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My Mother's Secret LifeAuthor: Rebecca EmberleyA young daughter, never dreaming that Mother does anything more than clean the house and take care of her, begins to see things differently.
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Ruth Ellis My Sister's Secret LifeAuthor: Muriel Jakubait, Monica WellerIt s no accident my sister carried the can. Muriel Jakubait, sister of Ruth Ellis Who was the mysterious third man who pulled the trigger?

The story that has held ever since is of a peroxided tart who killed her man out of jealousy. But crucial questions were left unasked in the original trial, and the whole case reeks of an Establishment cover-up.
Ruth Ellis' sister, Muriel, knew her better than anyone and has always sought to prove she was not guilty.
Now she is able to reveal crucial evidence about how a third man pulled the trigger for the fatal shots.

A man who was part of a web of British secret agents into which Ruth Ellis fell long before.

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