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Last weekend I was invited to do some commercial works for Retreat Mahayana Buddhist Temple. A native of France herself, gallery owner and curator Gladys Hirsch has been collecting works by Cossais, her friend, for many years. But the couple was committed to painting together, in spite of their seemingly incongruous artistic sensibilities. Somehow Cossais and Mika manage to make room for each other artistically, in a true celebration of their love story, Hirsch said. The Way Back Gallery and Enchante Tea House are located at 169 River Street, a rehabbed 19th century historic warehouse in downtown Troy. The gallery is dedicated to one artist at a time, with rotating exhibitions every two months. Hirsch said she usually only books artists she knows and has a relationship with, because that allows her to speak knowledgeably about their art when they’re not present.
Though the charming gallery and tea house have been open for several years, Hirsch said it’s remained one of the best kept secrets in downtown Troy because of its limited hours and location.
Snyder, 39 of Albany, booked the act for Troy after getting to know several musicians on the New Orleans scene while living there. For those who want to come ready to party, Snyder encourages show goers to check out Andrews online beforehand. Andrews was born in the historic Treme neighborhood, which many consider to be the oldest black community in the United States. The family team did much of the restoration work themselves on the 19th century building and its circa 1901 hotel addition.
This March, they opened a first-floor barroom and dining area called O’Briens Public House at the Historic Trojan Hotel. Although the Trojan Hotel is one among many historic building rehabilitations underway in the celebrated revival of downtown Troy, this restoration effort was not without its doubters along the way. But one of the harshest online critics of the effort has kept good on his public offers to buy a round of drinks for the house if the family succeeded in opening. The O’Briens say they are grateful to all those who helped and supported them during their restoration work, including city officials, their construction crew and personal friends.
This summer, the O’Briens plan to re-open the first floor ballroom, which is located in the hotel annex and is accessible from the first floor bar area. Built in the 19th century, the building originally served as a bar, ballroom and residence. The DeGiorgio family ran the taproom from 1969 until 2003, when the city foreclosed on the building. O’Briens at The Trojan Hotel and Trojan Taproom will be closed tonight but will display two red light bulbs as part of the tribute. Local author and history buff Duncan Crary arranged the low-key tribute after other residents of Troy expressed interest.
Mame Faye is buried at Saint Joseph’s Cemetery in South Troy (her tombstone reads: Mary A. Sustainable clothing designer Kathleen Tesnakis, of ‘e ko logic, is hosting Buddhist Monk Erik Drew Jung for a three-day teaching retreat starting this Friday May 2. Jung, of Dzogchen Shri Singha of Portland, Ore., will lead sessions teaching Buddhist tools for successful meditation, reducing stress, improving heath and vitality.
During his world travels to teach happiness through the Buddhist Path, Jung has brought a piece of Troy, N.Y. Today, there are 27 other monks of Dzogchen Shri Singha who travel the world wearing the made-in-Troy hat by ‘e ko logic. Erik Jung is a monk and authorized Dharma Teacher of The Buddha Path under the guidance of H.E.
Dzogchen Shri Singha of Portland is a non-profit organization whose mission is to spread authentic Buddhist teachings and to support the enlightened Dharma activity of Great Perfection of Wisdom lineage holder Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
This week, Quality Glass of Troy installed windows in the recently restored cast iron tavernfront. Following many months of structural work in the 1,500 square-foot tavern space, Christopher and his Confectionery Construction, LLC have started the detail phase of the project. Christopher and LaVine are aiming to open The Tavern Restaurant before the end of the year. The husband and wife team are currently inviting anyone who experienced The Tavern Restaurant in any of its incarnations to share memories and historical descriptions of the establishment and its various layouts.
Kathryn Sheehan, Rensselaer County historian, remembers joining her grandfather for lunch at the Tavern Restaurant as a young girl.

In November 2012, Christopher and LaVine opened Lucas Confectionery wine bar at 12 Second Street. The trees to be planted Friday are Serviceberry, a native, small, flowering tree that develops berries favored by birds. Troy Councilman Gary Galuski secured assistance from the city’s Department of Public Utilities for the event. The following are some statistics, provided by the Arbor Day Foundation, on just how important trees are in a community setting.
The Washington Park neighborhood is modeled after the private residential green squares of 19th Century London. One of Harris’ personal challenges is overcoming a general perception that fair skinned red haired males are less attractive than other types of men. The 69-minute film will be screened in the black box theater at The Arts Center of the Capital Region, located at 265 River St, in downtown Troy, N.Y. The April 2 screening and after party are hosted by The League of Extraordinary Red Heads, a social club for red haired people and those who love them. Following the screening in Troy, the film will open for a week long run in New York City at the Quad Cinema at 34 W 13th St., and the film will be available to purchase and download. For information about the League of Extraordinary Red Heads, see: League of Extraordinary Red Heads Forms in Troy, NY, Jan.
RESOLVED, That the Clerk of this Legislative Body is hereby directed to transmit a copy of this resolution to Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senator Kathleen Marchione, Senator Neil Breslin, Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin and Assemblyman John McDonald. Although the two largest wholesalers in the state are located in New York, many small-scale distributors currently use New Jersey warehouses. A coalition made up of small wine and spirit distributors, distillers, wholesalers, vineyards and retailers from across the state is challenging the proposal.
The cork tax will drive up costs for New York wine and spirits by as much as $27 million a year while also reducing consumers’ choices. While the Stop The Cork Tax Coalition is comprised of distributors, a group of Capital Region restaurateurs are standing by the coalition in voicing their opposition. This includes all servers, chefs, bartenders, hosts, wine salesmen, store clerks, and other employees of New York retail shops and restaurants potentially affected by the law.
As a buddhist I felt so honored to be able to help the Eastern States Buddhist Temple of American Inc. 31 at the Way Back Gallery in Enchante Tea House, located at 169 River Street in downtown Troy.
So they they put their canvases back to back, and set parameters to work within: a limited palate of colors, words and objects.
The world she creates through painting is extremely feminine and full of intricate patterns, rich texture, subtle hues and dreamy girls in poetic settings. The 10,000 square-foot building is for sale for and includes a street level storefront space, two basement spaces, a 2,000 square foot loft and a duplex, all overlooking the Hudson River. Ivan Neville lays down gritty grooves on a humming Hammond organ and a badass clavinet, the history of modern funk percolating in his fingertips. The special confection is a playful wink and nod to those who doubted they would succeed in their restoration efforts. In April, they began kitchen service, and work is already underway to restore and re-open the spacious ballroom in the hotel’s rear annex. The 1,200 square-foot ballroom will be used as a dining room and multipurpose events space for music, theater, lectures, movie screenings private parties, weddings and showers.
Jack “Legs” Diamond, Bartholomew “Bat” Shea, John “Old Smoke” Morrissey — Faye had some redeeming qualities, Crary said, noting her reputation for donating some of her ill-gotten funds to charity. Best bet for photo ops will be outside Bootlegger’s on Broadway or in the rear patio of Lucas Confectionery.
He returns to Troy for the second year in a row, after a world-teaching tour through the United States, Russia, Finland and Estonia. Rinpoche was born in the holy Dzogchen region of Tibet, where he began training in Buddhism at the Dzogchen Monastery at the age of five.
This October, the husband-and-wife owned company opened a retail shop and atelier in the historic Frear Bazaar building at 1 Fulton Street in Troy.
The windows include a series of customized bifold glass doors that can remain in the open position to allow for open air alfresco dining in warm weather.
The team is utilizing structural steel to support a marble bar top, which was reclaimed from an old Troy soda fountain. It was once home to a boarding house and hotel, as well as many industrial, manufacturing and retail tenants through the years.

At the time, the historic structure was considered one of the most endangered buildings in downtown Troy. That business is connected to The Grocery and The Tavern Restaurant by a rear enclosed garden patio with a retractable glass roof.
Located between Troy’s historic downtown and the South Troy neighborhood, Washington Park is distinguished by the presence of stately Maple and Cottonwood, as well as smaller specimens like Flowering Cherry and Eastern Redbud. During one of the more outrageous scenes in his film, Harris interviews a young Scottish woman on the street who openly shares her unflattering thoughts about red haired men.
Afterwards, Harris will answer questions from the audience before joining The League of Extraordinary Red Heads for a free after party open to the public, 21 and over, at Lucas Confectionery wine bar, located at 12 Second Street. While large wholesalers generally represent mass-produced wine and spirits, the smaller distributors are known for showcasing boutique wine and spirits produced by small, independent labels.
The exhibit features the collaborative paintings of Delphine Cossais and Mika, two very different professional painters in love.
The resulting paintings complimented each other so well, they evolved to painting together on the same canvas. Her imaginary characters have captivating expressions, intense glances, yet always soft and tender, reflecting the soft-hearted painter that she is. Enchante offers its own line of 12 blends of tea, crafted exclusively by a tea master in Massachusetts. Jamison Ross, winner of the prestigious 2012 Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz competition, brings his own brand of bonhomie, singing, arranging and playing various instruments. The family now works together to operate their newest business, O’Briens Public House at the Historic Trojan Hotel, at 43 Third St. It features a stage area, an original maple floor, the original molding, wainscoting, and lathe and plaster walls. The name was changed to the Trojan Hotel in the early 20th century, when a 5-story addition was built in the rear, facing Franklin Alley.
But tonight’s festivities in Troy will have an added local twist: a tribute to Collar City Madam Mame Faye, who died on May 5, 1943. Several police officers from the nearby police station are said to have worked there as bouncers when off duty. A lifelong Buddhist practitioner, Erik has spent more than nine years studying closely with Khen Rinpoche. Now, the legendary downtown dining spot is re-opening and co-owners Vic Christopher, 38, and Heather LaVine, 36, are asking anyone with memories or memorabilia to share them as they re-envision the space.
This installation was the first of its kind for Quality Glass, a three-generation family business established in Troy in 1940. By 2013, the sole remaining tenant was Broadway News, which opened in 1934 and continues to operate today. Washington Park and Gramercy Park are the only two privately owned and maintained parks of their kind in the state. Having been built for many years, the temple never looks old thanks to the careful maintenance and now even begin to have more architectures to expand its original dimensions. The couple will travel from their home in Nantes, France to attend the opening in Troy this June 13 at 6 p.m.
Though they set out with an agreed upon theme in mind, such as a song lyric, each artist would contribute their own interpretation to that theme with feelings, sounds and colors.
It will also feature a display of historic memorabilia from the various businesses to occupy the building — some of which was discovered during the restoration and some of it donated by Troy residents. He is a passionate and inspiring teacher in the Dzogchen Longchen Nyingthig Lineage of Mahayana Buddhism and has taught extensively throughout the United States and Europe. I really hope these frames will reflect these wonderful facts and bring your mind and heart into this sacred place.
In the course of his experimentations, as a self-taught artist, Mika confirms his style playing with shapes to build his characters and combining vivid colors to give them cheerfulness and spirit to his everyday life scene. He relishes mixing colors and shapes in a fantastically unbridled production full of energy.

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