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Levine is the founder of Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society, a Los Angeles-based community that shares the teachings of Buddha. For the first time in his life, Levine said he was able to ignore his mind, his pain, and his addiction. Levine calls his practice 'American Buddhism.' He says he is not so interested in the religious dogma and traditions that have grown up around the Buddhist teachings and culture. At his talk at the Community Art Center, Levine will explore how the teachings of the Buddha are as relevant in today's modern world as they were in ancient India. By creating and using an account on Moonshine Ink, you are agreeing to our user terms and submissions policy.

Look for the latest issue in newsstands now.Or subscribe and enjoy it hot off the press in your mailbox. Where punk often dwells in a negative criticism of the status quo, Buddhism offers a path to overcome suffering. His father was a Buddhist meditation teacher, but Levine rejected his father's way as a teenager. He’ll explain how Buddhism offers a practical and experiential way of living that ends suffering and creates a positive change for the world. They both see the greed and hatred in the world and both recognize those faults as a source of oppression.

Levine's teachings state that if we end the hatred within ourselves, we will stop breeding hatred in the world. He also holds a masters degree in counseling psychology and has published two books, 'Dharma Punx' and 'Against the Stream.' Levine's third book, 'Heart of the Revolution,' is due out this spring. The first time Levine sat down to meditate he was in locked in his cell in juvenile hall in Santa Cruz county.

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