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Brain visual stimulation can be used for improve memory, attention, concentration, executive functions, decision-making, mental flexibility, and other core capabilities.
Like physical exercises, brain training can be based by various challenging activities such as special training based on visual stimulation of the brain. Recently research shows that brain stimulation can help prevent age-related cognitive decline, reverse behavioral assessment declines in dementia and Alzheimer’s, and can also improve normally functioning minds.
Modern scientific research into the effects of rhythmic light began in the mid-1930s when scientists discovered that the electrical rhythms of the brain tended to assume the rhythm of a flashing light stimulus, a process called entrainment. The scientific research on flicker effects has discovered that optical illusions allows to involve the brain in visual performance and both flicker effects and optical illusions allows effectively to influence on visual and nervous systems of the human being, and even, to change biological processes in body, feelings, thoughts, and intuition. Wezit videos for eye exercises and brain trainings is a very wonderful way of supporting people’s health by visual stimulation of the brain and eye.
Create your own eye exercises and brain trainings to share with friends, family and the world. Wezit video technology and software lets you to turn TV programs, art and photo albums, Internet radio, music, audio..
3D video player is designed to watch videos for eye exercises and brain trainings and listen audio files, online radio and audio books. This player provides a better looking, easy interface to watch Wezit videos on your Windows PC. 3D multimedia player is designed to make and watch videos for eye exercises and brain trainings. Therapeutic optical illusion images and visual effects for eye trainings and brain exercises.
Wezit research group have developed more than a thousand optical illusion images and visual effects using therapeutic vibrating colors and a great collections of personalized color prescription for visual stimulation of the brain and color therapy.

By using Wezit optical illusions, visual effects and color prescriptions to make fantastic 3D vidios for eye exercises and brain trainings to share with friends, family and the world.
We often focus on the benefits of exercise on our thighs, hips, bellies, and hearts but did you know that exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your brain?! Over the past decade neurologists have been studying the link between exercise and brain function.
Memorise the sequence and try your best to identify it alongside an incorrect but similar sequence. Obesity may have harmful effects on the brain, and exercise may counteract many of those negative effects, according to sophisticated new neurological experiments with mice, even when the animals do not lose much weight.
Several studies to research the human brain in recent years are demonstrating that the human brain can continue to grow even into old age. Medical science has shown that light has a profound stimulatory and regulatory effect on all of the body's vital functions and in visible light spectrum there is natural tool for healing. To improve the eyesight and mental health, it is necessary to activate corresponding areas of the brain. In the 1940's a neuroscientist Gray Walter used a strobe light to create flickering light stimulation, and noted that the brain wave pattern of the whole cortex was changed..
These videos lets you effectively and easily improve own eyesight, memory, attention, concentration, executive functions, decision-making, mental flexibility etc by natural way by flicker effects and optical illusions and fantastic 3D animated images. The British Journal of Sports Medicine published a study this month on the effects of exercise on brain function. Evidence continues to suggest that exercise is key in reducing the effects of aging on the brain and preserving (and improving!) cognitive function. Among other problems, insulin resistance reduces the ability of insulin to get into the brain, leaving the brain without enough fuel for normal functioning.

Cognitive decline, memory impairment, and neurodegenerative disorders are all associated with higher levels of inflammation in the brain. These endorphins interact with receptors in your brain to trigger a positive feeling in the body. In studies, the benefits of exercise on depression and anxiety have been shown to last longer than the effects of drugs!
If some sectors of the brain have been damaged, or their work impaired, electric signals don’t go through such damaged ways, and therefore, some areas of the brain may not function.
The study took 86 women, ages 70-80, with signs of mild cognitive impairment (women at high risk for dementia) and assigned them to an exercise program consisting of aerobic training, resistance training, or balance and tone training.
Physical exercise may be one of the best things you can do to keep this vital organ agile in your later years! Various types of visual stimulation means have been in use both clinically and commercially since the mid-1970s and currently there are a number of different manufacturers who make and sell these means.
The women who had participated in aerobic exercise showed a significant increase in the size of their hippocampus – the part of the brain that deals with memory, learning, and spatial processing. The light coming in through the eyes can augment the function of the nervous and vision system. In some cases, training the visual areas of the brain may help restore normal functioning of the various sectors of the brain. This also happens to be the area of your brain that has the ability to produce new brain cells!

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