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My perfumes and products contain only the purest, most sublime botanical essences from around the world. Like fitting a key in a lock, when you inhale Secret Garden, you enter a redolent and sensual wild garden, where the scent awakens a vitalizing force in the wearer. There are also hints of vanillic powder that lurk in the background and that become stronger with every passing moment.
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I think it may be worth trying for the experience of a truly castoreum-civet perfume and, who knows, you may be one of those who gets the full oriental flower effect with the lush jasmine and the rest. I wrote my response late last night and reading it again, I didn’t realize I was being quite so harsh! I have noticed that all-natural or mostly natural fragrances don’t really work for me, either in terms of how my skin manifests or retains the notes, or in terms of my personal tastes.
Summary: A delightful children’s hardcover book based on the original story by Frances Hodgson Burnett, and illustrated by Laura Wood. Content: What a sweet child-sized version of the much longer classic story, The Secret Garden! In this edition, younger readers can either read for themselves, or enjoy listening to an adult share the story with them. Photos: From the front to back cover, this padded classic has gorgeous color illustrations. Sign up here  for our online newsletter where we’ll bring you exclusive offers, gardening tips and tricks, creative outdoor decor ideas, simple but stunning DIY projects, profiles of gardeners from around the world, book reviews, product recommendations, and so much more. But my friend Sheila, at Bookjourney, came up with a great read-along for this wonderful book, and as I re-read this classic novel, I found I was once again fascinated by the idea of secret gardens!
At first, Mary is her usual self, sour, disliking the large house, the people within it, and most of all the vast stretch of moor, which seems scrubby and gray after the winter. While exploring the gardens, Mary comes across a badger hole and finds a key belonging to the untended garden. While in the garden, the children are surprised to see Ben Weatherstaff looking over the wall on a ladder. When I first read this book as a child, I didn't like it at all!  I didn't like the character of Mary (thought she was a bully) and I didn't like Colin either (maybe it had to do with him being in a wheelchair, which I was in at the time). I love the garden aspect of the story - it just fascinates me and I long to recreate one of my own someday!  Until then, dreaming of it will have to suffice! Frances Eliza Hodgson was the daughter of ironmonger Edwin Hodgson, who died three years after her birth, and his wife Eliza Boond. As a rather lonely, very isolated child whose main companions were books and animals, The Secret Garden gave me hours of comfort, joy and peace. Aftel is a perfumer who specializes in natural fragrances, seeking out only the finest in pure essences and oils. I work with awe and passion for the alchemy that transforms these rare, gorgeous individual natural essences into a beautiful perfume. Aftel released Secret Garden, a floral oriental fragrance that comes in Pure Parfum and Eau de Parfum concentrations. First, I’ve read on a number of sites, including Fragrantica, that the perfume also includes Blue Lotus, which has a sweetly aquatic, watery, floral aroma. The jasmine sambac heart of the perfume, with its spicy indolic kick, paired with the jammy raspberry, lends the illusion of spice where there is none — like the lure of a blind pathway in a garden.
There are subtle touches of geranium alongside a very heavy, rich, red rose, atop a foundation of raspberry with just the subtlest hint of citrus. As it increases in prominence, less than five minutes into the perfume’s development, it softens the potent, opaque, heavy richness of the animalic tones, rendering them lighter and softer.

Before the start of the second test, I wondered if perhaps my skin was too dry to bring out the lush, blooming garden that I had so anticipated, so I put on some unscented lotion, waited thirty minutes, and then re-tested the perfume. Reading Freddie’s experiences in his Smelly Thoughts review, in particular, I felt as though I was crazy and smelling a different fragrance entirely.
Judging by the blogosphere, 99% of people seem to have had a completely different experience than I did.
Was she simply going for generic “secret garden” or did she want people to think of the book? One found the scent evocative of the comfort of motherhood, but generally, most of them talk about the flowers. I haven’t tried the line extensively at all, beyond Secret Garden and one of the perfume oils, so it was interesting to read your perceptions. I had a similar reaction when I tested the perfume, but skin chemistry is wonky and really rules all.
She is unwanted by her mother and father, and taken care of primarily by servants, who pacify her as much as possible to keep her out of the way. She is told that she must stay confined to her two rooms and that nobody will bother much with her and she must amuse herself. Soon she begins to lose her disposition and gradually comes to enjoy the company of Martha, Ben Weatherstaff the gardener, and also that of a friendly robin redbreast to whom she attaches human qualities.
She chances to ask Martha for garden tools, which Martha has delivered by Dickon, her twelve-year-old brother. She follows the noise and, to her surprise, finds a small boy her age, living in a hidden bedroom.
Startled and angry to find the children there in his late mistress' (Colin's mother's) garden he admits he believed Colin to be a cripple. The children conspire to keep Colin's health a secret so he can surprise his father, who is traveling and mourning over his late wife.
She was educated at The Select Seminary for Young Ladies and Gentleman until the age of fifteen, at which point the family ironmongery, then being run by her mother, failed, and the family emigrated to Knoxville, Tennessee.
I'm a wife, a mom of four boys, a daughter, a writer, a poet, a gardener, a rose grower, a reader, a tea lover, a musician, a singer, and a student of romantic things in life. She hand-blends and bottles all the perfumes herself in small batches in her Berkeley studio.
I don’t know if it is still included, since it is not listed on the Aftelier website. But these are all extremely muted; the primary, overwhelming impression is of castoreum and civet, creating a dense musk tonality with strongly leathered, almost tarry, undertones. The powder accord strongly brings to mind those extremely old-fashioned, big, powder poofs that women in the late 19th century would use to dust their decolletage to erase any suggestion of a moist sheen.
I applied a greater quantity; I even applied a smear to my inner thigh as well, in case something about my arms was wonky and was throwing off the scent. Naturally, the tricky issue of skin chemistry will often mean that a perfume manifests itself differently. I’d be curious to try it just to see where I fall between your reviews and the raves (or if I fall outside these margins). I’d be interested to see how your experience compares to that of others and to my own. All ages will enjoy revisiting, or being introduced, to this simplified version of the story of Mary discovering friendship and happiness in the secret garden. Her appetite increases and she finds herself getting stronger as she plays by herself on the moor.

Mary and Dickon take a liking to each other, as Dickon has a soft way with animals and a good nature. Colin stands up out of his chair to prove him wrong and finds that his legs are fine, though weak from disuse. As Colin's health improves, his father's mood does as well, and he has a dream of his wife calling him into the garden that makes him immediately pack his bags and head home. Here Hodgson began to write, in order to supplement the family income, assuming full responsibility for the family upon the death of her mother, in 1870.
The marriage was dissolved in 1898, and Burnett was briefly remarried, to actor Stephen Townsend. So, as you might imagine, I was extremely excited to try its concrete, olfactory manifestation: Secret Garden by the highly respected, acclaimed perfumer, Mandy Aftel of Aftelier Perfumes.
In fact, the flowers are never wholly distinct on my skin at all, and are completely dominated by the other notes. But those are usually small differences in degree, here or there, not a totally polar opposite experience. It was hard to write this review because one wants to be supportive of small, artisanal or indie perfumers.
Martha's mother buys Mary a skipping rope in order to encourage this, and she takes to it immediately.
Eager to absorb his gardening knowledge, Mary reluctantly lets him into the secret of the garden, which he agrees to keep. Mary visits every day that week, distracting him from his troubles with stories of the moor, of Dickon and his animals and of the garden. He walks the outer wall in memory but hears voices inside, finds the door unlocked and is shocked to see not only the garden in full bloom with children in it, but his son running.
It’s light and daintily sweet, but, as time passes, it becomes one of the primary, dominant notes on my skin, overshadowing much else except the castoreum. Just like the first time, there were minimal florals at the start, followed by almost none after the first 20 minutes.
I very much hope that Secret Garden manifests itself on your skin as a lush, blooming floral garden with a secret heart of animalic gold, a perfume that incorporates India’s heady, opulent, orientalist flowers with the best of the English countryside. Mary's time is occupied by wondering about the secret garden and a strange crying that can sometimes be heard around the house which the servants ignore or deny. It is decided he needs fresh air and the secret garden, which Mary finally admits she has access to.
Following her great success as a novelist, playwright, and children's author, Burnett maintained homes in both England and America, traveling back and forth quite frequently.
Instead, the perfume was mainly raspberry castoreum musk and old-fashioned, scented makeup powder, lying close to the skin. Colin is put into his wheelchair and brought outside into the garden, the first time he's been outdoors in years.
She died in her Long Island, New York home, in 1924.Primarily remembered today for her trio of classic children's novels - Little Lord Fauntleroy (1886), A Little Princess (1905), and The Secret Garden (1911) - Burnett was also a popular adult novelist, in her own day, publishing romantic stories such as The Making of a Marchioness (1901) for older readers. Aftel clarified in a comment on Now Smell This that Bois de Rose is another name for rosewood.

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