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Pranayama The Breath of YogaIn his third book Gregor Maehle aims at bringing about a renaissance of pranayama, the yogic school of breathing. This book not only gives a precise step-by-step description of the meditation technique at the heart of yoga but also puts it into context with all other yogic techniques. It took me 13 years of teaching asana, and over 17 years of practicing it, to finally take a seat for meditation. This region holds your needs as a child — a child who had viable needs but was unable to ask for what was most needed.
On behalf of your family members, who in all cases did their best with what they had, you are here to evolve that feeling, that circumstance, or that cycle of behavior, in honour of them. So now I’m listening, with this opening, which is healing me and my relationships with my family. Take time to sit, unravel what resonates with you, ask for help if you need it and give yourself the gift of your own attention.
So this takes us to mindfulness and what I think are the more subtle misunderstandings of that practice.
When I transformed my own life from a traditional corporate career and family life to an integrated life of independent business livelihood, I gained richer personal relationships, and deeper community involvement, all filled with a sense of meaning and purpose. Step 1 offers techniques of the path of Kriya Yoga, including the Hong Sau technique of concentration. Over 450 pages of text and photos give you a complete and detailed presentation of hatha yoga (yoga postures), yoga philosophy, affirmations, meditation instruction, and breathing techniques. Also included are suggestions for daily yoga routines, helpful information on diet, and alternative healing techniques.
Apply these teachings and techniques in your daily life and you will attain your highest soul potential: true happiness, inner peace, and the dynamic joy of your soul.
Until recently, if I managed to sit down to meditate, I felt the irresistible magnetism of the dishes, the inbox, laundry and the cabinet to reorganize. Now I can be as astute a listener with my mom as I am with a new student detailing an injury. Then you can get a feeling for how this might map out an aspect of you, and get you sitting down with yourself for meditation. So instead, you either tuned out or started helping to avoid the feeling of not having your own needs met.
Let it extend and really open when you breathe in, and soften back toward your spine as you breathe out. After learning about the second chakra, the next time I sat down, for the first time ever, I was there for myself, in the same attentive way I’d been for my students. When I remember this with my son, I let him dance around in my boots for one extra moment (his favorite pastime) instead of rushing him into his own shoes and out the door.

Rather than finding some way to gain control over my animal instincts or take cover from the dictatorship of my mind or my past, I’m specifically bringing attention to the vortices in my body that been have been closed or too open, and I can just be still when I sit. Why, oh why is it so hard for some of us to focus on healing ourselves, rather than others?
Teaching 12+ years, she's been featured in the New York Times, Yoga Journal, and FitYoga, as well as the ELEMENT YOGA series of DVDs for Anchor Bay Entertainment. I don’t have any expectation, in this brief piece, to expound on a comprehensive theory and practice of meditation and mindfulness. But at other times we uncover instead that change actually has been happening, although the person has not noticed it.
All of these can be useful, but I have come to the conclusion that the richest and deepest form of mindfulness is trying to abide in the awareness I described above. This shift into awareness of our consciousness is not a cold, sterile movement, but rather one of profound beauty and love. This is the most comprehensive course on yoga and meditation available today, giving you a profound and intimate understanding of how to apply these age-old teachings, on a practical, as well as spiritual, day-to-day level in this modern age. Nothing could make me sit still for more than a few minutes, and on the few occasions I did, I felt fake every time, as though I was missing something. Older siblings in big families, households wherein someone was ill, or a parent left abruptly or parents fought incessantly, this is you, too. While the chakra just below this one (pelvic floor, root chakra) is about grounding, stability and focus, this second one is all about how we flow, feel and yield. If someone was consistently volatile (or exceedingly incommunicative), your entire family had to create ways to handle that subconscious emotional tyranny, and everyone was constantly directed away from their own wellness into impending crisis mode.
I put my hand on my belly, and sat with my body, by myself, feeling the block and breathing it open. I, too, am guilty of having plenty of compassion for my students, but not the same for those in my life.
She is a faculty member at Kripalu, and in collaboration with Flavorpill, Elena teaches large-scale yoga classes, most recently at the Museum of Modern Art, Bryant Park and Times Square, with plans to reach cultural institutions in cities nationwide and worldwide in the next 2 years. But I believe many (most?) of the readers of this series have some form of contemplation practice, so I thought it might be helpful to explore some of the common misconceptions I encounter.
To intentionally still the mind is to create another mental construct, this being one of suppression.
I find that mindfulness is an opportunity to cultivate the ability to observe my very consciousness itself.
Learn also Paramhansa Yogananda’s energization exercises to gain conscious awareness of and control over your energy. Included with the illustrated book are the Companion Audio CD with guided meditations and visualizations, and the Energization Exercises DVD with guided energization exercises.

In fact, you might find yourself thanking them for placing you in that situation so you could come to this profound healing for yourself. This region holds the sensations of having been rejected, whether consciously or subconsciously, while others’ needs were addressed.
So you were all waiting for the next outburst or problem, and the flow in your house, your belly and your heart was re-routed in that direction. When I bring awareness to those junctions via my simplest breathing in meditation, instead of feeling lazy, fraudulent or disconnected, I’m experiencing a reverent healing.
In 2010, Elena will be working with adidas to teach the methodology of Anusara yoga to their instructors globally. In a sense we as we start becoming aware in this manner of the conscious world that we have always just accepted as who we are, we gradually shift our sense of being and identity away from this and into a place of awareness. This made for a hilarious paradox — lovely, compassionate, generous teacher with her students versus the inattentive, angry, punishing girl with her family. As funny, or inviting, or even comfortably familiar as it can be to hear your yoga teacher curse, I don’t want to perpetuate that tension in the context of class anymore.
Currently she teaches benefit classes in support of Yoga Gives Back, offering financial assistance in the form of microcredit to women householders in India, the Breast Cancer Fund, and Pamela Miles' Institute for the Advancement of Complementary Therapies, offering Reiki treatment to patients and health care staff. We begin by simply recognizing quite how busy our minds are, and slowly growing into awareness of the extent to which the busy-ness of our minds just happens without our conscious intervention.
When our concentration effort stilling the mind comes to an end, a mass of suppressed thoughts come bubbling up.
It is an awareness arises that can slip between the conscious thoughts and let them pass without interfering. And in the same way, if I start to look at others not from within the realm of my conscious world of judgments, but from a place of awareness, then I start to see them in a different way as more lovable also. But when it comes to being alone with myself, I’ve avoided my own healing (and my meditation practice) by placing my focus literally anywhere else. We needed healthy examples of how to address our own selves with huge love, and how to nourish ourselves with great care, and we have a chance to be that example now, for everyone around us.
He became like a skycap at the airport, old enough to start helping me with my proverbial baggage, and that was so scary to see.
It doesn’t require meditating hours a day every day, but rather just a few minutes occasionally will open the door.

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