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Many people believe those signs are inevitable — but after taking part in a research study on brain-training, Stewart isn't one of them. Gazzaley is at the forefront of the brain-game movement, a cadre of scientists who are trying to prove with laboratory studies that an iPad might be even more effective than a pill in keeping older minds young.
He thinks it might only be a couple of years before doctors are writing golden-agers prescriptions that are filled at the app store instead of the pharmacy. In 2014, a group of scientists issued a statement complaining that claims about the effects of brain games were being trumped up.
Just a month ago, the company behind the Lumosity brand agreed to pay $2 million to settle charges by the Federal Trade Commission that it was hyping the benefits of dozens of games.
One knock on brain games is the idea that they are simply teaching the participant how to get better at a specific task, but Hurley said evidence is piling up that the improvements stick around and spill over into other areas of life.
Gazzaley, who has a doctorate in neuroscience and a medical degree in neurology, said the core of all the research is recognition that the brain remains plastic — able to change in response to experiences — throughout life. Gazzaley co-founded a company called Akili that licensed the technology behind NeuroRacer and built a new game, Project: Evo.

That makes a lot of sense to Hurley, who notes that there's no debate over whether physical activity helps people think better. Below you will find Desktop games and activities related to Gravity, CSI, Owls, The Brain, Force and Motion, Earthquakes, Snakes, Exoplanets, and Urban Wildlife.
If you currently use Notebook 10 by Smart Technologies or another interactive whiteboard you will be able to download the game for Urban Wildlife marked with a to your system.
Many of the activities shared here can be used on an interactive whiteboard or on a personal computer. Try this one on your interactive whiteboard – get your class to say the correct color not the printed word. Investigate the force of momentum by creating a track and finding out how far your car will roll. Braino is a fun brain training app, helping you to exercise your brain a little every day. With 4 amazing mini games that will test his courage and knowledge in a fun way , also will help you to exercise your mind and memory.

Adam Gazzaley of the University of California San Francisco, said Stewart and the other seniors markedly improved their ability to multitask, performing as well as 20-year-olds. Akili is moving toward a multisite clinical trial to get Project:Evo approved as a therapeutic device for children with attention-deficit disorder.
Here you will find links to an assortment of interactive games and activities from the Internet for use in your classroom.
If you do not have this software in your classroom, then you will not be able to access those specific activities. But several activities are really better for use on the interactive whiteboard such as the one labeled as such for The Brain. They cover all of this season's topics and can be used in a computer lab, on an interactive whiteboard, or on individual computer systems.

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