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Brain Games Shown to Improve Cognitive PerformanceAt last, there is scientific proof that it’s possible to boost generalized cognitive performance with specific training, in this case web-based brain games.
For years, we’ve heard first that we should keep sharp by doing crossword puzzles or similar brain-challenging activities, only to find later that research has been unable to prove their effectiveness in stemming cognitive decline, much less boosting performance. This study appears to be the first peer-reviewed publication of work that shows that web-based training can actually produce improvements in general measures of cognitive performance. The experiment compared a control group with a group of subjects who used did the training exercises for twenty minutes a day for five weeks.
I’d be very interested in any feedback from Neuromarketing readers on the Lumosity product. Disclosure: While the links are affiliate links, I have no relationship with or financial interest in Lumosity.
Roger Dooley is the author of Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing (Wiley).
I’ve used Lumosity off and on for about three years, and found the exercises do help focus my attention and improve my memory. They have developed several training programs, both general and specific to certain areas of cognition, that keep players moving forward.

A free, 3 part video masterclass that shows you how Fortune 500 CEOs and Hollywood celebrities supercharge their brain. An extensive collection of free brain games split into sections including logic, puzzles and brain training.
Erin Matlock is and advocate, speaker and advisor working in the brain health and mental health markets. What a great collection of games the Happy Neuron website is very good for adults and children to have fun with especially liked the Ladybird game. The program also challenges your problem-solving skills, and the speed and flexibility of your thinking. The games are engaging and the company regularly publishes new games while retaining old ones.
There has been significant scientific studies over the last 5 years that illustrate how we can maintain and develop our cognitive skills through our lifespan. Our comment policy is simple: be kind to others and please don't post links in the comments.
The articles, products and information here are in no way a substitution for licensed medical or legal advice.

One last thing - if you'd like a picture to show with your comment, go get a free gravatar! With larger card faces, the numbers and suits are easier to read, images are richer and details are enhanced.Brain Games Solitaire keeps your score You can improve your skills, win more often and play fasterbecause Brain Games Solitaire keeps score as you play and rates your skills. The modified scoring system takes into account the game difficulty, how quickly you play it and other factors. Whether you are a beginner learning the rules or an expert looking for a daily challenge, Brain Games Chess is designed for players of all abilities.
Brain Games Chess is designed to challenge you and improve your skills using enhanced tutorials. Play at any level against the program or a friend or use the tutorial to improve your game.The innovative tutorial and hint features helps beginners to learn and improve their game.

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