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With its impressive make up, historical background and chock full of cultural information, Buddhist temples are among best examples to learn more about Asia, religion and local culture.
Consider donating to the temple, which is run on a thin budget, especially when you enjoyed your visit.
Don’t point your feet at any Buddhist (not just monks and nuns) while sitting as this gesture is also considered rude. Buddhists sweeping the temple stairs do their job to prevent someone stepping on insects more than just removing dirt and impurities. Symbolically representing a whole, enter the Buddhist temple with your left foot first and exit by leading with your right foot. It is best to visit a Buddhist temple early in the morning when the monks are just returning from their alms procession and temperature is relatively cooler than later in the day. Use the form below to delete this Nepal A Heritage Of Nature & Religion Livemans image from our index.
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In the middle of February, 12 men and as many women aged between 30 and 40 gathered at Anrakuji, a temple of the Nichiren sect in the city of Wakayama, for a spouse-finding event. The men introduced themselves to the women sitting at the tables and they took tea together.
The matchmaking event was launched in 2011 by Yoshino and Ryushin Yasutake, 37, chief priest of Dorakuji, a temple of the Kuze Kannon sect in the town of Katsuragi, Wakayama Prefecture. Matchmaking events conducted by temples of different sects are also seen as a way of revitalizing the temples. Buddhist Temples And Monasteries in Singapore Travel locations that brings solace & tranquility. Visitors are expected to see several of them especially on trips to Southeast Asian countries particularly Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia. Since foreigners are often welcome in Buddhist temples, we set these guides as simple reminders of manners and etiquette to ensure nobody offends anyone. Without asking where to put them, a pile of shoes outside the edifice indicates where you can leave yours off. Imagine places like libraries, which must maintain silence, Buddhist also needs to keep noise off to remain conducive for prayers. Just like turning mobile phones off and dressing properly, respect is also conveyed by removing your headphones, spitting out chewing gum, refrain from smoking and talking softly inside the Buddhist temple. While perfectly normal in the West, this gesture is considered rude around Buddhist temples. While this is certainly not expected from tourists, doing so means you researched more about Buddhist custom and went the extra mile. For about three minutes, the men talked about their occupation, families and other aspects of themselves, according to the international press. They both agreed on the importance of families and came up with the idea of hosting matchmaking ceremonies in the temples.
Tourists understandably wear light clothing in Southeast Asia where climate is humid and shorts can offer more comfort. Should a woman extend food or donations to a monk, it must be passed to a man first then to a monk.
After the meeting, participants wrote on cards the names of those they were interested in and gave them to Yoshino.
Almost 61% of the Singaporeans are Buddhists. Singapore offers many beautiful sights and photographic opportunities for the travellers.
But respect should be on display, and some temples offer shawls or indoor slippers for visitors to use inside the temple.
These temples and monasteries reveal a whole lot of details about the past and present of Buddhism in Singapore. Amongst those temples and monasteries that simply cannot be missed out on your tour to Singapore are Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple, Siong Lim Temple and Thian Hock Keng Temple. The very first of these was constructed with an intention to spread dhamma and supply accommodation to monks visiting Singapore.

The Sakyamuni Buddha Gaya Temple is renowned for its central statue of Buddha that glitters with illumination of 1000 bulbs. The Thian Hock Keng Temple is really a national monument and has a calligraphic panel, presented through the Emperor of China, Guang Xu, as one of its most prized possession. It’s the first and only Burmese Buddhist temple built outside Myanmar and it has been appropriately adapted to local conditions. Situated near the highway in the middle of a residential area, it seems almost invisible to the human eye alone, with trees surrounding its exterior.Mangala Vihara Buddhist TempleFound at Jalan Eunos, next to Eunos MRT station. Founding father of this temple is Venerable Mahanama Maliduwa Mahaweera Mahanayaka Thera, was created in 16 Jan 1913 in Sri Lanka. Ordained like a samanera at the age 12 in Sri Lanka and 21 for his upasampada (higher ordination) at Wat Bhupala at Phatthalung in Thailand.In 1930, he resided at Brickfields Buddhist Temple in Malaysia and gone to live in Singapore in 1934 to provide religious services towards the Buddhists community. He passed away in 12 Jun 2002 in the age of 89.Palelai Buddhist TempleThe Buddhist temple changed a great deal these last years, due to the increasing number of believers.
Founded in 1927 with a Thai monk called Vutthisara, you’ll notice the strong Thai influences within the architecture and decor. Built in 1952, this is the oldest Sri Lankan Theravada Buddhist Temple in Singapore.Having a Stupa, a Bodhi Tree, Buddha images, along with a Sima Hall, the temple is recognized as a complete monastery under the Theravada tradition.
Other key options that come with the temple include a 45-ft reclining Buddha statue along with a life-like effigy of the King Devanampiyatissa showing his reverence to Arhat Mahinda depicting how Buddhism found its way to Sri Lanka.Uttamayanmuni Buddhist TempleThe Uttamayanmuni Buddhist Temple was located near our HDB flat in Choa Chu Kang in Singapore.
Sometimes Shao Ping and that iwould take a walk to the temple to decelerate a little and reflect. The decorations around the temple are quite exquisite.The temple is nearly completely surrounded by the HDB Blocks of Choa Chu Kang.
Venerable Zhuan Dao expressed his need to construct such a temple in 1920, along with a year later, the construction of the monastery commenced because the first traditional Chinese forest monastery in Singapore.
The temple, found at 88 Bright Hill Road at Bishan, progressed steadily being one of the most well known international Buddhist hub.Lian Shan Shuang Lin MonasteryEstablished around 1898, this century-old Monastery is the oldest in Singapore. Because of its rich historical and architectural value, Shuang Lin Monastery was gazetted like a national monument in 1980.If you’re seeking to visit a grand temple in Singapore, visit the famous Lian Shan Shuang Lin Temple in Toa Payoh.
The temple comes with an elaborately decorated gateway, reached with a bridge, which opens right into a courtyard.
Take a walk in the courtyard to admire the numerous beautifully carved Buddhas displayed.Thekchen Choling MonasteryThe fast-paced lifestyle in modern and cosmopolitan country like Singapore takes a toll on people. Many arrived at our temple not only to seek respite from mental stress, but also for advices regarding how to overcome physical pains and aches.
While our Lama teaches the Buddhadharma to supply nourishments covering all aspects of life, it comes with an immediate need to help within the overcoming of physical and bodily pains and sicknesses. Additionally, the neighbourhood where our temple is situated has many poor and aged seniors, many needing medical attention for problems because of old age and sickness.We therefore try to become a Healing Temple via a holistic and integrated approach of providing physical, mental and spiritual choose to alleviate sufferings and improve the overall standard of living for everybody who seeks our help.

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