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At the Wat Chedi Luang temple, the monks make an effort to interact with the public by scheduling a weekly “Monk Chat” evening. I was excited for this opportunity, since some of my most vivid memories of Thailand were the daily sightings of monks wandering the streets. James said his typical day was to get up before dawn, walk the streets to collect alms before breakfast, participate in morning prayer or meditation, spend the bulk of his day in classes or studying and then take part in an evening prayer session. Later, a group of novice monks came into the sanctuary with an instructor and took a seat on the floor. Would any of these young men, I wondered, devote their lives to monasticism and Buddhist study? This reinforced to me the incredible influence that Buddhism has over the lives of the Thai people. Does Buddhist monks in the Thailand have different rituals and traditions than other countries.
The monk was found in the in the Songino Khairkhan district of Ulaanbaatar when a desperate man was trying to sell the mummified corpse to the black market. Because the mummy is sitting in the lotus vajra position, Buddhist scholars believe this is an indication that he is not dead, but in a deep state of mediation. This heightened state of meditation is called the "tukdam state," which supposedly can continue beyond death. If the tukdam meditation worked, a glowing rainbow would emit from the monk, indicating that he had reached the highest form of Enlightenment. Combine the soothing wisdom of Buddhist thought with the power of mandalas – geometric designs that have been used for centuries, particularly in the East, to achieve serenity and focus the mind. Lisa Tenzin-Dolma is a full-time author who has written widely on meditation, herbalism, Eastern philosophy, perception and various mind-body-spirit subjects.
Note: I talk a lot more about how junk information affects our minds in my ebook Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques for Beginners. People are often disappointed when my first piece of advice on how to concentrate is to say “Watch less TV, use the computer less, consume less junk information.” It’s not dissimilar to food. But we want to watch TV, we want to use Facebook and Twitter and we want to be able to idly chat. 2)      Close your eyes and focus your mind on your breath as it enters and leaves through your nose. 1)      Sit comfortably with good posture, or lie down or stand up (I prefer sitting but it is not important provided you are still and have good posture). 4)      If you find that you are experiencing the same thought over and over, try this technique.
In this article you have learnt three new meditation techniques that you can use to develop your concentration. Before you begin to meditate, you must first do a little housecleaning of the soul; purifying and sanctifying your lifestyle. Just as important, before beginning an intense course of Buddhist meditation you have to do your homework. Next you need to set just the right mood and atmosphere for a successful meditation session.

After all, you can’t just pick anyplace to fall asleep, read a good book, or contemplate a tough problem. In setting the proverbial scene for meditation, you want to select a quiet place where you can sit and concentrate without fear of disruption or interruption. Ultimately, your place of meditation should be your haven; a place of ultimate and divine escape, your own personal path to enlightenment.
Now that you’re in the right place for meditation, both mentally and physically, you now can embark on the divine act of Beginning Buddhist meditation. It was in Chang Mai that we had one of our more memorable travel experiences during a morning chat with a Buddhist monk. This gives visitors a chance to learn about Buddhism and the monastic life and allows novice monks to practice their English. But as we wandered the grounds of this temple one morning, a young monk strolled over to us.
They are so omnipresent that public buses and boat ferries even have special seats reserved for monks.
Because of the “different feelings” that arise from touching a woman, he said, it would “distract the mind” from focusing on spiritual activities.
A majority of them, of course, would re-enter what they call “common life.” Most Thai men become a monk for a period of time, but it is voluntary.
Some have likened it to a Thai version of a sabbatical, giving young males the opportunity to remove themselves from their normal routine for a period of time in order to reflect on their lives before they take on the full role and responsibilities of being an adult. Everywhere in the country are men who have spent from a few months to a few years as a Buddhist monk.
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The lama remains in deep meditation for 3 weeks straight with little food while his body deteriorates or becomes preserved by the mummification toxins like our friend here. There’s a saying that whenever you are trying to accomplish something you should put you’re all into it. We need to understand that our minds has its limits, that the more information we put into it, the less space we have to work with. There are three specific types of Buddhist meditation for concentration that I personally advocate.
Break unhealthy habits, abandon all manner of sin and vice, and strive to be both a good family person and a component professional. Study Buddhism, reading, studying and inquiring about the Three Treasures (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha) as well as the divine nature of the Dharma.
Once you are ready to sit down and meditate, you must choose the proper place to engage in this sacred activity.
In Chang Mai, due to the presence of the Buddhist university, these saffron- and orange-robed young men were especially plentiful.
After doing this every day for five years, could his mind now slip more easily into a state of emptiness? As the teacher spoke, the young monks took notes and occasionally goofed around with each other.

They usually serve for a period of three months, although some enter a monastery for as little as a few weeks and others remain for several years. In its own way, it’s comparable to the ritual transition that Masai tribesmen undergo on their way to becoming adult warriors, or the Australian Aboriginal tradition of the walkabout. However, there have been some monks throughout history that have pulled off some pretty crazy stunts.Recently, a 200-year-old Mongolian monk was found preserved in the lotus position. The beautiful examples included in this book incorporate the most accessible and relevant Buddhist symbols and imagery.
But when 90% of our mind is consumed by irrelevant information, how can we possibly focus 100%?
You will find that this technique silences all thoughts, creates a deep state of inner peace and significantly improves your concentration. In this way, you truly can develop and grasp the Buddhist-related concepts of Right Understanding and Right View. Thus you must meditate in a place that is uncluttered, well-ventilated, and most of all silent, one where you can sit undisturbed and concentrate.
He appeared hesitant and nervous at first over the prospect of conversing in English, but his language skills were better than he realized. They didn’t look very different from any other group of teenage boys in a classroom elsewhere in the world, save for their shaved heads and saffron robes. I recalled a conversation with Pravat, a local guide who had spent 11 years in a Buddhist monastery, six years as a novice and an additional five years as a full-fledged monk, before leaving to get a paying job.
How different would my life be, or the life of my friends, if we’d spent our teenage and early adult years focusing on spiritual growth in a monastery?
We’re also another stylish medical specialist in that subject i really are able to fully understand your effort. While this form of mummification is quite common, this lama is different, because according to Buddhist tradition, he may still be alive in a complex mediative state.
With 36 stunning mandalas rendered as line illustrations, the act of colouring and contemplating these harmonious images is a powerful, meditative activity.
Consider the amount of noise you put into your mind through all kinds of sources: social media, TV, movies, video games, idle chatter and so on. For instance, if you are suffering from negative thought depression and keep hearing same depressing thought over and over in your mind, you can use this meditation to remove the thought.
Suddenly you are freed from troublesome urges and empty desires, and the havoc that they wreck in the lives of many people. The average person’s mind is so full of junk information that it can be very hard to silence the mind and concentrate.
Without having to suffer through these common, somewhat pleasurable but often damaging vices, you will be better able to concentrate and-in time-to meditate with great success.
Next suggest an alternative thought “I AM good enough.” Finally return to focussing on your breathing.

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