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What is Relational Buddhism?Aiming at KNOWING-SELF-&-RELATING-WISELY, Relational Buddhism is a psychological approach to the Pan-Buddhist teachings rooted in what I have coined "Ancient Greek Buddhism." Stemming from the 2nd century BCE, basic Buddhism belongs to Western civilization already for 2200 years, long before it went further East. Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso is a fully accomplished meditation master and internationally renowned teacher of Buddhism. Geshe-la, as he is affectionately called by his students, is primarily responsible for the worldwide revival of Kadampa Buddhism in our time. Born in a remote village high on the Tibetan plateau he ordained as a Buddhist monk at the age of eight and spent the next twenty years studying the teachings of Buddha in the great Tibetan monasteries. After concluding his studies and being awarded the title ‘Geshe’, which means ‘virtuous spiritual friend’, he entered a life of meditation, engaging in deep retreat at first near the Nepali border and later in the mountains of northern India, where he soon developed a reputation as a great meditator, with many coming to regard him as a modern day Mahasiddha. After almost twenty years in retreat, in 1977 at the behest of his own Spiritual Guide, Kyabje Trijang Dorjechang, Geshe Kelsang graciously accepted an invitation from Manjushri Center to travel to the West and become the Resident Teacher at what was then a fledgling Buddhist center that had recently acquired Conishead Priory as its base. Since that time Manjushri Center has been Geshe Kelsang’s spiritual home, where he has given thousands of teachings.
Geshe Kelsang is a great believer in the universal applicability of Buddha’s teachings and presents them in such a way that everyone, regardless of nationality, age or gender, can put them into practice in their daily lives and begin to experience true inner peace. He understands the problems faced by modern people and shows how we can solve them through simple scientific methods taught by Buddha.
Over the years, Geshe Kelsang has founded more than a thousand meditation centers and groups in over forty countries, and has established three study programs– the General Program, the Foundation Program and the Teacher Training Program, – to be taught continuously at these centers. It may be one of the oldest religions in the world, but that’s not stopping Buddhism from embracing innovation. Master Xianfan, who created the bot, says that this integration of science and technology with spirituality is a natural alignment. “Science and Buddhism are not opposing nor contradicting, and can be combined and mutually compatible,” said Xianfan.

Already, there are plans for further advances when it comes to Xian’er, with its home temple hard at work creating a new model that can carry an even greater number of functions. Gen-la Dekyong has studied and practiced Kadampa Buddhism for many years under the guidance of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. As one of Venerable Geshe Kelsang’s close disciples, Gen-la Dekyong’s dedication and kindness exemplify the essence of the Buddhist way of life. Buddhism is a world religion that began on the Indian subcontinent, but unlike Hinduism, Buddhism spread to many faraway lands. A legend says that before Siddhartha was born, a holy man told his father, King Suddhodana, that if Siddhartha remained in his fathera€™s palace, he would become a great king, but if he learned of the suffering of the outside world, Siddhartha would become a great teacher.
Because Suddhodana wanted Siddhartha to one day rule his kingdom, he shielded his son from anything unpleasant or disturbing.
The prince was confused by what he had seen, so one night he put on a simple robe and secretly left his fathera€™s palace.
2.The cause of suffering comes from our desire to continually search for something outside ourselves.
Right Intentiona€”Be motivated by good will, kindness, and empathy rather than anger, resentment, or greed. Right Mindfulnessa€”Be aware and control your thoughts and emotions so your thoughts and emotions do not control you. Right Meditationa€”Focus your mind and body so that you can find the path to enlightenment. The Buddha did not want his teachings to replace other religions, though today over three hundred million Buddhists in all parts of the world adhere to his philosophy.

Many of these teachings have been published in 22 highly acclaimed books on Buddhism and meditation, including his latest title, Modern Buddhism. But though his teachings are extraordinarily clear and easy to understand they contain the entire profound lineage of ancient wisdom he holds.
He has trained hundreds of teachers and ordained scores of monks and nuns, and transmitted a complete lineage not only of teachings and insights but also of prayers, ritual practices, sacred art and music, all tailored to the needs of the modern world. In a fascinating marriage between tradition and technology, a Buddhist temple in China has welcomed a robot monk into its order with the hopes of attracting new practitioners with a tech-forward approach.
Geshe-la’s oft-repeated phrase, ‘simple, but very profound’ perfectly encapsulates his uncommon presentation of modern Buddhism. Though he has now formally retired as Spiritual Director, even at the age of eighty he continues to work tirelessly to spread the precious teachings of Kadampa Buddhism. Meet Xian’er, the baby robot monk designed to promote the wisdom of an old religion in a very new way. While at Manjushri Center Geshe Kelsang designed and oversaw the construction of the first Kadampa Temple for World Peace, and inaugurated the International Temples Project with the intention to establish Buddhist institutions such as Temples throughout the world.

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