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This Labor Day, not only do we want to pay homage to the hardworking humans of America, but we also want to celebrate some of the hardest-working animals throughout history. Above is a picture of Trackr a German Shepherd police dog who along with his master, James Symington, were among the first search-and-rescue teams to arrive at Ground Zero after the September 11, 2001, attacks. Just north of the ancient Buddhist town of Boudhanath is a monastery of international importance.With 260 Nepali and Tibetan monks, and a place of study for the 150 nuns this is a spiritual oasis for hundreds of visitors yearly from around the world. Nearly half of the 260 monks and most of the nuns at the associated nunnery are Tibetans, many of them recent refuges from Tibet. In 1979 Lama Yeshe invited nuns to study at the temple, an uncommon practice in Tibetan monasteries. Located outside of Katmandu in the Tibetan community of Boudanath, our Buddhist Nepal Internship celebrates the best of Vajrayana Buddhism against the backdrop of one of Asia's great religious study centers. During the internship, students will apprentice under a world-renowned Tibetan monk and leader. Interns must have energy and enthusiasm to learn as the workload can be heavy as you assist in all areas of the business.
Since the 1970s, the lamas and monks have managed to live their monastic lives and at the same time find space in their monastery for foreign visitors. Please submit along with your application a resume or acceptable equivalent, indicating any relevant knowledge or skills. The cause for liberation is the three higher trainings of ethical restraint, concentration and wisdom.
This western Mahayana Buddhist Funeral project began, because earlier in the year, my 24-year-old cousin died unexpectedly. In May 2002 I attended teachings by His Holiness The Dalai Lama in Australia, where he continuously emphasized a great need for western Dharma practitioners to find ways and methods of incorporating the Dharma teachings into western culture, rather than just following the Tibetans. Personally, I believe one of the greatest teachings the Dharma offers to our western culture is the explanation of death and impermanence and the openness with which they discuss these subjects. Most of the research for this project was conducted at Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London, as well as with some other FPMT members and teachers worldwide via email. It is my aim that this western Mahayana Buddhist funeral project will be of some benefit to others. Funeral services have been performed in the west for centuries and are now commonly believed to be an essential part of the grieving process. Many people believe that funeral services provide a time for people to  say goodbye to the deceased and offer their condolences and support to the close family and friends. Sadly, in the west, funeral services have been identified as a time of great sorrow and sadness and as a result many people dislike attending the funeral services.
With Western countries now becoming more multicultural, it is expected that at most funeral ceremonies the audience's beliefs, understandings and cultures will differ greatly. Prior to the ceremony it is good to discuss with the family and friends the major beliefs of those likely to attend and if, for example, there will be many Christians, you could use some Christian prayers to help people feel more comfortable.
An issue that many people seemed interested in with regards to this project was the location of the ceremony. Finally, I believe, western Mahayana Buddhist funeral services have much to offer the western world, especially with regards to changing the focus from grieving to rejoicing in all the positives that that person achieved in their lifetime and really celebrate the good qualities of the person who died. In this section I have included 5 examples of actual Western Mahayana Buddhist Funeral Services that FPMT Centres and individuals have kindly sent and allowed me to include in this project. You may choose to make your ceremony more appropriate for all those of different religious backgrounds by adding prayers and practices from other religions. In this section I have included some examples of Prayers, Meditations, Offerings, Poems and Quotes that can be used during a service. Lama Zopa Rinpoche suggests that if the body is to be cremated, the ashes can be purified with the skillful Vajrayana meditation called Jangwa, (this Puja is normally performed by highly qualified Lamas, but Centre Geshes can be asked to do it). Can collect money and donate it to a charity etc and dedicate the merit to the deceased obtaining a Precious Human Rebirth. The books suggested below are not specifically about western Mahayana Buddhist Funerals, however they do provide interesting reading regarding the dying and death process and common Tibetan Practices and beliefs. I am extremely thankful to all my wonderful and kind teachers, whose kindness is impossible to repay.
Through the merit created by preparing, reading, thinking about and using this project, may all teachers of the Dharma live long and healthy lives, may the Dharma spread throughout the infinite reaches of space, may all sentient beings quickly obtain enlightenment and especially all those being in the intermediate state may they all obtain a precious human rebirth. Having taken refuge, we visualise the divine beings emanating tremendous rays of light and pouring down all their compassion and blessing. O Arya Compassionate-Eyed One, who is the treasure of compassion, together with your retinue, please pay attention to me. Please quickly free — and all mother and father sentient beings of the six realms from the ocean of cyclic existence.
I travel the road of this life until the hour when I shall lie down and leave this body, yielding back my last breath into the air from which I have drawn breath daily in this life time and sinking into the elements of earth, water, fire and air. In ways that may currently elude us completely, the life after death we are told will be an amazing journey.
Make a request to have complete control over desire and to always be able to rise to the aid of all beings. May all beings abide in equanimity, free from attachment and anger, which hold some close and others distant. In our minds we offer the universe, all that is needed for all beings to be happy, so that we can eventually come to a state of pure happiness. May we be reborn in a body, time, place and circumstance in which we can help the most beings. Remember the problems of all people such as wars, feeling lonely, those full of anger, pride or jealousy.

I will now read the prayer to Amitabha, who is the aspect of the Buddha who guides beings between lives. May they be happy, May they be free of suffering, may they live in harmony with one another and may they find a spiritual path in this lifetime and follow it until they come to enlightenment.
A little introduction to this form of service maybe helpful for those who are not familiar with Buddhist beliefs. Buddhists believe that this life is just one in a stream of consciousness that has continued from beginningless time and will continue until all beings attain Enlightenment. This is a very basic idea of the service that Jampa-la performs, it varies depending on the individuals. Invite people to talk about the person, this is good as it allows people to express their feelings and emotions.
I usually then go back to the person who died and stress they are on a journey and we are sending them off. I Then encourage people to meditate on the gift they will send the beloved away with, such as money, flowers, love, etc.
This gift does not stay with us for long, so we have to take advantage of it quickly if we want to effect change in ourselves. Choice of prayers up to Spiritual Leader, probably will include Refuge and Bodhicitta Prayer, maybe preceded by Refuge Visualisation, maybe plus Amitahba Prayer, MC to introduce Spiritual Leader. Dedicating an effort or activity, such as an orb run, to the benefit of another being is essentially the same as  praying or doing a reading. My angle in approaching all of this is from the caregiving or working-with-the-elderly viewpoint.
Doing readings or running orbs can actually help, but the caregivers have to be of the ilk to give it a try and put some effort into it. This entry was posted in hospice, prayers for the dying and tagged aging, alzheimers, bereavement, buddhist, cancer care, care giving, caregiver stress, caregiving, catholic Prayer, death and dying, dementia, elder care, end of life, end of life care, energetics, Energy Healing, grief, grieving, healing, holistic nursing, hospice, hospice care, hospice nursing, hospital chaplains, Meditation, mindfulness, nursing, oncology nursing, palliative care, pastoral care, prayers for the dying, qi gong, reiki, seva, social work, Spirituality, sufi, tai chi, tai chi exercises, tibetan book of the dead, tibetan buddhism, touch for health, yoga, zazen, zen.
I give permission to copy and redistribute this content as long as full credit is given and it is distributed freely.
We know that you placed animals on the earth for many reasons, including companionship for man. The students study traditional philosophical subjects and debate, rituals such as chanting, religious dances (Cham). There are now 150 nuns, mainly Tibetans living in their own monastery nearby, who participate fully with the monks in their schedule of philosophical studies and debate, as well as following their own practices. In contrast to the Theravada forest tradition as taught in Thailand, our Nepal Buddhist inquiry is centered in a semi-urban area and within a vibrant Tibetan community. Interns receive some supervision and training from experts in all facets of web design, desktop publishing, and running a small business.
They have taught them the Lord Buddha's Dharma, counseled them, served them, cooked for them, and even learned their languages.
Please also provide a brief essay (one page or less) indicating: the source of your interest in this position, what you hope to contribute to the programs indicated, and what you hope to learn or experience through your internship. My family and I have been practicing Dharma and have been involved with FPMT, for many years.
Some of these aforementioned issues can be found in books (I have noted the few that I know in section 5).
I have designed this project so that it is very simple to use, with many examples that kind individuals have given me, or I have found in teachings.
They provide an opportunity (often the only one) for the family and friends of the deceased to express their emotions in an open and caring way. It is very important to explain any prayers, mantras, meditations etc., that are used during the ceremony so as not to confuse or offend those attending. For example while saying the Refuge Prayer you could suggest that people who have a Christian background may prefer to pray to Christ or the Virgin Mary.
These examples are taken from texts and teachings as well as from individual s personal wishes for their own or their family members services.
The karma of the dead person is purified and the Buddha' s wisdom is invoked into their ashes and bones so that those substances become consecrated and become relics or holy objects. For example give them to a hospital and dedicate them to the deceased obtaining a Precious Human Rebirth.
Here you can discuss any questions or problems that arise with someone that has the knowledge about what you need. Most of these books should be able to be located at any Centres Library, if not, they are available at the Jamyang Buddhist Library in London.
I also wish to express my gratitude to all those who assisted me with this project particularly those attending the 2002 Jamyang Summer Retreat who spent a lot of their time filling in questionnaires and answering questions; all the staff and volunteers at Jamyang and all those who have emailed or written to me with advice, questions, comments and suggestions.
We can also visualize the saints and sages of other spiritual traditions, who embody the universal qualities of wisdom, love and compassion towards all those of us who are still not free from unhappiness. Please allow the profound and extensive peerless awakening mind to quickly grow in — mindstream.
As the rays enter their bodies and minds their suffering and the cause of their suffering are completely extinguished. See you and all beings become one in love and peace and the body, speech and mind of each being is purified. Mahayana Buddhists do not seek nirvana but are committed to return to the world again and again to help all beings find the joy that knows no sorrow. If I know the person well enough I pick a vehicle for them to leave in (one person liked money so he left in a lerr jet, another left walking on a beach into the sunset with flowers on her head.
We are normally more close to real feelings of companionship, love and such when death is close, so I say the gift that the departed has sent us is this awareness and the ability to break through old habits of ill will and such.

Generally the idea is often that our heart is opened when death happens and we see beyond small minded arguments, etc. A major problem of caregiving is that many of the elderly, once they become unable to maintain an active lifestyle, become unhappy and depressed. Lama Zopa Rinpoche gave his first public teachings here in 1971 to a group of twelve Westerners, an intensive one-month introduction to Buddhism that became the model for the meditation courses now held throughout the year.
Complimenting the study of Buddhist principles will be a living opportunity to practice the dharma. For someone looking toward a career in web design or toward starting a business, this is an ideal experience. Temporal happiness in the way of good future rebirts and ultimate happiness referring to liberation and enlightenment.
We had never attended or could recall any formal knowledge regarding Buddhist funeral services.
I believe, for these and many other reasons, Dharma has much to offer to our western culture and is another reason for the need of this project.
However, for a westerner, we have come to believe that a funeral is an essential part of the grieving process and much care is taken in the preparation, planning, as well as, conducting the ceremony. We are also extremely fortunate to have many wonderful Lamas and teachers in the west who are able to answer more specific questions and provide more detailed and appropriate practices, pujas and prayers that will benefit ourselves, as well as the mind of the deceased. As the Dharma teachings are based on Impermanence and Death, Buddhists generally try not to consider death as a negative thing rather focus on all the positives. It is always best to not disturb the minds of the others, or create negative emotions and therefore, you should just do your personal practices for the deceased. Therefore it is best to keep it simple and try to explain the services (either as you go, or in the individual handouts). This prayer pays homage to the Buddhas of all time, makes offering to the Buddhas, declares wrong doing committed since beginningless time, rejoices in the virtues of self and others and beseeches the Buddha s to remain in the world and teach for as long as guidance is needed. Also friends present can be asked to speak of the person who has died (both prepared comments and impromptu).
Their kids (generally) suffer as a result and are looking for things they can do to alleviate their parents’ suffering. If they run the orb in the presence of their parent or loved one it will have even better result. Additionally the monks and nuns assembly every day for prayers, which are dedicated for sick and dying people, and to overcome personal and spiritual problems. Specifically, students will donate their time to selected projects aimed at temple restoration, as well as education of the monks in residence. We noticed how little information there was with regards to conducting a  western Mahayana Buddhist Funeral Service , hence the reasons for my research. Therefore, the idea of incorporating the Dharma teachings into the western cultural practice of a funeral seems to be a wonderful opportunity to put His Holiness teachings into practice. While discussing, organizing and actually participating in the ceremony, you should be aware of your motivation e.g. Essentially a western Mahayana Buddhist Funeral Ceremony can be performed anywhere- outside, inside, in a church (allowing for the pantheistic attitude of the priest), in a cemetery or in a Gompa. If you would like to use them, please ask someone at your Dharma Centre how you can locate them and they will also be able to assist you with pronunciation, as well as an understanding of why they are used. These rays purify any hindrances to spiritual growth and any obstacles to liberation and enlightenment. Later in the spring he was found alive and said he had strong experiences of eating delicious food, etc in the middle of the winter. Some folks may more readily do orb runs than readings, so here before us opens another path of service for others and ourselves. People from all over the world request recitation of prayers and performance of special ceremonies from the monastery's special prayer project A Gift of Prayers. Tutor sessions in the English language and world geography will be held for monks within the temples.
If you have any further suggestions, comments etc, please feel free to contact me, via my email address below. The villagers then said it was their tzok, and so this proved the power of prayer to effect people at a distance. After you have finished helping with the service it is extremely important to dedicate all the merit (you have earned) to the deceased in obtaining a Precious Human Rebirth in their next life. In ancient Tibet the Buddhist monks would advise the family to dispose of the body as simply as possible. We do not know the time of our death neither age, nor state of health nor wealth, nor status indicates its time. Some day we will be able to dedicate much more sustained efforts to the benefit of others, but for now, shorter, focused bursts of good intention are what we’re working with. If we were immortal everything could be put off until tomorrow but it has been said that eternity is at our hearts pressing up on our time worn lives, warning us with intentions of an astonishing destiny. In our joy about this creation all around us. Mother Mary in her dark blue velvet coat can bring us peace and comfort. With a variety of details depending on our particular Christian faith. At our dying some of us require the Holy communion or the Sacrament of the Sick.

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