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Two of my favorite things growing up were video games and horror movies, so as you can imagine I’ve been through countless horror-inspired titles. Amidst all the trash and disarray is the eatery’s star attraction, Freddy Fazbear and his animatronic band. When your view isn’t focused on the cameras, you have access to two shuttered security doors and a set of lights that illuminate the hallways just outside your office. You frantically start flipping through the cameras in the hopes of locating whatever criminal or individual is in the building. Every time you find one on camera, their eyes are focused seemingly straight into yours, directly into each camera, as if they know they are placed there.
Aunque Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 se estreno apenas esta semana, los rumores de que se trata del final de la saga no se han hecho esperar, sobre todo con una imagen que aparece en el sitio oficial de su creador, Scott Cawthon. Scott ha vuelto loco al mundo (al menos al que gusta de su juego) al publicar una imagen en su sitio en el que solo aparece el sombrero del animatronico de Freddy. Al final del juego, podemos ver como la botarga de Springtrap asesina al Purple Man y las figuras de cinco ninos llorando desaparecen. Ahora, si completamos exitosamente todos los minijuegos durante las cinco noches, podemos ver un final diferente en el que las cabezas se encuentran apagadas y la pantalla despliega "The End" junto con una musica triste.
Ademas, existe otro final secreto, que aun no se sabe si es el final "bueno" o el final "neutral", en el que se nos muestra un recorte de papel de periodico que menciona que la atraccion Fazbear's Fright se incendio durante la noche y que lo poco que se pudo recuperar sera subastado publicamente. En la misma hoja de periodico, podemos leer un relato del mismo Cawthon en el que nos explica lo que fue crear el juego y su experiencia en cada paso.
Scott Cawthon lanzo la trilogia de FNAF en tan solo dos anos, despues de haber dedicado gran parte de su vida a la creacion de juegos para ninos asi como algunos juegos biblicos que no tuvieron exito. 8:24 am June 22, 2009 By Julian Horsey Tweet Share3 +1Shares 3Here is another fun spy gadget for today, the Keychain Car Remote Spy Camera, which looks like a standard car remote, but features a hidden video camera that can record video at up to 30fps. The Keychain Car Remote Spy Camera comes with 4GB of built in storage, and is capable of recording video in AVI at a 640 x 480 resolution. It can also be used as USB storage and it connects to your PC via mini USB, and as well as capturing video it can take pictures.
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Freddy Fazbear is the main antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise and the Crossover known as Fours Beyond Time: 4 versus Animatronics for the Future. In the first movie, Freddy and his friends attempt to hunt down and murder security guards Mike Schidmt and Jeremy Flitzgerald as well as the group of survivors and the two robbers. In the second movie, Freddy and his old animatronic friends are found all destroyed and deactivated. Unfortunately, as I grew up, and I became more relaxed by frightening images, it became harder and harder for me to find a video game that was truly unsettling. Animatronics aren’t cheap, and in such a decrepit building, it would be easy for crooks to just walk off with the expensive equipment.
You sit in a security office, staring ahead in a first-person view at a desk cluttered with flyers and paperwork. Freddy’s has enough money to compensate you for your time, but also enough crippling debt to cause a severe energy throttle. The game doesn’t have much of a build-up, it simply starts, with you in the dimly lit room. This is the moment that things start to get weird, and that uneasy feeling of dread begins to appear.
You’re unable to move within the game, and you immediately recall the two massive blast doors that flank either side of your safety room. De igual manera, los jugadores han descubierto que FNAF3 tiene varios finales, dos de los cuales podrian apuntar a que este es el juego final. En el final malo, aparecen las cinco cabezas de los animatronicos con las luces encendidas.
Sin embargo, su creador no ha desmentido si continuara desarrollando estos juegos o se tomara unas merecidas vacaciones.
He is the lead singer of the band in the first and third films, while in the second one he is one of the decommissioned animatronics. Towards the end, Mike sacrifices himself to destroy Freddy by using his stun gun to make the electrical wires become more fatal and then uses it on Freddy, killing both him and Freddy.
New security guard Flitz Smith discovers this but wants to find out why this is actually happening.

That is, until very recently, when I came across an indie release featured on Steam’s Greenlight project page. So it seems obvious that the owners hired you on as a guard to protect the only valuable merchandise they have left. In your hand is a nifty monitor, and moving your view downward will automatically consume the screen with an array of full-view security camera feeds. You’ve flicked the camera once again to the stage, and to your surprise two of the animals are missing.
When Jeremy works at night, the older ones also come back alive and want revenge on Jeremy for what he did to them. So in the morning, he interrogates one of the two robbers who were responsible for the deaths of five children, the remorseful robber tells him that his partner who dressed in a Golden Freddy suit murdered them so the robber killed his partner, and the police then believed he murdered all six of them so he was arrested and put on life sentence. Five Nights at Freddy’s may not sound like anything morbid or intensely creepy, but trust me when I say that this innocent name is incredibly deceiving. The whole layout is rather dated, and the lack of care from the staff shows in the dirty and dingy dining halls.
But as your first night of work prattles on, you begin to realize that you’re not there to keep crooks out, but rather, to keep something in. You’re simply scrolling through cameras, every once in a while flipping to the main stage to see an animatronic chicken, rabbit, and bear staring silently from their perch. The premise of Five Nights at Freddy’s is simply to survive the night shift as haunted, demonic, and incredibly intelligent animatronics hunt you in the darkness. Towards the end, Freddy reached the Office, forcefully took the mask off him, and tried to kill him, but Jeremy used his stun gun to deactivate him. Freddy tracks down Flitz and discovers the prisoner's location, so they captured and fatally stuffed him into a animatronic suit.

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