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As many cities in China restructure and switch their focus from industrial to service-dominated activities, more global providers are rushing to share in the new opportunities being provided, according to ISS Group, the Danish outsourcing company. Jeff Gravenhorst, its CEO, told China Daily that it is gearing up to expand its business in the country, after enjoying 28 percent compound annual growth in China since launching here in 2005.
He said ISS now has more than half a million employees worldwide, 200,000 of which are in the Asia-Pacific region, including 17,000 in the Chinese mainland.
He has the goal of offering the firm's full range of services, including its featured integrated facility services to public and private sector customers in 77 economies around the world. To ensure the standards of its services is maintained, the company provides training handbooks for each of its departments to guarantee the most innovative of skill-sets right across the business.
For example, the team tried to keep it promise of recycling spare carts within five minutes at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. In addition, an advisory document to promote and accelerate the development of the outsourcing service industry issued in January by the State Council, China's cabinet, pointed out that the joint development of national and international markets should be enlarged in scale and upgraded in structure.
That also leads ISS to foresee promising market prospects and pay more attention to exploring new opportunities.
He added that the type of service packages offered by foreign companies will help more emerging global and local businesses offer higher-standard services to the general public. As part of its annual foreign jaunt, entrepreneur Li Jinyuan's Tiens Group is spending 7 million euros ($8 million) this year to take some 2,500 of its employees to Spain.
State-owned railway group Renfe has made available two extra-long special charter trains with a capacity of 1,500 seats to transport the group from Madrid to Barcelona. Additionally, the Tiens group has booked another two regular trains to accommodate the remaining workers. Renfe notes that the operation deployed for Tiens workers resembles those implemented during periods of peak mobility in the country, such as national holidays and the summer season. Local authorities in all three cities have arranged special cultural events to welcome the travelers. They include a cultural and culinary gathering on Friday in one of Madrid's largest parks where the visitors will be able to try one of Spain's most popular dishes - paella. Spain welcomes an average of 300,000 Chinese tourists every year, a market that is growing at between 20 and 25 percent, according to the Shopping Tourism and Economy Summit in Madrid last year. Most Chinese travelers visiting Spain have high purchasing power and dedicate 70 percent of their travel budget to shopping.
Chinese remain the highest spenders among tourists visiting Spain, said the consultancy Global Blue. Despite its enormous economic potential, Becerra said that the Chinese tourism market is still underdeveloped in Spain and activities like the Tiens group can have a very positive effect in attracting more tourists. Employees of Tiens Group attend a parade in Nice, France, last May, with their travel expenses covered by the company.
Hong Kong-listed private hospitals owned by businesspeople from Putian, in eastern Fujian province, have seen their shares fluctuate or suspended over the past three days, after concerns were raised over their safety standards.
A college student from Shaanxi province died of cancer on April 13 after receiving treatment in a hospital in Beijing, which he found by searching on Baidu, China's largest search engine. It was revealed he was treated by people hired by an investment company based in Putian to subcontract the Beijing military clinic involved. As a result of the incident, market experts said short-term sentiment might continue to be affected.
But in the longer term it might actually help force regulators, operators and investors to strengthen safety and quality controls over the sector.
Shares in Hua Xia Healthcare Holdings Ltd, Wan Jia Group Co Ltd and Harmonicare Medical Holding Co Ltd were all hit. The three are owned by Putian businesspeople who come from the same town as the owner of the Beijing facility connected to the death. Individual investors said they were concerned the companies may be linked to the Beijing site, with some suggesting share prices will suffer further if the firms fall under formal investigation. On Tuesday, Hua Xia group denied the Beijing hospital was affiliated, related to or managed by Hua Xia. Despite that statement, its share price slumped 16 percent on Tuesday, when the news of the incident first circulated. Harmonicare's shares also slumped 6 percent in value the same day, while shares in Wan Jia were suspended.
Health-driven sectors, including healthcare services, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, are currently popular with Chinese investors, both retail and institutional. Latest research on the domestic private equity market by Bain & Co rated the medical sector among the hottest fields alongside financial technology, entertainment and internet technologies, with deal sizes in the sector also growing. Experts said that the relation, between investment capital and the healthcare sector needs to be clarified. Shi Guomin, a senior expert in the PE sector who used to be executive manager of the healthcare investment fund at Beijing-based PE firm HG Capital, said investors have been spooked by the incident, with some scared off potential investment targets and deals as a result. But in the longer run, he said, it could prove positive for China's private healthcare and medical industry as a whole, as it might act as a timely reminder that safety and quality controls remain paramount.
A doctor talks with a pregnant woman at a hospital owned by Harnomicare Medical in Beijing.
Calls by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, at its conference on Wednesday, for a halt to cellular immunotherapy as a treatment for cancer had a negative impact on more than 20 related listed medical companies. Shanghai Haixin Group Co Ltd saw its shares decline 2.46 percent on Thursday, despite the benchmark index and most other shares edged higher. The group's subsidiary Shanghai Haixin Biotechnology Co, together with the Second Military Medical University, co-developed antigen pulsed human dendritic cells, China's first self-developed therapeutic vaccine. Shares in other medical companies, including Zhejiang Conba Pharmaceutical Co, Shanghai Canature Environmental Products Co, Anhui Anke Biotechnology Co, and Guanhao Biotech, all suffered declines by the close. Those companies cooperated with domestic and overseas institutions on cellular immunotherapy research - a new class of cancer treatment that works to harness the innate powers of the immune system. Another related company, Zhuhai Hokai Medical Instruments Co, suspended trading in its shares. The NHFPC conference made it clear that cellular immunotherapy was still at the clinical research stage, and should be operated in accordance with relevant procedures.
The NHFPC will prohibit hospitals from outsourcing departments through disguised ways, and strengthen the supervision of medical technology and equipment.
Insiders revealed that hospitals are required to stop their current outsourcing projects, and to report projects to the NHFPC.
At the clinical research stage, cellular immunotherapy should only be used for clinical studies. As a result, those primary healthcare institutions without qualifications will be regulated in applied immunotherapy, and institutions that are eligible for clinical trials will be still allowed to carry out the businesses. Currently, listed domestic companies offering cellular immunotherapy technologies mainly use cytokine-induced killer and DC-CIK treatments. The 21-year-old cancer patient Wei Zexi, whose death has been highlighted recently in the media, received that treatment before his death.
Analysts said low-end technologies, including CIK and DC-CIK, will be encouraged out the market.
CAR-T and TCR-T cellular therapies, meanwhile, will become the mainstream cancer treatments.
Ji Xuwo, a healthcare analyst at Orient Securities in Beijing, said: "Compared with traditional DC-CIK technologies, we are bullish on the growth potential of the CAR-T Cell therapy market, and the investment prospects of related companies, including Anhui Anke Biotechnology (Group) Co Ltd.
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Thursday issued a telecom license to China Broadcasting Network Ltd, making it the nation's fourth telecom operator.
The ministry said in a statement on its official website that it has issued a basic telecom business license to CBN, permitting the company to operate internet data transmission business and domestic telecommunication infrastructure service business.
The ministry has also allowed China Cable Television Network Co Ltd, a subsidiary of CBN, to operate the two businesses. CBN now becomes the nation's fourth telecom operator after China Mobile Communications Corp, China United Network Communications Group Co Ltd and China Telecommunications Corp, intensifying the competition among domestic telecom carriers. The purpose is to promote a three-network convergence, which combines cable television, telecommunications and the internet into one seamless chain, and promote competition in the market, said the ministry.
Chen Zhaoxiong, vice-minister of industry and information technology, said awarding the telecom license to CBN is of great importance and the authorities also imposed related conditions on the company. CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co, a subsidiary of China Railway Rolling Stock Corp, will test the country's first hybrid-power train next month, project officials said on Thursday. The train will complete its technical debugging phase by the end of this month in Jilin province and tests are scheduled to start at the China Academy of Railway Sciences in June, which will take six months to ensure product quality, safety and efficiency. The new model will have between two and three power sources including integrated internal combustion power of diesel generator package and a power battery pack to cut carbon emissions and diesel costs. An Zhongyi, CRRC Changchun's general manager, said the train will give the country the edge in shifting from operating electrified railway networks to fully non-electrified ones, a move that favors the development of hybrid-powered trains. China's railway trade opportunities come from surging demand in many countries such as the United States, Russia, Brazil, Thailand, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran for improved equipment, infrastructure facilities, passenger services and regional connectivity, with efficiency and green credentials a priority. The new train will run at between 120 and 160 kilometers per hour, and is best-suited to be operated on lines of under 100 km in length, or on rail journeys of less than an hour. Li said the train is powered using either a pantograph system, an apparatus mounted on its roof which gathers power through contact with an overhead wire, or an internal combustion power pack or power battery pack, to run if a power grid is unavailable. China is expected to continue a relatively large scale of railway investment over the next five years. It will speed up the expansion of its high-speed railway network, build more inter-city and city-suburb links, and work to complete a freight railway network, according to the country's long-term railway development plan. Hybrid-power trains can be used on commuter lines between various cities, trunk railways and railway lines for passenger traffic along with fast-growing pace of urbanization. Shen Danyang, the ministry's spokesman, attributed the surge to a rise in the prices of iron ore in global markets.
His comments came after the international media reported that global steel price on average had risen from $305 per metric ton earlier this year to $365 in April because China had cut between 150 million tons and 200 million tons of steel and iron production capacity to tackle the issue of overcapacity.
Since March, China has adopted a series of measures including a plan to gradually cut steel production by 100 million tons by the end of this year and 200 million tons by 2020 to tackle the problem. Sun Jin, director of communications at Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Co, one of the country's biggest iron producers by capacity, said the company's trains are no longer busy carrying piles of steel. Eager to restore its earning ability, the Wuhan-based steelmaker's non-steel businesses including new materials, energy resources, engineering and information technologies, logistics and modern services sectors have become its main breadwinners. The government said 500,000 workers in the steel sector are expected to lose their jobs as part of the efforts to cut the overcapacity. More importantly, it will establish an incentive scheme to support VR content producers and VR gear producers to jointly build an "ecosystem" that is expected to boost the overall development of the sector. The company, which was majority owned by Baidu Inc, announced in February it would seek a listing in the Chinese mainland at an appropriate time once its privatization plan is completed. Statistics from industry consultancy firm iResearch Consulting Group predicted that VR market revenue in China is expected to exceed 55 billion yuan by 2020, a sharp increase from 1.5 billion yuan in 2015. However, factors such as a lack of VR content and immature VR technology remain obstacles which could hampering the industry's further growth. As part of the incentive scheme, iQiyi said it will provide marketing, production and operation assistance to more than 300 of its partners in the VR content and device manufacturing sectors with a goal to attract 10 million VR service users in the next 12 months. Pang Yiming, an analyst with Beijing-based internet consultancy Analysys International, said that it is a smart move for iQiyi to tap into the VR sector as the company will transform itself from an online video site into an online content platform, providing not only videos but also games and e-books. Leon Qian, PwC northern China transaction services & healthcare industry leader, said investors were previously attracted to specialized hospitals, especially dental, obstetric and paediatric hospitals, as they had low risk and could be easily replicated and enlarged to generate profits.
The report also showed that there has been a rise in investment activity in public hospitals, with their total disclosed deal value reaching 844 million yuan in 2015. Investment in private hospitals reached a record high in 2014 in both the volume and value.
Notably, the rising role of strategic investors, in particular A-share listed companies, in hospitals has elicited exponential growth in deal value since 2014. Despite the strong interest of financial investors such as private equity funds in healthcare, the disclosed deal value dropped to 985 million yuan in 2015, decreasing by approximately 65 percent compared with 2014. Jin added that more cross-border transactions are expected to be conducted in various ways, such as consolidation and joint ventures, and healthcare company IPOs will be more popular in capital market. The report also said China's investment trends in healthcare saw a shift from traditional targets, such as medical examination centers and dental clinics, to core business areas including hospitals, rehabilitation centers and clinics in the past four years. A new high-profile bank card skimming case, uncovered by police in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, and repeatedly broadcast by China Central Television's news channel last week, made me feel startled and worried. The media exposure of the scam, which took the Chifeng police eight months to uncover, issued a warning to the public that a new trend of bank card thefts through point-of-sale terminals, which are conducted in more hidden and harmful ways, may have started to affect our daily life. The police have urged the holders of bank cards to be careful about possible loopholes in POS machines at retailers, especially at beauty salons, restaurants and entertainment centers. According to the police in Chifeng, the criminal ring was highly organized through virtual social networks, with the criminals taking on different roles, including the research and development of point-of-sale systems, and the production, maintainance and sale of fake POS terminals.
The hackers loaded their own software onto authentic POS terminals in order to capture customer data and send it to the criminals, who then used it to clone cards and raid accounts via ATMs. One of the criminals earned 300,000 yuan ($46,200) within a few months by doctoring POS terminals, one of which was installed in a beauty salon.
What really scared me was the fact that the criminals involved came from one virtual hacker group on QQ, an instant messaging service of Tencent Holdings Ltd, and the police found there are 140 such groups on QQ, with each having 300 to 1,000 members.
The bank card industry is embracing the global trend of embedding microprocessor chips in credit cards, debit cards and mobile phones. It also makes sense that third-party payment platforms and retailers have to get moving, sharpen their sense of responsibility and take precautionary measures to safeguard the finances of their customers, and for the sake of their own businesses. To my knowledge, there is not a reporting system for the purchase, installation and repair of POS terminals, which means there are no qualification requirements for third-party people engaged in POS maintainance services - a serious loophole that supervision authorities must mend. So it would be also helpful if we turn to developed economies for cooperation on payment innovation and security to stop breaches of data. China had issued 5.25 billion bank cards and the number of networked merchants had reached 16 million, while the number of POS terminals and ATMs reached 21 million and 770,000, respectively, by the end of September 2015, according to China UnionPay, the national bank card organization responsible for all domestic bank card transactions. The bank card penetration rate has surpassed 48 percent and bank cards have helped us a lot, in daily life and economic development.
But if the risks surrounding the use of bank cards are not removed, the functions and advantages of using bank cards will be eroded. Business activity in China's services sector dropped slightly in April, a private survey showed on Thursday. China's central bank is turning on the credit taps to its policy banks as it seeks to support the economy by channeling credit to designated areas of the government's choosing. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce had decided to carry out a systemwide supervision toward online markets from May to November this year, which includes regulating fraudulent and illegal internet advertisements, according to a notice on Thursday. China announced on Thursday it will liberalize the price controls on salt from Jan 1, 2017, as part of the country's broad efforts to end the 2,000-year-old State monopoly of the salt industry. Chinese tycoon Wang Jianlin's Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co may seek a "backdoor listing" on the Shanghai Stock Exchange if it does not get regulatory approval to launch a planned initial public offering soon, according to sources with knowledge of the matter. China Eastern will increase its flights from Shanghai to Brisbane, the Queensland state government announced on Thursday.
A former Goldman Sachs senior partner is to join Ant Financial Services Group to lead the online finance company's global expansion. Ant Financial, the online finance affiliate of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, announced on Thursday the appointment of Douglas Feagin as senior vice-president, responsible for the international business, effective from June 15.
Ford Motor Co's vehicle sales in China fell 11 percent in April compared with the same month in 2015, the largest decline in monthly sales in a year. Apple Inc will appeal a trademark ruling to China's Supreme People's Court after it lost a four-year fight against a Beijing leather-products maker.
US energy firm Continental Resources reported on Wednesday a net loss of $198.3 million in the first quarter of this year as the energy market is still embracing low oil prices and oil glut.
Japanese airbag maker Takata has been ordered by the US government to recall additional 35 to 40 million defective airbags installed in US vehicles by December 2019. A total of 571 companies in Brazil filed for bankruptcy in the first four months of this year, up 97.6 percent against the same period in 2015, a consultancy firm said on Wednesday. Officially known as the China Import and Export Fair, it is an biannual trade fair, considered a barometer of China's foreign trade.
In all, more than 185,000 buyers from 210 countries and regions visited the 119th edition of the fair, an increase of 0.43 percent compared to the spring session last year. The fair also attracted more buyers from the emerging markets, especially along the Belt and Road Initiative route. Electronics and home appliances, daily consumer goods, home decor products, gifts and machinery were the top five categories on the shopping list of overseas buyers. Despite an increase in both export turnover and number of overseas buyers, Xu said that the prospect for China's foreign trade is still full of uncertainty and instability. Martin Lundstedt, president and CEO of Volvo Group, has been a believer of a fun workplace during his 24-year career in the commercial vehicle industry.
With such good spirits, the Swedish executive appears to be unfazed despite the current downward pressure in China's economic growth.
Lundstedt said the government's growing emphasis on green initiatives, sustainable development and innovation are all bringing great opportunities for the Gothenburg-based company. In China for more than 20 years, the manufacturer of vehicles, engines and construction equipment now hopes to better tap into the country's booming e-commerce business. Also, we are facing a super opportunity brought on by the e-commerce boom, which is fueling the demand for modern logistics. How do you deal with competition in China, given that the local commercial vehicle market has long been dominated by domestic players? As you said, the segment for heavy-duty and middle-duty vehicles in China so far has been dominated by domestic brands. We want to offer the right green solution to China, not only because the government has a strong agenda on air quality but natural harmony is part of China's long history.
Currently, we are working on an electricity project in Gothenburg where the first route for electric buses was opened in June. I believe a developed city is not a city where the poor have a chance to buy a car but the rich are using the public transportation. As we go along, that will lead to autonomous vehicles, which I believe will still rely on an advanced onboard system.
We are also working on the Platooning Project, which allows a group of vehicles play "follow the leader" on highways and pass steering, braking and acceleration control to the lead vehicle, so that drivers can relax and do other things. In the foreseeable future, full self-driving vehicles will also be needed in mining places and remote regions where it is difficult to find employees. I think Volvo Group is a great company with tremendous assets in terms of brand and people. It's very clear we will increase our focus on customers and contribute to driving our business with higher speed and improved efficiency. I tend to spend my limited free time with my family, and I enjoy playing music and going sailing along the east coast of southern Sweden to embrace the nature. Carrier Corp, a US air conditioners, heating and refrigeration giant, plans to expand its research and development efforts in China, as it strives to make the country one of the mainstays of its global R&D operations. The United Technologies Climate, Controls and Security unit currently has four R&D centers in China - in Beijing, Shanghai, Qinhuangdao in Hebei province and Qingdao in Shandong province.
Each plays major roles in the multinational's global R&D network, especially in the innovation of its heating, ventilating and air-conditioning products, as well as fire security and commercial refrigeration products. Carrier has seen phenomenal growth in China, driven by the country's emerging middle class and ongoing urbanization process, in sales of its commercial and transport refrigeration and fire system products. The United Technologies entered China in the early 1900s, a few years after its creation in the United States. Its main customers in China have been commercial office building and infrastructure developers, including subways and airports, in addition to public facilities such as industrial factories, schools, hospitals and hotels. Despite a growth slowdown in the Chinese economy, the company said the fundamentals that have been driving its business remain very strong, and it will continue to invest heavily in China in the long term, said McDonough. The company also highlighted that it will see benefits from strong growth in the healthcare sector, which is being prioritized within the government's recently announced 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20). Ross Shuster, president of international operations at UTC Climate, Controls and Security, said: "Healthcare facilities are large consumers of our products. The US Meat Export Federation, a trade association committed to developing international markets for US beef, pork and lamb, has recently worked with the group-buying website Juhuasuan and online retail platform Tmall, both operated by Alibaba, to sell US pork on the Juhuasuan website. A total of 4,000 packages of pork shoulder and pork chop, weighing about 10,000 kilograms, were on sale from April 26 to 28. A consumer chooses pork imported from the United States at a supermarket in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province.
Most of the buyers in their comments said the price was reasonable and that they were satisfied with the 24-hour delivery.
The pork shortage in China, a result of decreasing hog counts and production, is also a chance for the pork industry in the US to increase sales to the Chinese market, which consumes about half the world's pork. According to USMEF, pork exports to China were 86 percent above last year's volume at 73,536 tons and 50 percent higher in value at $138.6 million from the fourth quarter of 2015 to February this year. In 2015, China accounted for approximately 9 percent of total US pork exports, but year to date, US shipments of pork to China made up of more than 12 percent of total export volume. However, the access to the Chinese market is "limited and costly", with China's "stringent" requirements and competition from European pork producers, said USMEF President and CEO Philip Seng in an article posted on the organization's website in July 2015.
He said a significant percentage of US pork products were ineligible for shipments to China because of the use of the muscle-enhancing drug ractopamine and other factors that conflict with China's import requirements, which made it difficult to "capitalize on significant growth opportunities in China".
The Chinese regulators implemented the ban in 2014 and lifted the restrictions for 14 US pork-processing plants and warehouses in October.
It caused a major slowdown of US pork exports in the second half of 2014 and the first half of 2015, but in the meantime, European Union export volume to China was more than one-third higher year-over-year, according to the USMEF.
The partnership with Alibaba helps the US pork industry better understand the e-commerce market for US red meat products, Haggard said. Anbang Insurance Group, a little-known Chinese insurer several years ago, has transformed itself into a formidable player both at home and abroad, as the group's net profit and total assets ballooned last year. The highlight was its life insurance business, with net profit surging 131 percent to 19.66 billion yuan, according to its latest annual financial statement. Analysts said that the aggressive expansion underscored Anbang's asset-driven business model, which helped it generate abundant cash flow and returns. Known for its high-profile purchase of New York's famed Waldorf Astoria hotel in 2014, Anbang has continued with its overseas buying spree. Its most recent target was Allianz Life Insurance Korea and Allianz Global Investors Korea, the South Korean operations of German insurer Allianz SE. That deal followed the purchase of a controlling stake in Tongyang Life Insurance Co last year as well as a slew of high-profile deals in Europe, including the purchase of Dutch insurer Vivat and Belgian insurer Fidea in 2014.
While investment income of Anbang's life insurance business grew by 110.9 percent last year, its insurance premium rose a more modest 20 percent, the financial report showed. But analysts said Anbang will be under pressure to optimize its liabilities so it can sustain the aggressive expansion program.
The company's first quarter financial data for 2016 could offer some insight into such a transition, which saw Anbang Life Insurance record a rapid rise in its premium income to 125 billion yuan, making it the third-largest Chinese life insurer after China Life Insurance Co and Ping An Life Insurance Co. But some analysts have warned that Anbang's growth seems too aggressive, and risks may arise against the backdrop of negative interest rates globally and the shortage of high-yield assets in the domestic market. Net profit jumped to almost $1 billion during the first three months, a huge improvement compared with an 84.6 percent drop logged in the same period last year. The company said the rising profit from its oil-refining activities had offset losses from its upstream businesses such as oil exploration and production - conditions also hitting many of its rivals hard after falling oil prices wiped out gains. China National Offshore Oil Corp, the country's top offshore oil and gas producer, also reported lower revenues for the period, citing the sharp decline in international oil prices. Lin Boqiang, director of the China Center for Energy Economy Research at Xiamen University, said that CNPC and CNOOC, which are heavily dependent on their struggling upstream businesses, were hit the most by low crude prices. For petrochemical companies such as Sinopec, however, he said falling oil prices lowered the cost for refining, bringing higher returns. He now expects prices to rise after two years of falls, as the global oil glut is gradually eased. With current oil prices just above $40 a barrel, Lin predicted that as long prices continue rising, results of "three barrels of oil three oil majors (trio)" in the second quarter "will certainly be better".
China Petroleum & Chemical Corp employees inspect natural gas pipelines in Zibo, Shandong province. Children in dozens of villages in Northwest China are able to learn authentic English from expatriate teachers just like their counterparts in big cities in the country, thanks to a distance education project launched by e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.
The project, jointly launched at the end of March by Alibaba's Taobao Education and Rural Taobao, is designed to help children in the less developed rural areas get access to the same high-quality educational resources available in urban areas. Seven-year-old Wang Kerong, in Shangluo, Shaanxi province, takes notes as she attends a class provided by the Taobao small classroom project. According to a statement released by Alibaba in mid-April, the Taobao small classroom project has already covered 50 villages in northwestern China's Shaanxi and Gansu provinces by equipping the existing local Taobao rural service centers with the company's online education resources.
Alibaba said in 2015 that it would open 100,000 village-level rural service centers, in which tech-savvy young people can help elders in the villages shop online, an initiative to boost e-commerce in China's rural regions.
She said that Taobao Education has teamed up with English language training schools, including Wall Street English and Web International English, to recruit experienced teachers to teach for rural children via this online education project. Amy Chen, who has seven years of teaching experience at Web International English, is among one of the first teachers for the Taobao small classroom project. Through interacting with teachers via live streaming and playing some games online, children are more comfortable and confident of speaking English, she added. Li Yi, who works at a rural Taobao service center in Zaoyuan village in Luochuan, a city in Shaanxi province, said Taobao Education holds one distance education class every weekend. According to Taobao Education, it will gradually bring vocational training programs to villages in the same way. The Shanghai Min restaurant and probiotic beverage producer Yakult (China) Marketing Co Ltd won the Award for Outstanding Contribution in Food Safety and Public Health for five consecutive years.
The accolade is one of the most coveted in the Chinese food sector, at the event organized by Ecolab Inc and CBNweekly. Xibei restaurant, a famous northwestern Chinese restaurant chain, was also listed as one of the food enterprises with outstanding safety qualities. Founded in 1988 in Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Xibei has more than 130 outlets in more than 20 Chinese cities. In the next decade the restaurant chain aims to own about 1,000 branches in 100 cities, and that target will be based on strict food-safety standards, said Jia Guohui, its general manager.
Since 2014, she said the company has started to transform its business model, and now its kitchens are visible to the public through transparent windows, so customers can watch their dishes being cooked.

Xibei also lowered the number of its dishes from 200 to just more than 40, which helps it with better food safety and supply chain management, Jia said. Bright Dairy & Food Co, China's leading milk producer, meanwhile, also showed its strong food safety credentials after being listed as one of the Chinese food enterprises with excellent quality. The Shanghai-listed company achieved revenues of 10 billion yuan ($1.55 billion) in the first half of 2015, up 2 percent year-on-year, showing strong performances despite slowing growth in the milk sector.
It applies international safety standards throughout its entire industry chain, to ensure the safety of its products, they said. The awards also revealed that many of China's best-known food companies already claim to have achieved sustainable growth while operating with credibility and integrity. Companies highlighted for this include Chinese manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverage producer JDB Group, mineral water and beverage producer China Resources C'estbon Beverage (China) Co Ltd, and Chinese snack food company Want Want Group.
Expert guidance and finance are two important elements that startups need most at the beginning while MasterCard will provide both, if the startups participate and win in the newly launched program MasterCard Start Path in China.
Start Path is a global effort to support innovative, early-stage startups that are developing the next generation of commerce solutions. Launched in 2014, the program has a strong track record of helping startups transform innovations into sustainable business propositions across a diverse range of technology areas including artificial intelligence, wearables, logistics and big data among others.
Following the meteoric rise of Chinese e-commerce companies, China's rapidly growing financial technology and developer community are ripe for the next generation of local entrepreneurs to take center stage, Chang said.
The program is open for applications until May 11 and up to 10 promising startups will be invited to pitch their solutions to the judging panel in Shanghai on May 23.
The winner will attend the global Smart Path program as representative of Chinese startups.
For startup owners like Zhang, their biggest worries include equity sharing and decision-making rights.
MasterCard deals with their concerns by saying that startups are not required to relocate, nor is any equity taken. Chang said the company is committed to helping local startups access these opportunities and provide the expert advice they need to rapidly scale their businesses and become innovation powerhouses in China and beyond. Zhang Jian, the founder of the startup company, said he would like to apply for this program.
In the past two years, MasterCard has worked with more than 60 startups that have found success. Chen Xiangcong, from Hunan province, who suffered severe burns after successfully putting out a fire caused by his neighbor, has been helped in paying for his treatment to the tune of more than 150,000 yuan ($23,200) raised by 5,000 donors through Qing Song Chou, a crowdfunding platform. This month, 100 female high-school students in Congjiang county, southwestern China's Guizhou province, received financial aid from Evergrande Real Estate Group through the Spring Bud Campaign. The China Charity Federation, Hunan Charity Federation, and the Hemophilia Home of Beijing held a launch ceremony on Monday for the charitable aid project aiming to give decent treatment to people with hemophilia. Five Plus One, an online-to-offline fundraising platform, held it launch ceremony in Guizhou province on Monday, run by the Guizhou Youth Development Foundation, and two local companies. Aircraft manufacturer Airbus SAS' corporate foundation donated 569,900 yuan ($88,160) to Beijing Guang'ai School, a nonprofit educational charity, on April 14. US electric automaker Tesla Motors Inc plans to open at least 10 new stores this year in China, which recently became its second-largest market after the United States in the first quarter of 2016, with a growth rate of more than 300 percent, a senior official of Tesla told China Daily on Wednesday. Zhu said that the last couple of years has seen a significant change in public perceptions toward electric cars in China.
With strong policy support, China's new-energy vehicles sector recorded an explosive growth last year.
On Tuesday, Tesla China said the company's models had once again been approved for free license plates by the Shanghai transportation authority. The Shanghai government renews its list of automakers eligible for free NEV license plates annually.
Musk has said on many occasions that Tesla's vision is to create sustainable energy vehicles which are affordable to the general public. On April 27, Xin Guobin, vice-minister of industry and information technology, had a meeting with Jon McNeill, Tesla's president of global sales and service in Beijing. Tesla did not disclose the detail of the meeting, but the ministry said on its website that it was about the development of Tesla's China business and further cooperation.
Dropping jumpers from every corner and angle, the Cleveland Cavaliers drained an NBA record 25 3-pointers - the most in any regular season or playoff game - during a 123-98 runaway win over the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night in Game 2 of their Western Conference semifinal. From the outset, they were on target and on a tear, and afterward LeBron James struggled to explain it. James made four 3s and scored 27 points for the defending conference champions, who were able to rest their starters for the entire fourth quarter. Even the team's mascot, Moondog, got in on the act by making an over-the-head, backward fling from half court on his first try in the final minutes. They made 18 3-pointers in the first half and added seven more after halftime to embarrass the Hawks, who have lost 10 straight postseason games to Cleveland. The Cavs spent the final few minutes chasing history and when reserve Dahntay Jones dropped the Cavs' 24th 3 with 2:24 left, it bettered the mark of 23 previously held by Orlando (2009) and Houston (2013).
The Warriors, who beat the Cavs in last year's Finals and seem to be on a collision course with them again, recently set the postseason mark by making 21 3-pointers. Smith made six 3-pointers in the first half - the Cavs knocked down seven straight during one dizzying stretch - as Cleveland built a 38-point lead over the stunned Hawks, who will head home for Friday's Game 3 down 2-0 in the series and demoralized.
There was little Atlanta defenders could do against the Cavs, who stood behind the line, took aim and dropped shot after shot after shot.
After making Cleveland's 16th 3-pointer in the first half, the easygoing Smith skipped back on defense like a little child on a schoolyard playground as Cleveland's towel-waving fans danced with delight and smelled blood.
Cleveland went past Golden State's record when Kyrie Irving nailed a 3-pointer with 5:06 left in the third quarter. Paul Millsap scored 16 points and Jeff Teague added 14 for the Hawks, who need to regroup quickly or they will get swept by the Cavs for the second straight year. Here is the kind of night it was for Atlanta: Millsap knocked down a long 3-pointer to end the first quarter, but replays showed it came after the horn and was disallowed.
Kevin Love was not slowed after injuring his right shoulder in Game 1 and finished with 11 points and 13 rebounds for the Cavs. Cavaliers: James refused to comment on reports that he will star in Space Jam 2, a sequel to the popular Warner Bros.
Veteran big man Chris Bosh, reportedly in a standoff with the Miami Heat over his health, won't return to the Heat in this NBA postseason, the team said on Wednesday. He missed the second half of the 2014-15 season due to blood clots, with a clot migrating to his lungs and forcing him into a hospital stay. In March, Bosh issued a statement saying his condition this season had "never been life threatening" and he was confident he would return to the court this season.
The Heat, however, have been reluctant to put him back on the floor, according to some reports because Bosh was taking blood thinners to combat the clots. Last week Bosh posted a Snapchat video of himself shooting three-pointers with the caption "I still got it".
Several US media outlets reported Bosh had asked the NBA Players' Association to intervene on his behalf. He traveled to Toronto, separately from his teammates, and was on hand when they opened their Eastern Conference semifinal series against the Raptors with a victory.
Given a rare moment of freedom from his usual spot parked in front of the opponent's net, the Pittsburgh Penguins forward pushed the Washington Capitals to the brink of elimination on Wednesday. Hornqvist fired a loose puck between Braden Holtby's legs 2:34 into overtime to give the Penguins a 3-2 victory in Game 4 of the NHL's tightly contested Eastern Conference semifinal. Washington's Mike Weber tried to steer the puck out of harm's way in front of the net, but it went right to Hornqvist, who was charging in from the right circle. The burly forward buried it for his fifth goal of the postseason to give the Penguins a 3-1 lead in the best-of-seven series.
Washington dropped three consecutive games just once while capturing the Presidents' Trophy for posting the league's best record during the regular season. Now the Capitals find themselves three periods away from an eighth playoff series loss to Pittsburgh in nine all-time postseason meetings.
The Penguins survived despite missing defenseman Kris Letang, serving a one-game suspension for an illegal hit on Marcus Johansson in Game 3. The makeshift defensive corps played just fine in the absence of perhaps Pittsburgh's most indispensable blueliner. As well, Penguins captain Sidney Crosby missed half the third period with an upper body problem. The Penguins blocked 14 shots and clogged the area in front of the net to protect rookie goaltender Matt Murray. The Arizona Coyotes are promoting 26-year-old John Chayka to general manager, making him the youngest GM in NHL history, a source familiar with the situation said on Wednesday. Because an official announcement has not been made, Associated Press was told by a source on condition of anonymity that the Coyotes have scheduled a Thursday media conference to introduce Chayka.
Chayka will be younger than 13 players on Arizona's current roster and will surpass Gord Stellick, who was 30 when he was hired by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1988, as the youngest GM in league history. Chayka co-founded hockey analytics firm Stathletes in 2009 and served as its director of hockey operations before being hired as Arizona's assistant GM under Maloney before last season.
Hockey teams have in recent years turned more toward analytics similar to the Moneyball approach in baseball, but Chayka will be the first from that background to become an NHL general manager.
Coach Dave Tippett is expected to have a larger role in Arizona's hockey operations under Chayka. Pittsburgh Penguins players celebrate Wednesday's overtime victory over the Washington Capitals in their Eastern Conference semifinal. Along with the defending champion, Russia is one of the favorites as it pursues its first title on home ice since 1986.
Head coach Oleg Znarok, who led the Russians to gold two year ago in Minsk, is relying heavily on Columbus Blue Jackets' Sergei Bobrovsly, his country's only winner of the Vezina Trophy, given annually to the NHL's goaltender. Detroit Red Wings 'Miracle Man' Pavel Datsyuk will also play for Russia, along with Chicago Blackhawks' Artemi Panarin. But the team faces a tough challenge from Team Canada, which boasts a host of players who humbled Russia 6-1 in the final last year. Even though many of Canada's top stars are still competing in the NHL's Stanley Cup playoffs, manager Bill Peters can count on Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene, Edmonton Oilers left winger Taylor Hall and Buffalo Sabres center Ryan O'Reily, who all won the title last year in the Czech Republic. Canada will also be bolstered by the speed and firepower of Edmonton Oilers teenage sharpshooter Connor McDavid. Team USA boss John Hynes, the head coach of New Jersey Devils, will try to lead his team to its first title since 1960.
Edmonton Oilers center Matt Hendricks, who captained the US team to bronze last year and Columbus Blue Jackets winger Nick Foligno form the team's backbone along with Buffalo Sabres defender Jake McCabe and Arizona Coyotes' blueliner Connor Murphy. From the drinking and gambling, four divorces, two trips to alcohol rehab and the parade of demons and doubts in his head, it's a wonder Daly made it this far. There are enough wild adventures to fill a book, so Daly wrote one 10 years ago - John Daly: My Life In and Out of the Rough. Daly makes his debut this week at the Insperity Invitational outside Houston, where tournament officials are expecting attendance to double. The PGA Tour Champions features 54-hole events with no cuts - good news for a guy who has missed 209 cuts in his PGA Tour career. His wild ride began 25 years ago this summer when he drove through the night to Indiana as the ninth alternate, and without ever having seen Crooked Stick, gripped and ripped his way to a stunning PGA Championship victory.
It went downhill from there, until another surprising climb when he won the British Open at St. And it is all documented in a rather large dossier at PGA Tour headquarters known as his disciplinary file. The PGA Tour has suspended him at least twice, and another time Daly agreed to sit out six months. One year in Australia, he hit seven shots into the water until he was out of golf balls, then walked off the course.
Former British Open champion John Daly looks at his name inscribed on the Cavern Club Wall of Fame in Liverpool before a 2006 performance with his band. The deal will see CCTVSE, a wholly-owned subsidiary under the CCTV Sports Channel banner, be responsible for the operation and promotion of the event while CCTV5 will broadcast the game live. VfL Wolfsburg is widely known among Chinese fans, partly because of its signing of Zhang Xizhe in 2014 from CSL side Beijing Guo'an. Zhang is one of four Chinese players to have plied their trade in Germany's top-flight competition.
Zhang was listed on Wolfburg's squad three times during the 2014-15 season before returning to China in August to resume playing for his home side. Wolfsburg performed well in the European Champions League this season, reaching the quarterfinals of the prestigious event. The club also has seven players on its roster who will represent their national teams at Euro 2016 in France.
That group includes German internationals Julian Draxler, Andre Schurrle, Max Kruse and Sabastian Jung.
The Wolves depart for the Far East on May 16, two days after their final game of the season at home to VfB Stuttgart, and will return to Germany on May 22. This year will be the fourth time Wolfsburg has toured China since the club's first trip in 2004.
China's world-leading transfer splurge has left two teams with red faces after holder Guangzhou Evergrande and Jiangsu Suning crashed out in the AFC Champions League group stage. Just months after they repeatedly smashed Asia's transfer record to hire top players, the two sides flopped in the regional competition, a route to a coveted FIFA Club World Cup spot. Luiz Felipe Scolari's Evergrande was particularly poor as it was eliminated with a game to spare.
Evergrande's injury-hit striker Jackson Martinez has been unable to fill the shoes of the prolific Elkeson - now with Shanghai SIPG - since arriving from Atletico Madrid. And on Wednesday, a Jiangsu lineup featuring Asia's record signing Alex Teixeira, ex-Chelsea midfielder Ramires and Jo, who has played for Manchester City and Brazil, was held 2-2 by Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors to join Evergrande on the sidelines. The big-spending clubs' failure has particular resonance this week after little Leicester City stunned the glamor sides of English soccer to claim an incredible Premier League title. The British boxer, who normally fights at welterweight, faces a daunting battle against the hard-hitting Alvarez in a bout which many believe is too daunting or the 29-year-old from Bolton. But Khan insists he is relishing the prospect of star billing after enduring years of frustration trying unsuccessfully to land a bout against the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. World Boxing Council middleweight champion Alvarez (46-1, 32 KOs) said he was confident his power will be too much for Khan. De La Hoya insisted the idea of a Khan upset was not outside the realm of possibility - citing the example of Leicester City's remarkable title triumph in the English Premier League.
Cristiano Ronaldo lauded the impact made by Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane as the Frenchman led the Spanish giant into the Champions League final with a 1-0 win over Manchester City on Wednesday. Brazilian midfielder Fernando's first-half own goal was the only difference between the sides over two legs as Real set up a repeat of the 2014 final against local rival Atletico Madrid in Milan on May 28.
Zidane replaced the fired Rafael Benitez with Madrid sputtering in January, sparking the club's second run to the final in the 14 years since he scored the winning goal for Real against Bayer Leverkusen in 2002.
Ronaldo returned from a three-game absence due to a thigh injury, but was unable to match his own record of 17 Champions League goals in a single season in a tight game short on clear-cut chances. Zidane admitted he could bask in some of the glory for Real's resurgence of 19 wins in his 24 games in charge, but reserved his praise for the players. The Welshman scored as Real beat Atletico 4-1 after extra-time in the final two years ago to seal a successful first year in Madrid. However, he endured a difficult second season and was jeered by his own fans after missing a series of chances when Real bowed out to Juventus in last season's semifinal. Bale was denied his first Champions League goal of the season as UEFA credited the only goal of the tie to the unlucky Fernando. Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini said his side did not deserve to be eliminated from the Champions League, despite registering just one shot on goal in its 1-0 semifinal, second-leg loss to Real Madrid on Wednesday. Gareth Bale's deflected effort in the 20th minute was enough to propel Real into the final, although the narrow margin of Wednesday's victory did not do justice to the Spanish side's dominant display. City could only muster five attempts on goal to Madrid's 15 and only hit the target once, although Fernandinho clipped the post just before halftime. Pellegrini won the Premier League and League Cup in his first season with City after succeeding Roberto Mancini in 2013 but has only added this season's League Cup to the club's trophy cabinet since.
Although he succeeded in guiding the team beyond the Champions League's group stages in each of his three seasons, the Chilean has ultimately fallen short of the club's lofty aspirations in Europe. Real Madrid's Gareth Bale (left) watches as his shot is deflected into the goal by Manchester City defender Fernando in Madrid on Wednesday.
And three weeks later, Spieth's not quite ready to say he's fully recovered from letting a five-shot lead in the final round morph into that awkward ceremony that ended with him slipping the green jacket on Britain's Danny Willett following an ugly and very public collapse. It just hadn't really happened to Spieth during the 22-year-old's sprint to the top of the world rankings, a dash that included a pair of major championships and a reputation as one of the game's steadiest players as the holes dwindled and the stakes rose. Spieth endured the uncomfortable post-round ceremony with Willett, whose brilliant closing 5-under-par 67 will be forever tied with the way Spieth let it slip away.
Spieth admitted "this one will hurt" in the aftermath and he's spent the last few weeks trying to decompress and get ready for the daunting test that awaits at Oakmont in June. So Spieth did what most early 20-somethings with time to burn and money to spend did: he went on a well-appointed spring break, joining Rickie Fowler, Smylie Kaufman and Justin Thomas for a getaway at a tropical resort that Fowler chronicled via Snapchat. It will be back to work on Wednesday when Spieth takes a long look at Oakmont, which is prepping to host its ninth US Open and first since 2007, before heading to Florida for next week's Players Championship. Spieth plans to treat his preparation for the rugged test in the Western Pennsylvania hills much the same way he got ready for Chambers Bay last summer, when he edged Dustin Johnson and Louis Oosthuizen by a stroke. Angel Cabrera captured the Open in its last visit to Oakmont with a four-round total of 5 over par. It will take nerves to survive, and regardless of what that stretch at the Masters looked like, Spieth isn't worried about his confidence being rattled should he be in the mix on Father's Day.
For an event returning to the Olympics after more than 100 years, some industry experts are concerned the withdrawal of key names could turn off casual fans who might watch golf for the first time during the Game. In the past few weeks, Australia's Adam Scott withdrew, as well as South Africans Louis Oosthuizen and Charl Schwartzel, drawing criticism from nine-time major winner and South Africa team captain Gary Player, who said "many people have fought tooth and nail" to return golf to the Olympics.
The players who do not show up may end up regretting it, said Jim Bell, executive producer of NBC Olympics. Golf Channel is touting other players who say they are excited to compete for a spot in Rio, such as Americans Jordan Spieth and Bubba Watson and Ireland's Rory McIlroy. But some viewers might be turned off if more notable golfers are not in the lineup, said Michael Neuman, managing partner of the sports marketing division of Horizon Media. Golf was chosen by the International Olympic Committee eager to tap new markets and win fans. Tiger Woods has dropped out of the top 500 golfers in the world for the first time in his 20-year professional career.
Being injured and idle has sent Tiger Woods out of the top 500 in the world for the first time in his 20-year career as a pro. Woods hasn't played since the Wyndham Championship last August and he had played poorly (and sparingly because of injuries) the year before that. Woods was No 875 on April 2, 1995, the week before he tied for 41st in his Masters debut as an amateur. A Masters invitation is off the charts (Taylor lives in Augusta, Stuard has never played the Masters), and the money should be ignored (each earned $1.26 million). And yes, he gets in the Masters, PGA Championship, The Players Championship and several more than weren't on the agenda a week ago. The 37-year-old Smith has never made it to the US Open, and he would desperately like to play the next one. It hasn't been a lack of effort, with one story he told last week about the time he tried to qualify in 2007, the last time the US Open was at Oakmont. He was an alternate out of local qualifying and received a call on Friday that there was a spot for him in the 36-hole sectional qualifying on Monday.
Among his Walker Cup teammates are Rickie Fowler (2009), Jordan Spieth (2011) and Justin Thomas (2013). The USGA accepted 9,877 entries for the June 16-19 US Open at Oakmont, the third-most in history.
Leicester City's fairytale run to clinch the English Premier League soccer title was hailed by American golfer John Daly on Tuesday as he congratulated his fellow "underdogs" for their success. For Daly, Leicester's unexpected success echoed his first major victory at the 1991 PGA Championship, where he was the ninth and final alternate into the field and found out just a day before the tournament began that he would be playing. Last week: Brian Stuard won his first PGA Tour event in a playoff at the Zurich Classic over Jamie Lovermark and Byeong An. Last tournament: Woody Austin and Michael Allen won the Bass Pro Legends of Golf at Cedar Lodge on April 24. Last week: Jenny Shin won the Volunteers of America Texas Shootout for her first LPGA Tour victory.
Anyone with a stopwatch and a set of hand wraps can be the former, but only a guy who has hit and been hit can become the latter.
As a teenager, the native of Plainfield, New Jersey, compiled an amateur record of 103-13, with 50 knockouts. A fleet-footed super featherweight with dynamite in both fists, the man nicknamed 'The Shadow' was 19-0 and the No 1 challenger to world champion Rocky Lockridge (42-5) when they met on April 4, 1988 in Atlantic City. A couple of months later, while he was preparing for a bout in New York, Knight's brain scan revealed a benign cyst lesion.
After Knight quit boxing, his former trainer, John Davenport, started working with heavyweight prospect Lennox Lewis.
Knight recently agreed to work with Xiong, the pint-sized slugger from Kunming, Yunnan province, who became China's first professional world champion by winning the WBC strawweight (105 lbs) belt in 2013. Xiong's record of 26-6-1 includes 14 knockouts, and he has won four of five since being dethroned by Mexico's Oswaldo Novoa in 2014. Now ranked No 3 in the world, Xiong will face No 6 Jose Jimenez of Colombia in a 12-rounder on the May 25 card headlined by IBF world flyweight champ Amnat Ruenroeng of Thailand defending his title in a rematch against No 1 contender Johnriel Casimero of the Philippines.
The card is being held in conjunction with the IBF's 33rd annual convention in China's capital from May 23-27.
Besides Xiong, Knight is working with super bantamweight Qiu Xiaojun (20-2) and featherweight Xu Que (8-1-1) - and he sees a lot of potential in all of them.
During spirited sparring that saw all three fighters square off with each other, Knight was right in the mix. Britain's Anthony Joshua is considering the possibility of defending his International Boxing Federation world heavyweight title at Beijing's Bird's Nest Stadium, promoter Barry Hearn said on Monday. Hearn said he was talking to Chinese officials about a contest involving the 26-year-old Joshua, who won his version of the heavyweight crown when he dethroned Charles Martin in London last month. Joshua, who won gold for Britain at the 2012 London Olympics, will make his first title defense against American Dominic Breazeale in London next month. A win would put Joshua on course for a unification fight with fellow British world champion Tyson Fury.
Hearn said that if everything goes according to his schedule, Joshua could fight China's 2008 Olympic silver medallist Zhang Zhilei in Beijing.
China is set to play a dominant role in world snooker, according to some of the sport's top officials as they reacted to Ding Junhui's best-ever performance by an Asian player in a world title event. Ding, 29, who moved to the UK at the age of 15 to pursue his snooker dream, this week narrowly missed unseating Mark Selby from his global No 1 spot in a gripping final of the World Championship at Sheffield's Crucible Theatre.
It was another landmark in a career in which Ding has served as his country's standard-bearer in a sport that is undergoing rapid growth in interest and participation. Ding has inspired a new wave of young players who want to match his career haul of 11 ranking titles. Barry Hearn, chairman of rights-holder World Snooker, said on Tuesday the Chinese government is pouring investment into sport and this would help the country dominate not only snooker but most other sports within 10 to 15 years. Jason Ferguson, chairman of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association, said snooker is already huge in China. Aside from Ding, players such as Zhou Yuelong, Yan Bingtao and Zhao Xintong are likely to become a lot more familiar over the next decade in a sport that attracts 100 million television viewers in the world's most populous nation.
During this year's final it was announced the World Championship will stay in Sheffield until at least 2027. Hearn hinted that if China misses out on hosting the World Championship for the foreseeable future, other, bigger events would be set up there instead.
Ding, whose record at the World Championship had been poor before this year, said: "Five years ago I reached the semifinals, and this year I made it one step further. The Chinese player received a plaudit from seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry, who said: "Ding is a player at a different level to most of the others.
Pep Guardiola says he views his three-year reign at Bayern Munich as a dismal failure after again being unable to steer the Bavarians to the Champions League final.
Bayern lost the semifinal first leg 1-0 in Spain, and won the return 2-1 in Munich on Tuesday as Atletico Madrid triumphed on away goals. Bayern Munich head coach Pep Guardiola watches Tuesday's Champions League second leg semifinal match against Atletico Madrid in Munich. Antoine Griezmann's goal for Atletico made all the difference at Allianz Arena as the tie finished 2-2 on aggregate. Bayern has again exited the semifinals in Europe at the hands of Spanish opponents after losing to Barcelona in 2015 and Real Madrid in 2014.
Guardiola was asked if he viewed his time in Munich as a failure despite winning five trophies so far, including two German league titles.
Bayern can become the first team to win four consecutive German league titles if it beats Ingolstadt on Saturday and then face Borussia Dortmund in the German Cup final on May 21.
But Guardiola, who will coach Manchester City next season, says the chance to win the double does not make up for the disappointment of another semifinal exit.
Guardiola said he had no regrets about his lineup, having recalled Thomas Mueller, Franck Ribery and Jerome Boateng in three changes from the side that lost the first leg. Bayern captain Philipp Lahm said the squad regretted failing to reach the European final in Guardiola's swansong season. Atletico reached its second Champions League final in three years, despite losing 2-1 at Bayern Munich on Tuesday in the semifinal return leg as it finished 2-2 on aggregate. After Atletico beat Bayern 1-0 in Madrid, Griezmann's crucial away goal in Munich means Diego Simeone's squad will face either Real Madrid or Manchester City in the final. Atletico Madrid's Fernando Torres (left), Stefan Savic, Saul Niguez and Teye Thomas celebrate winning Tuesday's Champions League semifinal against Bayern Munich.

Atletico, tied with Barcelona at the top of La Liga with two games remaining, faces a busy few weeks.
Bayern coach Pep Guardiola will rue Thomas Mueller's saved first-half penalty just after Xabi Alonso gave the hosts the lead by crashing home a first-half free kick. There was similar drama in the second half when Manuel Neuer saved Torres' late penalty attempt for Atletico. Simeone said he was stunned by his side's ability to cope with the stress in the pressure-cooker atmosphere of Munich's Allianz Arena.
Simeone also singled out Atletico goalkeeper Jan Oblak and Neuer for their saves to deny Mueller and Torres respectively. Having lost 4-1 to Real Madrid in the 2014 Champions League final, Atletico will now bid for their first European crown at the third attempt having also lost the 1974 final - to Bayern. Klay Thompson scored 27 points and gave the Warriors their first lead of the game on a 3-pointer with 5:33 left as Golden State rallied to beat the Portland Trail Blazers 110-99 on Tuesday night for a 2-0 lead in their Western Conference semifinal.
Draymond Green added 17 points, 14 rebounds, seven assists and four blocked shots in another win without Curry, who is sidelined with a sprained MCL in his right knee. Thompson's 3 with 6:44 remaining tied the score, igniting the sellout crowd inside deafening Oracle Arena as the defending champions erased an early 17-point deficit. Damian Lillard's 3 to beat the third-quarter buzzer put Portland ahead 87-76 entering the final 12 minutes - Golden State's largest deficit going into the fourth all playoffs. For most of the night, the energized Blazers did everything the defending champions typically do on their impenetrable home court: making the zippy pass, setting the tone on the defensive end, crashing the boards, answering any threat with a big basket.
Lillard had 25 points and six assists, and CJ McCollum added 22 points as Portland hit 13 3-pointers.
Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green blocks a shooting attempt by Portland Trail Blazers' Ed Davis.
Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra was impressed with his club's mental toughness on Tuesday night. After Toronto guard Kyle Lowry forced overtime by hitting a half-court, buzzer-beating 3-pointer, Miami opened the extra period on a 8-0 run and hung on for a 102-96 victory over the Raptors.
Goran Dragic had a game-high 26 points for Miami, and Dwyane Wade added 24 points, six rebounds and four assists. Dragic appeared to kill the Raptors' momentum by sinking a 3-pointer with 40.6 seconds remaining, and Miami led by six after Josh Richardson sank two free throws. Rusty, rested or reeling, LeBron James and the Cavaliers find a way to beat the Hawks in the playoffs every time. James scored 25 points, Kyrie Irving added 21 and Cleveland withstood a strong second-half surge by Atlanta to maintain its chokehold on the Hawks with a 104-93 victory on Monday night in the opening game of their second-round Eastern Conference series. James converted a critical three-point play with 2:09 left for the Cavs, who blew an 18-point lead in the second half and fell behind with eight minutes left in the fourth quarter before making several clutch plays down the stretch. Cleveland swept Atlanta in last year's Eastern Conference finals and has won eight straight over the Hawks, moving to 9-0 against them in the postseason. Dennis Schroder scored a playoff career-high 27 and rallied the Hawks before they crumbled in the closing minutes.
Paul Millsap had 17 points and 13 rebounds and Kent Bazemore added 16 points for Atlanta, which got just eight points from Jeff Teague.
James' three-point play, which he punctuated by flexing his biceps, came after he stripped the ball from Schroder and the Cavs kept their possession alive with a pair of offensive rebounds, one by Tristan Thompson, the other by J.R. The Cavs did not show any rust following an eight-day break after the first round until the third quarter, when their offense slowed and the Hawks got hot.
But when it mattered most, the defending conference champion came through - and, as always, James led the way. Kevin Love, who was injured when the teams met in the postseason last year, added 17 points but was just 4 of 17 from the floor and appeared to hurt his right shoulder. Thompson has been a rebounding marvel for the Cavs, comparable to what Dennis Rodman once did for Michael Jordan and the Bulls. Love, who missed six of his first seven 3-pointers, drained a pair from long range and James finished a 2-on-1 break with a thunderous dunk to give Cleveland a 72-54 lead with four minutes left in the third quarter. Atlanta, though, responded with its own deep barrage, draining four 3-pointers in a 16-3 spurt to close the quarter and pull within 75-70 entering the fourth.
But with a chance to steal Game 1 and end their futility against Cleveland, the Hawks came up short. Love, whose dislocated left shoulder ended his first postseason last year, banged his right shoulder in the fourth when he pump-faked Bazemore into the air and drew contact while shooting a 3-pointer.
During a timeout, one of Cleveland's medical personnel worked on Love, who stayed in the game.
The Cavs focused on shutting down Korver, who averaged 12.2 points and took 52 shots during Atlanta's six-game victory over Boston in the opening round.
Russell Westbrook had 29 points and 10 assists, and the Oklahoma City Thunder held on to beat San Antonio 98-97 on Monday night, evening the series at one game apiece when the Spurs failed to score on a wild sequence in the final seconds. Kevin Durant added 28 points as the Thunder handed the Spurs just their second home loss of the season, rebounding from a 32-point beating in Game 1.
San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich complained to officials after the game that Dion Waiters went over the allotted five seconds to inbound the ball on Oklahoma City's final possession.
Aldridge had 41 points, but the Spurs shot 43 percent as a team after shooting 61 percent in the series opener.
San Antonio missed 12 of its first 13 shots, struggling to even hit the rim after seemingly making every shot it took in the opening quarter of Game 1. Oklahoma City had lost 15 games this season when leading after the third quarter, including the playoffs. Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James is pumped up after scoring against the Atlanta Hawks in the second half of Monday's opening game of the Eastern Conference semifinal in Cleveland.
Richardson made his first stop in Beijing on Monday, where he interacted with players participating in the finals of the Junior NBA Basketball League at LeSports Center. On Tuesday, he made an appearance on CCTV's NBA Primetime and visited Beijing No 35 Middle School to share the values of the game with students.
The 6-foot-6 guard from Saginaw, Michigan, was selected fifth overall by the Golden State Warriors in the 2001 NBA Draft. Richardson was named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team in 2002 and won the NBA slam dunk title in 2002 and 2003. The first Junior NBA Basketball League in Beijing was launched last fall as part of the existing partnership between NBA China and the Ministry of Education to promote basketball education and youth development in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and universities. The Junior NBA teaches youngsters fundamental skills as well as the core values of the game at the grassroots level in an effort to help grow and improve the youth basketball experience for players, coaches and parents. Rookie goalie Matt Murray made 47 saves while standing up to Capitals' avalanche of shots, and the Penguins parlayed two goals in 62 seconds in the first period into a 3-2 victory on Monday in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. Patric Hornqvist and Tom Kuhnhackl scored before the midpoint of the first period, and Carl Hagelin added a goal in the second to make it 3-0 and the Penguins, the NHL's best team over the past two months, held on to top the Capitals, easily the league's best team all season. Alex Ovechkin scored his first goal of the season against the Penguins in the third period, and linemate Justin Williams scored in the final minute as the Capitals tried frantically to rally. However, it was not enough as the 21-year-old Murray, the youngest Pittsburgh goaltender to ever win in the postseason, improved to 5-1 in the playoffs. Murray, who began the season in the minors and played only four NHL games until March, made the difference as the Penguins were outshot 49-23 yet still controlled the scoreboard even as the Capitals controlled the stats sheet. The Penguins, on the fringe of the playoff race much of the season, have won 20 of 24 games since March 8 - with Murray in net for 11 of those wins - and are 6-2 in the postseason. At least statistically, the Capitals were dominant from the start except in the number most important: goals.
They doubled up the Penguins in shots for most of the first two periods - it was 28-14 after two - yet Murray turned away scoring chance after scoring chance. Matt Murray of the Pittsburgh Penguins can't make this save on Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals (not pictured) in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals during the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs at Consol Energy Center on Monday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In the rough-cut figure of Jamie Vardy, newly crowned Premier League champion Leicester City possesses the living embodiment of a rags-to-riches tale that has captivated fans around the world.
Six years ago, Vardy was playing amateur soccer for Stocksbridge Park Steels in England's seventh tier and working part-time at a factory making medical splints. Now he is an England international, whose 22 goals have powered Leicester to its first league title, won him the Football Writers' Association Player of the Year award and sparked talk of a Hollywood biopic. There will be several abiding memories from Vardy's historic season, from the 30-yard wonder goal against Liverpool to the brace at Sunderland that left manager Claudio Ranieri blinking back tears at the final whistle. But perhaps the most lasting mark will be his run of scoring in 11 consecutive games between September and November, which set a Premier League record and helped lay the foundation for Leicester's extraordinary campaign. Released by boyhood club Sheffield Wednesday at age 15 on the grounds that he was too small, Vardy, now 29, cannot have imagined he would one day be the toast of England. After leaving Wednesday he spent time away from soccer, studying sports science at a local college before winding up at Stocksbridge, nestled beside northern England's Peak District, where he progressed through the youth ranks.
Vardy's roguish streak occasionally caused him problems - he was sent off four times in his last season at Stocksbridge, deterring suitors Sheffield United - and he had trouble controlling his temper off the pitch. A conviction for a late-night assault temporarily obliged him to wear an electronic tag and observe a 6:30 pm curfew, which would see him substituted midway through games so that he could get home in time.
Spectacularly prolific, Vardy joined Halifax Town from Stocksbridge and then moved on to Fleetwood Town, who sold him to Leicester for a non-league record 1 million pounds ($1.5 million) in 2012. Since then, the milestones have zipped past: 16 goals in Leicester's Championship promotion campaign, five in his first season as a Premier League player, a first England cap and, in March's 3-2 win over world champion Germany, a brilliant back-heel for his first England goal.
Initially perceived as mere ballast in Roy Hodgson's squad, the wiry Yorkshireman, who wears a blue cast to protect a thrice-fractured right wrist, is now certain to go to Euro 2016. In a deeply unpleasant episode in August, he was caught on camera racially goading an Asian man at a casino, for which he issued a public apology. He missed the two matches that took Leicester to the title, meanwhile, after being sent off for diving in a 2-2 draw against West Ham United and then launching a foul-mouthed tirade at referee Jon Moss. Vardy is among a select band of players to have risen from non-league to the England team and with each goal, he has demonstrated that there is more than one route to the top. The total volume of imports and exports of services in China remained the world's second ($713 billion), while imports were in second place and exports ranked fifth. The company notes that the trains will operate outside regular hours to avoid disrupting the service.
In 2014, Chinese spent an average of 1,400 euros during their visit to the Spanish capital.
He said increased activity in the infrastructure sector is also boosting both domestic and global demands for steel products. The company just wants to optimize labor resources, reduce human resource costs and enhance labor productivity.
It will provide 100 billion yuan ($15.37 billion) for retraining and helping them find new jobs. However, the import prices of steel are three times as much as export prices on average," said Zhao Ying, a researcher at the Institute of Industrial Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing. The only downside is that the model of teaming up with partners can be easily replicated by its competitors in the online video sector," she added.
In contrast, the disclosed value for specialized hospitals fell sharply in 2015 compared to 2014. Also in 2015, general hospitals became the main focus of investment as they yielded stable cash flows and tended to offer the most benefit for new funding," said Qian. However, in 2015, the deal value plunged to 3.94 billion yuan, largely because of fewer deals associated with specialized hospitals. A woman, who paid through the salon's POS terminal, lost 60,000 yuan, and a dozen other customers were also victims. And this latest scam highlights the security failings and defects in classic payment systems.
It should also be a priority of the authorities to develop new protection systems against cybersecurity threats lurking in the systems, such as software that automatically identifies the abnormal transactions of bank cards and provides safeguards against their illegal use. The Chifeng case is somewhat similar to the one at Target and a more recent one at Home Depot in the United States as reported by the BBC. The Pledged Supplementary Lending program used to fund its three policy banks for investment in areas such as development of former slum areas will now be allocated at the start of each month, the People's Bank of China said.
During that period, local supervisory departments should combine feedback from consumers, operators and the media, in order to sort out the key problems. According to a statement published by the State Council, China's cabinet, the price of all salt-related products will be decided by the market, and private investors will be allowed to join the salt industry by partnering with existing salt firms. The prospect of buying a shell firm as a means to establish a listing in Shanghai - known as backdoor listing - was raised internally at the same time as parent Dalian Wanda Group worked out plans this year to take the Hong Kong-listed developer private, said the sources. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said daily flights would start in December, following high-level discussions during her recent trade mission to China. Feagin's appointment highlights Ant Financial's strong commitment to its globalization strategy. The drop, disclosed in a statement on Thursday, was the biggest since Ford began reporting monthly retail rather than wholesale data in May last year.
The Beijing Municipal High People's Court recently ruled in favor of Xintong Tiandi Technology (Beijing) Ltd, which sells a number of leather products such as smartphone cases and handbags under the name IPHONE.
The unlisted firm, a subsidiary of New York-listed Yingli Green Energy Holdings Co Ltd, cited consecutive losses as the reason for the potential default.
The Oklahoma-based company said its adjusted net loss for the first quarter of this year was $150.5 million, while its revenues stood at $453 million, down from $626 million a year ago. Under the Amended Consent Order issued to Takata this week, the firm is required to recall an additional estimated 35-40 million inflators using in the airbags, said the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Wednesday.
Four of the world's top 10 retailers, Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Home Depot Inc, Tesco Plc and Carrefour SA, sent buyers to the fair.
And most of the business orders, 82.4 percent, were short-term orders within six months," Xu said.
China is changing from an investment-based economy to a consumption-driven, green-development economy.
E-commerce will drive the entire transport system forward, setting a high demand for punctuality. Basically, we have three flows in the city - the mobility of people, goods-in and wastes-out. The current priority will focus more on how to tap the potentials of utilizing our strong alliances with business partners, customers and other stakeholders involved to achieve a resilient development in the Chinese market and contribute to regional development plans, such as the Belt and Road Initiative. But the e-commerce boom and increasing commercial flows will completely change the time factor and quality will be more and more important. The electric bus is quiet, does not have any exhaust emissions, and is about 80% more energy efficient than a conventional diesel bus.
We want to be part of China's green initiatives and help drive prosperity through transport and infrastructure solutions. Volvo Group has almost 500,000 connected vehicles, with very advanced onboard controlling systems, which enable communication between drivers, trucks and buses. After joining the group, I have found this organization has deep knowledge about our products and customers. Nearly 3,000 packages of pork, along with 170,000 bags of spices, were sold during the three-day sale, which attracted 300,000 shoppers, according to Lu Jianing, an Alibaba spokesperson. I see no reason why the oil prices cannot rise to $50 a barrel by the end of this year," he said. The Shanghai Composite Index slipped less than 0.1 percent, helping to widen the premium mainland companies' shares command over dual-listed counterparts in Hong Kong.
Prices are reversing in the commodities futures as exchanges took steps to cool speculative activity, while a private gauge of Chinese manufacturing declined more than expected in April, data released by Caixin Media and Markit Economics showed.
But there is strong demand for good teachers in villages," said Fang Huilin, who is in charge of Taobao Education, the online education business unit of Taobao. They not only bring their friends but also invite kids from neighboring villages to join the online session," he said. For the elderly group in the villages, we plan to launch some course regarding healthcare, dance and exercises," said Fang. The program was organized by a local women's federation to help female dropouts return to school. Celebrating its fifth year, the award recognizes Chinese university student groups making a positive impact to local communities through diverse educational activities. The Center for Rare Disorders at the Hemophilia Home of Beijing donated 100,000 yuan ($15,490) to the aid project, and 48 patients each received a medical card worth 500 yuan.
Ten left-behind children received a "love package" worth 1,200 yuan ($180) from company representatives. The funds will be used to enhance its teaching quality, and improve the students' learning environment and living standards. The development of our business is sustainable," said Zhu Xiaotong, president of Tesla China. Now Tesla buyers are very rational, they want a car that can fulfill their traveling needs," he said.
The country produced 340,471 NEVs and sold 331,092, an increase of 330 percent and 340 percent respectively from the previous year, data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers showed. At the end of last year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the company planned to build a factory in China in three years, without providing details such as the location. Smith made seven 3s as the Cavs, looking like an Eastern Conference version of Golden State's Splash Brothers, had the most prolific outside shooting game of any team in league history.
But that was not even enough to satisfy the ravenous sellout crowd which was still chanting "Let's Go Cavs!" with Cleveland leading by 40 points.
Smith and center Tristan Thompson, celebrate another three-pointer against the Atlanta Hawks during the fourth quarter of Wednesday's Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinal at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. Smith and center Tristan Thompson, celebrate another threepointer against the Atlanta Hawks during the fourth quarter of Wednesday's Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinal at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.
But the Penguins can advance to the conference final with a victory in Game 5 in Washington on Saturday after sending the Capitals to their third straight loss. Rookies Max Domi and Anthony Duclair had strong rookie seasons in 2015-16 and the Coyotes have quality players in their minor-league system who should be able to contribute soon. Among other things, he revealed his second daughter (Sierra) was named after a rehab center in Arizona where he spent three months. Still in play are big numbers (Daly has 68 rounds of 80 or higher on the PGA Tour) and early exits (he has withdrawn 38 times).
Most people have a relative like Daly, just not one who can launch tee shots more than 300 yards and win two majors before turning 30.
Years later, Daly was asked if he agreed to take that six-month break to avoid being suspended.
He made an 18 on the sixth hole at Bay Hill (and followed that with a birdie 2 on the next hole). He also referenced the US presidential election campaign rhetoric of likely Republican nominee Donald Trump, who has vowed to bar Muslims from entering the United States while promising to build a wall on the US-Mexico border. This could be the last fight for me and Canelo in Las Vegas if Donald Trump becomes president," said Khan, a Muslim. It is difficult the first few years, but once you get past that mark then it gets a bit easier. It was a cross with a deflection that put the ball in the top corner and that goal gave them more time to play," Pellegrini told a news conference. Compare that to the 18-under Spieth posted while winning at Augusta in 2015 or even the 5-under he put up at Chambers Bay. So that's still a pretty good percentage, if you're in contention six times, you win two of them, a third of the time.
Most golfers have cited scheduling conflicts or family commitments as reasons for withdrawing, but the threat of the Zika virus in Brazil has also loomed for months. 554 to No 431 after the '96 British Open, and he began a swift climb when he turned pro a month later. Taylor was No 447 in the world when he won at Pebble Beach, while Stuard was No 513 when he won at New Orleans. He has played in the Walker Cup three straight times and won the inaugural US Amateur Four-Ball at Olympic Club with Todd White.
Furyk withdrew on Sept 17 during the first round of the BMW Championship and tried to let his wrist heal with rest before opting for surgery. By the time he turned pro at age 20, he had won five state Golden Gloves titles and two national Police Athletic League championships. The champ retained his title via a unanimous 15-round decision - and Knight never fought again. At age 25 he hung up his gloves and eventually became a correctional officer at a Pennsylvania prison - but the lure of the ring never left him. Instead of barking instructions from the safe side of the ropes, he hovers on the periphery of the punching and isn't shy about stepping in to impart instant advice.
And though it's only been a few weeks, his Chinese charges are already proving to be attentive pupils.
Bayern won 2-1, still exiting the European competition against a Spanish opponent for the third straight year. Xabi Alonso and Robert Lewandowski netted for Bayern on a night when both teams missed penalties. Perhaps we have helped the players, maybe it's not enough, but it was the important thing for me. When Bayern missed their penalty, we had a good chat at halftime and we coped with the pressure they put on us in the second half.
I have to say how difficult it is to cope with this situation at Bayern, playing away from home. It's disappointing to lose a game you're competitive and you're in position to win in the fourth quarter.
Curry is this year's winner of the Magic Johnson Award, given by the Professional Basketball Writers Association to the player who combines excellence on the court with cooperation with the public and media.
Atlanta's offense bogged down in crunch time and the Hawks only scored two field goals in the final four minutes.
Replays showed Waiters elbowed Manu Ginobili to get the space needed to pass the ball to Durant, who was immediately stripped by Danny Green. Ginobili was the only other San Antonio player in double figures, scoring 11 points on 5-for-8 shooting. The Spurs missed six layups and Green awkwardly tossed a hard runner that ricocheted off the backboard. The All-Star forward drained his second 3-pointer of the season to pull San Antonio within 96-94 and then made three free throws after being fouled by Serge Ibaka to pull the Spurs within 98-97 with 13.5 seconds to set up the final play. Qinghua University High School beat Beijing No 4 High School 74-62 in the final of the tournament aged 16-18. Over his 13-year career, Richardson played for the Warriors, Charlotte Bobcats (now Charlotte Hornets), Phoenix Suns, Orlando Magic and Philadelphia 76ers. Excuses are for losers, and we're not losers and we're going to try to improve in Game 4," Williams said. In the past, policy banks needed to seek roll overs from the central bank each month, imposing a form of lending restraint in case such funds weren't forthcoming. The campaign will focus on categories including supplies for children and the elderly, electrical and electronic products, decoration materials, auto parts, clothing, footwear, fertilizers and other products based on actual needs. The decline extended Ford's uneven start to 2016 after a 5 percent year-on-year rise in March.
Ruptures of the inflators have caused 10 deaths and about 100 injuries in the United States. Between January and April, the largest amount of requests came from micro- and small-sized enterprises, totaling 327, while medium-sized companies presented 149 bankruptcy petitions. We are now working to use the same solution and infrastructure to move the three flows forward. Regarding our joint ventures in the transportation and construction equipment areas, we are helping them with our global resources and competitive advantages to achieve success both nationally and internationally. China Petroleum & Chemical Corp and PetroChina Co paced losses for energy companies in Hong Kong as US crude prices traded below $44 a barrel. The China Student Sustainability Award is the first award in China to recognize university student groups' contributions to communities.
The school indicated it would spend the funds on hiring full-time teachers, and purchasing furniture and appliances for its dormitories.
For example, Shanghai offers free license plates for several NEV models, instead of the bidding policy for gasoline vehicles. Patty Mills missed an open 3-pointer, LaMarcus Aldridge lost the ball after grabbing the airball and Kawhi Leonard was unable to gather the ball before the buzzer sounded. Prices for solar power equipment have fallen in recent years, causing financial problems for several manufacturers. Since 2011, it has received more than 1,000 entries from 185 universities in 77 cities and involved more than 10 million people across China. That seemingly endless sequence on 12 where he hit the ball into Rae's Creek not once but twice on his way to a quadruple bogey 7 that cost him control of the tournament. Jack Nicklaus didn't play when technology measured swing speed, ball speed, smash factor or launch angle.
Since the establishment of the campaign more than two decades ago, 130 local girls have received benefits.
In addition to passing Tim Duncan for fifth place on the career playoff scoring list, James played in his 184th postseason game, tying him with Robert Parish for 13th place in history. The Golden Bear said he was 58 when he was out at a test center in California that measured his swing speed at 118 mph.
Colin Montgomerie says he will enter Local Final Qualifying for the British Open at Royal Troon, where his father was the longtime secretary.
Gerina Piller went from a two-shot lead to a three-way tie for second in Texas last week, which cost her Olympic ranking points. Tommy Bolt and Nancy Lopez are among those who will be inducted into the Oklahoma Golf Hall of Fame for 2016. The ceremony will take place on Sept 18 at Southern Hills, where Bolt triumphed in the 1958 US Open.

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