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Throughout Buddhist history, many great masters have commented on the tremendous benefit of making offerings to the sangha as a way of increasing the benefit of prayers and Dharma activities In Tibet, it was often said that wealthy people would support the Triple Gem by offering horses and yaks, while poorer people would offer thread and needles. During the time of the Buddha in Shravasti, there was a beggar woman who had nothing to offer to the Buddha. In a past life of the Great Dharma Patron, King Ashoka, he was just a small boy playing in the sand with other children. Your foot can only feel itself when it feels the weight of your body pressing into the ground. Regarded as archaeological relics, some of these footprints are real and some are fabricated. People recreate the Buddhapada in paintings, wood carvings, batik or other artistic formats in order to remember the physical transmission of the Buddha’s teachings.
In Sri Lanka, Thailand and Pakistan, the buddhapada are generally engraved in stone and protected in safe places. My feet are blistered and knobby, and my toenails are falling off (you saw them at the top of the page).
I think the sole of the foot is connected directly with the soul of what connects humanity.
You’ll find prints from my cowboy boots at the top of all the high points in Pocatello and Missoula. You are most conscious when you feel the weight of your own existence connecting to the ground. Though I don’t walk on mountain ridges in order to reach villages or spread any type of message, those walks are still sacred. And shouldn’t we measure our lives in terms of the places we went and what happened along the way? Regardless of the size of the offering, all people supporting the Three Jewels out of love and compassion are benefited by generating these precious qualities, by receiving prayers and blessings of the sangha, and in turn, the activities of the Triple Gem are increasingly uplifted and strengthened by the generosity of practitioners and their contributions. Great patrons of the Buddha like Antha Pindika and King Prasangika, gave so many offerings to the Buddha and his sangha which she appreciated so much, but she was unable to make such vast offerings herself.

Pretending to be a king with the other children as his ministers, they built a sand castle which included a treasury. Some of the footprints have the Dharmachakra in the middle of the sole, and some have auspicious signs engraved in them. Buddhist legend holds that the Buddha walked and left footprints in every land that his teachings would someday be recognized. The footprints are also found in Tibetan thangkas, and the footprints are imprinted on the painting when it is consecrated.
I see hawks and bluebirds and butterflies and wildflowers and I feel as if my soul is part of it all. Raised in Pocatello, Idaho among the black rock and juniper, she grew up wandering in cowboy boots, running, riding bikes, skiing, climbing, painting, and studying classical ballet. Consequently, the conch is seen as a vehicle fearlessly proclaiming the truth of dharma in all directions. One day she decided to make a single light offering in the temple where the Buddha and his disciples gathered to meditate. She is a scholar of English Literature, a poet, painter, photographer, musician, and outdoorswoman.
It also extends to the material side & it is characteristic of the deities that symbolize prosperity. Seeing that a single light was still illuminated, he thought to extinguish the lamp by waving his hand but he was unable to put it out. I could do more productive things with my time, but in a way, wandering is the most productive way to spend a day. The pointed base is tipped with a turquoise end & has champka fruit from the wish-granting tree. The generally acknowledged meaning of the lotus flower is purity of mind or divine creation.
Finally, after gathering enough oil, she offered a single lamp in the temple among hundreds of others lamp offerings.

Immediately he bent over the sand castle and picked up the imaginary treasury room of the castle in his hands.
And the most beautiful of places in the western United States can often only be reached by foot; you have to walk in order to get to the highest places. Where will you go  tomorrow on your morning stroll after you drink a beautiful cup of coffee?
She is a lover of mountain bluebirds & elephants, tea & good coffee, Carl Jung, Salvador Dali, skiing, climbing in the desert, yoga, harp music, and sagebrush. From the muck of a pond, where the roots of the lotus reside, an immaculate white flower emerges to rest on the surface of the water as a metaphor for the harmonious unfolding of spirituality. He quickly walked over to the Buddha to place these imaginary riches within his begging bowl. At first Ananda moved to stop the boy, thinking with a loving heart that this sand would ruin the food within the Buddha's begging bowl. The Buddha was so tall, so one of this disciples bent down in front of him and requested the small boy to stand on top of his back. An old beggar woman dedicated this lamp for the enlightenment of all living beings, so her aspiration cannot be interrupted. Following this event, Ananda asked the Buddha why he had allowed the boy to put sand in his begging bowl. Smiling, the Buddha said that two hundred years after his mahaparinirvana a universal king (Skt. Chakravartin) would arise in India, and that he would perform extensive activities in support of establishing and spreading the Buddhadharma throughout the region. The Buddha said that his name would be King Ashoka, and that this very boy would become that king due to the incredibly vast merits he developed by offering the Buddha a handful of sand with a genuinely loving heart.

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