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At the entrance of the exhibition, light races across wires in a darkened room – capturing the frenetic energy of firing neurons. This video follows a student dancer at an audition, while we see what's going on in her brain.
This interactive exhibit helps visitors understand how neurons communicate with each other. To explore the sense of sight, this installation forces the brain to interpret pieces of a visual puzzle. This section explores how emotions are processed, and links this to the evolution of the human brain.

This interactive demonstrates how brain connections relate to the ability to pronounce certain sounds.
A video follows modern neuroscience research on the use of neural implants for paralyzed individuals. At the Build a Brain interactive, learn about the evolution of the brain by assembling each puzzle piece and discover how the human brain is unique from other animals. This section examines the brain’s development over a lifetime and its amazing ability to rewire itself. Projected fMRIs (functional images of the brain) tell the story of how people’s brains react as they perform their jobs.

Drawing on the most current research and technology, this exhibition presents the latest in neuroscience, highlighting the brain’s surprising ability to rewire itself in response to experience, disability, or trauma, and showcases new technologies that researchers use to study the brain.Interactives, puzzles, brain-scan imaging, and spectacular models explore senses, emotions, thoughts, brain development, even brains in the future.

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