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Just as you can be  tight in the gluteus muscles and hamstrings, you can also be tight in your breathing.
In order to gain the full benefits of pranayama it is important that you understand the basic workings of the respiratory system.
When the average person is tired, upset or faced with a problem they hunch the shoulders, collapse the chest and tilt the head forward.
With that in mind, take 15 minutes to evaluate your breathing prior to pursuing the information below. Perhaps the first step towards attaining a healthy, rejuvenating breath is learning to breath properly through the nose.
The diaphragm is a skeletal muscle that separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. For more on the mechanics of breathing and yoga visit this informative page on the Iyengar Yoga site. Oxygen is absorbed from the lungs into the blood, and carbon dioxide is removed from the blood and breathed out from the lungs.
Glucose molecules react with oxygen molecules to form carbon dioxide and water molecules, with energy being released by the breaking of bonds in the glucose molecules.
Glucose is only partially broken down, and lactic acid is produced - together with a much smaller amount of energy. Anaerobic respiration releases less than half the energy of that released by aerobic respiration. Test your own breathing style by placing one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen. A significant number of studies have shown that deep, meditative breathing helps to calm the nerves, relax muscular tension and reduce pain and stress. In chest breathing, air exchange occurs at the top of the lungs rather than within the lower lobes, where the greatest amount of blood flow occurs. Breathing from your diaphragm forces more fresh air into the lungs and subsequently expels more carbon dioxide. Inhalation through the nose warms and filters impurities from outside air before it reaches your lungs. Remember to breathe when exercising or doing activities that require a bit of exertion, such as walking up a flight of stairs or reaching for something from a high cabinet.
Next time you think that getting a cup of coffee will help boost your flagging energy and alertness, try slow and deliberate breathing instead and see how invigorated you feel. If you are concerned about your total breath capacity, Connors recommends learning your lung function numbers.
Let’s start with a no-brainer: burning coal, oil and gas adds carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, the same gas used to give soft drinks fizz. A sea temperature change of a mere one degree Celsius would yield similar losses to the events in 1998.

Longer-lasting and more extensive bleaching events are already on the rise, with further increases expected in the decades ahead as ocean temperatures continue to rise due to global warming. Coral reefs are important because they act as hatcheries and nurseries for open ocean fish.
Environmental disasters have happened several times throughout the history of earth but never has human impact been so central either. The cited research ailcrte seems to conclude that all coral reefs on Earth will be dissolving when the CO2 concentration in the air reaches 560 ppm. The one indicator of betoisdriss (my term for climate change) that does not get the attention it deserves. The Scrub Morning Glory is a rare flowering plant in the (as the name implies) morning glory family. Our bodies require energy for the seven life processes This energy is obtained from respiration. Respiration also gives off heat, which is used to maintain our high body temperature. Our rate of respiration can be estimated by measuring how much oxygen we use. But as ordinarya€”and vitala€”as the act of respiration is, most people dona€™t do it in the most healthful manner. Deep breathing also boosts blood circulation while reducing blood pressure and heart rate; in addition, it promotes clearer thinking and increases energy levels. But this technique, called diaphragmatic or belly breathing, is best for everyone, says Connors. Have you ever noticed that when you are under emotional stress your nervous system reacts with a faster heartbeat, tense muscles and quick, shallow breaths?
The increased exchange of air dilates small blood vessels, which lowers blood pressure and decreases stress on the heart. You can do so anytime and anywhere, but Piontek says early morning, before you arise, is a good time to sit or lie quietly in a comfortable position and take five deep, slow, diaphragmatic breaths through the nose, exhaling through the mouth.
Connors recommends exhaling between pursed lips, which slows the exhalation process; exhaling should take two times as long as inhaling to provide the best oxygenation for your blood, Connors says.
Since proper breathing is an element of yoga and tai chi, these practices may give you a framework for practicing correct techniques. A spirometry test administered by a healthcare professional is the only way to determine precisely how much air is flowing into and out of your lungs. So far, so good. However, just as carbon dioxide is absorbed into the drink, ocean water absorbs it from the air. Increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the water cause additional damage to corals, leaving them defenceless against storm damage and erosion. Coral reefs have survived all of the previous disasters, would they survive this imminent one, caused largely by us humans? Our oceans are warming and becoming more acidified leading to a breakdown in the web of life.

After the exercise is finished, extra oxygen is needed by the liver to remove the lactic acid.
If the hand on your chest does, youa€™re taking short, shallow breaths instead of deep, relaxed and effortless breaths that come from using your diaphragm, the dome-shaped muscle between the chest and the abdomen, to move air in and out of your lungs. Actually, most people naturally breathe from the diaphragm when sleeping but tend to change habits when awake. If your mind wanders, bring the focus back to your breath; feel the abdomen expand as you inhale and retract when you exhale.
Good health relies on the efficient delivery of oxygen to cells and an equally efficient removal of carbon dioxide from the body. It is like leaving the world as we know it and entering another one – a much cleaner and more beautiful world full of the most interesting species, species you sometimes cannot even imagine. As the oceans become more acidic, the corals’ ability to form skeletons through calcification is inhibited, causing their growth to slow. Understanding and feeling prana is at first subtle and later tremendously powerful and palpable. If your chest puffs out as your belly recedes in you are not effectively using your diaphragm (The most vital muscle in respiration) to breath. The heart beats faster so that the blood can transport the oxygen and carbon dioxide faster. That interferes with the ability of coral to calcify their skeletons: They can no longer grow and begin to die. Bleaching occurs when corals respond to the stress of warmer temperatures by expelling the colourful algae that live within them. A doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide will reduce calcification in some corals by as much as 50 percent. Unfortunately, so many people are unaware of the importance of oceans in our daily life including the role of currents in controlling climate. Some coral are able to recover, but too often the coral dies, and the entire ecosystem for which it forms the base, virtually disappears. Whichever the case, taking a few moments each day to acknowledge, expand and deepen the breath can release the mind, relax the body and make known the unknown.
Without proper use of this unique muscle, my breath was short and choppy and my mind followed suit. However, since gaining an understanding of the diaphragm and the mechanics of respiration, I have dramatically increased my lung capacity.

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