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Our minds are like our other muscles and need to be stretched regularly to maintain their fitness and to help keep us sharp.
We now know that our brains continue to grow new cells throughout our lifetimes, even in our older years. Alternate routine exercises such as crossword puzzles, Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles so your brain doesn’t get lazy! Incorporate a word of the day into your life, use it in a sentence and share it with others. Just as it is important to exercise our bodies and feed it well with nutritious foods, it is important to exercise and keep our brains fit.
These are some fun brain exer­cises to make our brain to increase the memory and attention power a lot. On the other hand, decline in mental power is reversible through brain exercises and mind games.
Games like chess and crossword puzzles have long been touted as brain boosters, although not everyone enjoys these types of games.
Sleep – Yes, there is a reason a minimum number of hours are recommended nightly.  Sleep does more than rest your body, it also provides a space for your brain to dream up creative solutions.
Exercise – Besides pumping oxygen throughout your body, this helps to get your brain working at maximum capacity. Proper Nutrition – From Omega-3 to vitamin D, giving your body the right foods does more than control your figure.  It will stimulate your brain at the same time. To get started training your brain, start making healthy lifestyle decisions today.  And, don’t forget to try out that free game. Got another tip for increasing brain power?  Or how about a question for our experts?  Let us know in the comment box below!
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When you're low in vitamin D, you lose weight slower and your levels of the hormone ghrelin, which makes you hungry, are higher," says Slayton. Exercising to improve cardiovascular health may also protect individuals from cognitive impairment as they grow older.
Chiropractic: Knee Surgery May Not Offer Some Patients More Benefit Than Conservative Care. For More Information on Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Whiplash, and To Sign Up For Our Daily Health Update Emails, Go To: This information should not be substituted for medical or chiropractic advice.
As any caring dog owner will tell you, the most important things to give to your dog are a healthy diet and plenty of exercise – beneficial for both human and pet!
However, sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we just can’t get those essential vitamins and minerals we need. Pet supplements are now to be found in almost all pet shops and veterinary offices with prices greatly varying and often confusing sales pitches accompanying them. Prevention is always better than cure and many dog owners fear the day their dog’s legs will become painful and stiff. With plenty of exercise, a sustaining and healthy diet and a caring owner, dogs’ painful joints can be avoided. Bones mineralized with calcium are generally strong and healthy, but calcium doesn’t get into the bones on its own. Vitamin K1, known as phylloquinone, is made by most plants and is found in high amounts in green leafy vegetables. The study, published in Calcified Tissue International, included 173 healthy postmenopausal women who were divided into four groups: a calcium-plus-D group, a K1 group, a K2 group, and a control group.
Total body bone mineral density improved more in the three supplemented groups than in the control group. Compared to the women in the calcium-plus-D and control groups, the women in the two vitamin K groups had reduced levels of urine and blood markers associated with bone turnover.
The women in the K1 and K2 groups had greater increases specifically in lumbar spine bone density than women in either the calcium plus D group or the control group. The results of this study suggest that vitamin K, whether as K1 or K2, may add to the beneficial effects of a comprehensive bone health program. While vitamin K may play a role in maintaining bone density as we age, these results don’t tell us for sure whether vitamin K supplements can contribute to fracture prevention. Finally, if you take a blood thinning medication and you’re considering adding a bone-building supplement that includes vitamin K, be sure to talk to your doctor before you start.
Full Spectrum Vitamin K™ is a comprehensive vitamin K formula containing three forms of vitamin K. Phyto B is an unmatched sublingual supplement containing fermented, plant derived progesterone and estrogens. Additional symptoms of perimenopause and menopause that may also be lessened by Phyto B are excessive bleeding upon menstruation and even mood swings stemming from hormonal imbalances. I’m leery of traditional hormone replacement therapy, so when a friend told me this product was given to her by a naturopath and did wonders for her hot flashes, I decided to give it a try.
I feel these are much safer then the prescription drugs that I had been taking for menopause. Many of us have started the new year resolving to get more exercise or eat a healthier diet but how many of us resolve to get adequate amounts of sleep?  Sleep is often the first thing that busy people squeeze out of their schedules. How do we go about improving our sleep habits?  Start by making a commitment to improve the quantity and quality of your sleep.  Analyze your sleep patterns and begin to make changes one step at a time to give your body time to adjust to the new standards.
There are many illnesses that mock chronic fatigue which is why tests need to be run before a correct diagnosis can be reached. Unlike traditional GABA supplementation, the ingredient, 4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid, easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and acts like a GABA agonist. With obesity on the rise, it’s no surprise that people turn to fad diets, meal replacements, supplements, drugs, and even surgery in an effort to lose weight. Recent studies suggest that drinking coffee could protect against type 2 diabetes and obesity, which led researchers to look for the constituents in coffee that might be responsible for these effects. To test the effects of a standardized green coffee extract on weight loss, 16 overweight people (average age 33 years) took high dose (1,050 mg per day) green coffee extract, low dose (700 mg per day) green coffee extract, and placebo, each separately for six weeks, with a two-week break between phases. Both dosages of green coffee extract led to significant reductions in percent body fat, body weight, and BMI.

The results of this small study were impressive but need to be reproduced in larger trials before solid recommendations can be made about taking green coffee bean extract for weight loss. Get more sleep: There’s a reason the National Institutes of Health recommends adults get between seven and nine hours of sleep daily—your body needs it.
Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, and low in refined carbs and sugars can help fight fatigue. Forgo simple carbs: Chances are when you are feeling a little sluggish, a cookie or soda sounds like just the thing to give you that burst of energy you crave. Eat protein: Including 1 to 2 ounces of lean protein with every meal keeps the body strong and delays the blood sugar absorption—meaning a steady flow of energy for you. Support your cells: Carnitine, a product of the amino acids methionine and lysine, helps the body use fat as fuel, while CoQ10 has been shown to be a vital component in cellular energy production. Fire up your reserves: Siberian ginseng (Elutherococcus senticosus) has adaptogenic properties that can improve low energy and increase mental alertness without the negative effects of other stimulants such as caffeine. No one likes to get the flu, so finding simple ways to fight off the illness is welcome news, especially for those at higher risk for infection. Certain people, such as healthcare workers, the young and the elderly, and people with chronic health conditions such as diabetes or lung disease, are at greater risk of getting the flu than others. In this study, 200 healthcare workers were randomly assigned to receive capsules of a green tea extract that contained compounds known as catechins (378 mg per day) and theanine (210 mg per day) or placebo for five months.
Results showed that the incidence of influenza in the green tea group was significantly lower compared with the placebo group (4 versus 13 people were diagnosed with the flu). Prior studies have also shown that green tea may help prevent influenza, and the authors of this study comment, “The consumption of tea extracts including catechins and theanine has also been reported to enhance systemic immunity and prevent the occurrence of upper respiratory tract infection and influenza symptoms in healthy adults.” Larger research trials are needed to confirm these study findings. Activities that increase blood flow to the brain, such as physical activity, mental stimulation and good nutrition will help exercise our brains which in turn enhances our brains. These cells can further enhance overall function by migrating to areas where new cells are necessary and learning from the surrounding cells what skills are required.
Helping your senior loved ones add some of these activities to their day can be great gift ideas too. Exercise is not only good for the body but for the brain as well Mental exercises delay the onset of many memory related diseases! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. Wherever you are, try to find red colored objects that fit in your pocket and find blue colored objects that don’t fits in your pocket. Improvements in concentration, memory, and reaction time have real benefits on your life today, not just tomorrow.  With increased brain power and efficiency, you will be able to make better decisions, focus on your goals and concentrate on your work – all of which can provide you with a happier and more rewarding life today.
Sudoku, as well as memory and strategy games, are also excellent if those are more your speed. That being said, we’ve learned about some pretty interesting and, well, seriously strange—weight-loss tricks via research over the past year. But unfortunately you may still be slowing down your calorie burn—and your weight-loss efforts—without even realizing it. Sign up today and get a free ebook, A 10-Day Guide to a lean body, clear skin and Radiant Glow. Researchers found that older adults whose aortas (main blood vessel from heart) were in better condition and who were more aerobically fit performed better on cognitive tests than less-fit older adults.
Among a sample of 1,327 six-year-old boys and girls, researchers found that children classified as obese were 2.25 times more likely to be bullied than their thinner peers.
By law, arsenic levels in public drinking water in the United States cannot exceed 10 parts per billion (ppb). Oxidative stress caused by free radicals is thought to hinder the healing process when a spinal cord injury occurs. A new analysis has found that arthroscopic knee surgery for the treatment of age-related meniscus tears in middle-aged individuals offers no greater benefit than can be provided by more conservative care.
The American Heart Association believes that electronic cigarettes should be subject to the same laws that apply to tobacco products. Any and all health care concerns, decisions, and actions must be done through the advice and counsel of a health care professional who is familiar with your updated medical history.
But, if they are a pure-breed or beginning to get a long in the tooth, your dog may be beginning to feel a more joint pain than normal. A balanced and varied selection of food helps to maintain the bone and muscular structure of your dog, preventing the likelihood of your pet developing joint pain. With our modern lifestyle, we can just take a vitamin tablet or other supplement to keep us going, but what about our dogs? This powerful supplement is one of the most popular sold in the USA today, and that’s just for humans. To prevent and slow this from happening, a good, wide-ranging diet is often supplemented with glucosamine products and other protein-maintaining ingredients such as perna canaliculus and methylsulphonylmethane – an organic and naturally occurring sulphur compound that often breaks down in the processing of food. With the owner providing what the dog cannot eat naturally, she can ensure her dog’s health, without joint pain thanks to modern science and supplements.
Calcium’s helpers include vitamin D, which is needed for dietary calcium absorption, and vitamin K, which keeps bone proteins able to bind to calcium. Vitamin K2, a form of vitamin K found in meat, cheese, and some other foods, is actually a group of fat-soluble vitamins known as menaquinones. Everyone except the control group received diet and lifestyle counseling, as well as fortified milk and yogurt products providing 800 mg of calcium and 400 IU (10 mcg) of vitamin D per day.
The study’s authors explain, “The holistic nature of the current intervention and probably the synergistic effect of supplementing nutrients that are essential for bone health . Engaging regularly in weight-bearing exercises like walking, dancing, and jogging can help prevent fractures by building bone, increasing muscle strength, and improving balance. Vegetables and fruits are rich in nutrients that support bone health including magnesium, potassium, and vitamin K.
The decrease in these hormones can wreak havoc on a woman’s body often causing uncomfortable symptoms of hot flashes, osteoporosis, fatigue, and vaginal dryness.
It is uniquely designed to enhance GABAA and GABAB receptor function, as well as promote GABA levels.
It is also frequently recommended for patients with elevated levels of glutamate and PEA, and may be beneficial in some individuals with elevated epinephrine and norepinephrine.

Most of these solutions are riddled with problems, though, and weight lost is often easily gained back.
They discovered that coffee contains something called chlorogenic acid, a substance that seems to influence glucose and fat metabolism. Percent body fat also decreased significantly with placebo, but body weight and BMI remained unchanged. Doctors who specialize in weight loss agree that lasting results can only be achieved when you make permanent lifestyle changes that include eating less and moving more. Exercise does double duty for weight loss—by burning calories while you’re working out and by increasing your resting metabolic rate. Not getting enough can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, depression, memory impairment, and a weakened immune system, says Derek Johnson, a Los Angeles based holistic nutritionist, and Executive Nutrition Director of the Biggest Loser Resorts. Even a brisk 30 minute walk is enough to boost your vitality and lift your mood, and a few yoga stretches have been shown to increase physical and mental energy, and enhance alertness. A study in the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine suggests that green tea extracts may help prevent influenza in healthcare workers. This study looked at the effect of green tea extracts in helping prevent flu in Japanese healthcare professionals who care for the elderly. To help prevent contracting or spreading the flu, be sure to wash your hands frequently, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, and get a flu shot.
Living a balanced life that includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, not smoking, and stress-reducing activities can also boost your immunity and help you stay healthy. Visit your healthcare provider to discuss ways to prevent the flu and whether or not a flu shot is appropriate for you. This is especially true when there has been an injury such as stroke or other brain injury for renewal of lost skills. These are all relatively easy to get your hands on, but if you are genuinely looking to train your brain, you may want to invest in a serious programme. Radiant Health focuses on the health in a healthy glow, the radiant in radiantly beautiful and the new in the news.
They suspect that the preservation of blood vessel elasticity may be the mechanism that enables exercise to slow cognitive aging.
In a laboratory setting, researchers have found that the strong antioxidant properties of green tea polyphenols can protect spinal cord neurons from free radical-related damage.
The authors of the analysis recommend this category of patients try conservative measures before considering surgery.
This means they would like the federal government to ban the marketing and sale of e-cigarettes to young people, for example.
Obviously, any sudden change in your dog’s behavior should warrant a visit to the vet’s office to rule out any serious problem. Owners are able to supplement their dog’s diet with this compound to maintain healthy function of not just their pet’s joints, but of its whole body. A study looking at the effect of vitamin K supplements on bone health found that taking either vitamin K1 or vitamin K2 increased the effectiveness of calcium plus vitamin D in postme nopausal women.
The fortified dairy foods given to the K1 group also included 100 mcg of vitamin K1 per day, and those given to the K2 group had 100 mcg of vitamin K2.
Wear comfortable shoes that have some grip and make walking easy, even in the house—socks and slippers can be slippery.
Several studies have found that people who eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables are less likely to experience a bone fracture.
You can get enough protein by including some nuts and seeds, beans or soy foods, and whole grains every day; adding a few ounces of fish, eggs, dairy, chicken, or meat from time to time should ensure your protein intake is adequate. It was prescribed by my naturopath and has changed my life along with (progesterone) supplement.
Unroasted—or green—coffee beans contain substantially more  chlorogenic acid than roasted beans do. Body weight, BMI (body mass index), and percent body fat were measured before, during, and after each period of the study. While taking green coffee bean extract, the people lost an average of almost 18 pounds and 4.4% of their body fat. Each positive step that you take adds up to help you meet and maintain your weight loss goals.
Eating whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish, and low-fat dairy and lean meats help fill you up without filling you out. We can also improve our overall cognition and brain fitness by helping our brain cells that are now inactive become active.
Chiropractic care would be a good conservative approach, as Chiropractors often treat these types of injuries with specific adjustments, physiotherapies, and exercises. More often than not, however, a little joint stiffness will gradually become more serious if left untreated.
Glucosamine helps keep joints strong and supple by maintaining the elasticity and flexibility inside the joint itself. But, be careful not to overdo, since excess dietary protein can contribute to calcium loss from bones. Enter the green coffee bean, which a study in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity claims will help overweight people safely shed some extra pounds. While these measures aren’t 100% guaranteed, they go a long way toward lowering the risk of respiratory illness and flu. For a small monthly, or annual fee, there are websites that will provide you with customised brain games designed to help you achieve your mind machinations. Because of this finding, the researches caution that no dose of arsenic should be considered safe for human consumption.

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