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Lots of our Korean friends have changed their names, it seems to be more common here than it is in Australia. Not so much name changing that I have seen myself here in the UK, but the giving of a second name is popular in my family and others…so if you hate your first name you can use the second one. I live in the UK and I always hated my name and I hate even more the fact that everybody abbreviated it to a name I liked even less and ignored me when I asked them not to.
Interestingly my hubby had to change his surname legally and that was a piece of cake that took all of two seconds! I know people that usually go by their middle name rather than their first and some change their names too if they dislike it enough.
Its funny because when I was little I did not like my name and wanted it to be Michelle haha. I had to shorten my name as a pre-teen because too many people found it hard to pronounce my full name.
It’s easy to legally change your name in my country, but few people actually do that (except when women get married and change their surnames). Caitlyn Jenner’s request to make her name and gender change official has been approved by a judge.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gerald Rosenberg approved the 65-year-old Olympic gold medallist’s petition to legally change her name and gender during a hearing in Santa Monica, California. The approval means she can now get government documents, such as a driver’s license and Social Security card, under her new identity.
Caitlyn has publicly transitioned to a woman in recent months after revealing her intentions to journalist Diane Sawyer in a televised special and debuting her new name and look on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. Some details that accompanied her petition were redacted after she cited privacy concerns and threats she says she has received during her transition. Your child can go to a TLC (Tender Loving Care) home while you sort things out.  You are free to visit your baby during this time, and do not lose custody of your child. Or, you can try parenting and see if it is a good fit.  Some birth moms take their baby home for a few days. She chose one that has the same language origins as her first and middle names — French.
We filled out all the paperwork to change it but when she was six, she told us no she liked the name King, so we left it alone. You need to present strong arguments and legal support for having the opportunity on change it.

Once I got older I liked my name because I didn’t know many people with it but now I see a lot more people with my name. As has been mentioned earlier, getting other people to accept your new name is much harder than simply getting a new ID card or a passport with a new name on it!
We want you to consider all your options so that whatever you decide will be the best decision for you and your baby.
Go figure on that one, she calls her youngest sister it too and has now started to call my daughter Katie…she calls me that sometimes too. Nicola, is it true that in Korea marriages both the husband and wife keep their birth names but the children takes the father’s surname? Also, it may turn out to be really troublesome when you have to change every other document that has been issued in your old name. Ari-chan said she didnt like ?? but she never tried it, then she tried it and liked it, so whenever they did a new thing, they called it a ?? thing ~ It was really cute ^^ But I dont like ??, not even the ‘morcilla’ from Argentina ????? ??? Mr Gwon, this time Im NOT on your side!

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