tuscany is one of my favorite places on the planet. It has deep significance for me. You see, my beautiful wife Inga and I had our honeymoon in Italy and it was one of the most magical experiences of my life. There are so many reasons I love Italy… the people have an immense passion for life and hold a high value for culture.
When you walk down the streets in Florence, you feel like you’ve gone back in time and are in a Shakespearean play.
I remember standing on the Ponte Vecchio bridge with Inga, watching the sunset with about 200 other people.
You need to create space and quiet to get in touch with your inner wisdom and feel truly cared for.
To help you release any tension or stress you might be feeling, we’ve arranged for the group to have a fun afternoon off with a surprise excursion that will give us some time to relax and play in this gorgeous region. I want to make sure you have time to truly enjoy the inspiring environment and seize every opportunity to pamper yourself and take in our surroundings.

If you’re like most retreat participants, you find it difficult to relax and take time just for you. During our four days together, we’ll practice balancing hard work with joyful, restorative relaxation and playtime. You’ll get to experience for yourself how practicing this balance naturally increases your creativity, enthusiasm, optimism and productivity.
We’ll be planning a variety of fun activities where we’ll be able to relax, bond as a group, and get to know each other on a deeper level.
These are people who are already successful and willing to take serious leaps in their careers, their personal lives, and the contributions they’re making in the world.
They’re the courageous few who dare to step out of the dominant culture of resignation and mediocrity and endeavor to create the life of their dreams. When you surround yourself with such motivated, energized, spiritually charged people, you tap into the power of the group and become more energized and powerful yourself. There’s no limit to what you can accomplish with the support and encouragement of such incredible people!
Learn how to avoid the barriers that have held you back in the past and execute your plans even in the face of unforeseen challenges. Each day we’ll dine for lunch and dinner and get to know each other at an even deeper level. This area has been a mecca of agricultural abundance for thousands of years – long before it was invaded by Romans. Our luxury 17th-century Tuscan villa will fulfill this need far better than a sterile, crowded hotel ever could. You’ll learn what you’re truly meant to do – and how to pursue that purpose with enthusiasm and integrity. You’ll have ample of time to hang out at the pool, reflect or meditate while gazing out over the gorgeous Tuscan countryside, or just kick back in a lounge chair to do some planning or journaling.

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