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5th tier tickets to next weeka€™s festival are close to selling out for Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire and the boutique festival with no sponsorship is set to be as fun filled as ever.
It would be great if you subscribed to our RSS feed or signed up for email updates to get more goodness. Please Login to your Glasswerk account and also your Facebook account to be able to comment. This weekend marks the last two days of The Secret Garden Party, the four-day community celebration that is like no other.

With just a handful of rules to abide, no sponsorship thrust into attendee’s faces and a friendly atmosphere, this is one event not to be missed. Held this year 70 miles outside of London in the East Anglian countryside, this is a little haven to escape to!
Away from cities and schedules, brands and boundaries, The Secret Garden Party is funded on participation from all attendees – a festival of the arts if you will, where everyone is the artist. Also around this year are restaurants, food talks, cocktail bars, ale tents, massages, barefoot discos and twilight fire circle tales.

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