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Jasa, and my reply of today.A  I received this account during the 2006 Property Settlement Agreement, and am the sole legal owner.A  Eric has broken our Property Settlement Agreement by accessing, making changes to my account, authorizing transactions, and then having the nerve to lock me out of my own account!
We have only a dim comprehension of the conflict He passed through and the kind of agonizing death He experienced. These sublime words describe the condescension of Jesus from the throne to the manger and then to the cross.
At the end of one of my crusades I visited a businessman who had attended every night but who had made no commitment. Only then will we be able to understand why God the Father turned away from His Son on the cross. He did not sense the real suffering of the cross and, therefore, had no true understanding of the cost of salvation. They could inherit only what their father had to give, so they were born with a sinful, fallen nature.
This second probation was conditioned upon acceptance of a Saviour who would bear man's penalty through His own substitutionary death.
How could God uphold His integrity by carrying out the penalty of the first failure, and still hold out the offer of a new life to everyone through another probation?
In this case, however, there will be no further probation extended, and their death will be the second death-final, eternal extinction.
The plan of salvation involves a resurrection of all men from the first death, so that they can be placed beyond the effects of Adam's sin.
Just as the entire human race was represented by Adam in the Garden of Eden, so every man would be represented by Jesus, the second Adam. Now we are told by Paul that the experience of the second Adam will directly affect all men. All the descendants of Adam lay under the influence of his weakness and failure, making it impossible for any of them to obey the law. The second Adam passed on the results of His sinless experience through spiritual birth-partaking of the divine nature, victory, and eternal life. Christ did not change the first death penalty for Adam's failure under the first probation, but He did abolish the second death for all those who received Him under the second probation. Was it easy for the Father to withdraw from His beloved Son and treat Him as though He was guilty of the most atrocious blasphemy and crime? Because he had initially failed to believe that God could give him a son from Sarah's dead womb, Abraham was subjected to another test concerning life from the dead. It would have been terrible enough to take his son's life, but with one stroke of the knife he was about to destroy the only hope of salvation for himself and every person who would be born. He experienced all the pain, heartbreak, and horror that attends the death of an only child. How does the death of one man, the second Adam, provide forgiveness for all who have sinned? Whoever forgives another person must actually substitute himself for the one he forgives, and be willing to suffer the consequences of the wrong done. He would, in effect, be consenting to his own death in order that the killer would not be punished. From the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus bore the accumulated sins of mankind on His breaking heart.
The divine forbearance of God in allowing wicked men to torture His Son to death is the ultimate proof that He loves us with the same love that He loved Jesus. God looked upon those wicked men as they spat upon Jesus and hit Him in the face with their fists. Even though He saw all our miserable failures He still wanted us to be with Him for eternity. We are assured that some joyful motive girded Him for the shame and humiliation of the crucifixion.
You can be that soul who will bear an everlasting witness to the love and grace of our Saviour. Aren't you thankful for that red spot of Calvary that rescued this world from the control of our great enemy?
There it was that he met his Waterloo and suffered a decisive defeat from which he will never fully recover. Could our eyes be opened to grasp the true significance of His sacrifice, there would be no more miserable collaborating with Satan. We get glimpses that boggle our minds, but still, we are only scratching the surface of a subject which will continue unfolding for all eternity.
We had developed a warm friendship during the four-week series, so I felt bold to ask him why he had made no decision for Christ. It is simply not true that He died just like all the thousands of others who were crucified on crosses around the wall of Jerusalem.
Please note that they did not inherit the guilt of their father, but only his weakened, sin-loving nature. A new hope was set before Adam and all his posterity through this second arrangement, but it did not alter the consequences of failing the first probation.
This is necessary so that they can be judged on the basis of their personal actions and choices. Jesus, the Creator, was incorporated into humanity, and stood before God as though He were every man. Had He possessed any supernatural advantage over His brethren in conquering sin Jesus would have given support to Satan's charge of injustice. All the effects of the first Adam's failure are completely counteracted by the second Adam.
Just as the transformation of nature is dramatically real, so the privileges of the new family are also real.
This was made possible only because He submitted to suffer the horrible penalty of the second death in place of man. Only one man in the world has come near to understanding the intense suffering of the Father and the Son in that situation.
No one except Jesus would ever hold the destiny of a world in his hand as Abraham did in that moment.
For example, if I forgive someone a debt, I must be prepared to suffer the loss of the amount.
By accepting the results of the offense against him, he allows his own death to satisfy the penalty which could be legally laid upon the murderer. Thousands of criminals were crucified in the same physical way that Christ was nailed to the cross, but they suffered only the bodily pain of the first death.
Not one ray of light was permitted to penetrate the blanket of total alienation from His Father in heaven.

He knew the great majority would not accept the offer of eternal life with Him, even though it would be provided at such a fearful cost. The quality of that love which brought Jesus to His death on the cross was such that He would have made the same sacrifice for even one soul. He saw in every soul the glorious potential of reflecting His own holy character for both time and eternity. Consider the amazing fact that one redeemed soul will outlive all the combined years of earth's total population. It is postulated that if one human being would only submit to become one of the dogs, the entire pack could be saved from imminent death. His vague answer indicated to me that he had no understanding of the seriousness of accepting the gift of salvation. Jesus had to be treated as though He were guilty of every terrible sin which has ever been committed. There is no such thing as original sin, in the sense that Adam's descendants were accountable for his sin. He would let men live their limited life span and then die, regardless of whether they did good or evil.
Adam died because he ate the fruit of the forbidden tree, not because of anything he did after that. But the victory of the second Adam opened a door of escape for the family of the first Adam.
Please don't miss the point that one can join the new family only through a spiritual birth.
One of the hardest things for the newborn Christian to accept is the total change of position, authority, and ownership under the new family arrangement. But under the new birth, man begins to lose his Adamic features and to look like the One who created him-Jesus. That man, Abraham, gave up his only son also, and became the first human to share the agony of the cross.
The account of that lonely journey to Mount Moriah is one of the most moving stories in the sacred Word. The promise had been confirmed repeatedly that Isaac was the seed through whom the Messiah would come.
No resurrection from the dead had ever occurred, but Abraham believed that God would fulfill His promise concerning Isaac's seed.
God intervened only after it was fully apparent that Abraham would not hesitate to offer up Isaac. If I forgive a blow, I must be willing to suffer the pain of it, without requiring the one who gave it to be punished.
The forgiver accepts the consequence himself in order that the guilty one can go free without punishment.
He experienced the awful condemnation and separation from God that the vilest of sinners will feel in the lake of fire. In order to take the place of guilty sinners and to provide forgiveness there could be no difference in their penalty and His penalty.
But He also knew that a few would love Him and gladly receive the substitutionary death of His Son in their behalf. We see it also in the dangerous voyage He made across the sea to deliver the Gadarene demoniac. Eventually, in eternity, the life of that one person will outstrip by a million times all the life spans of all the inhabitants of this world put together. By a single step of faith we may exchange the deadly birthrights of the first Adam for the unsearchable riches of the second Adam. Could anyone be found who would voluntarily lay aside his human condition, and suffer the unspeakable indignity of turning into a dog? He had never made any kind of response to the gospel and, under my gentle questioning, confessed that he had no assurance of being saved.
Under the weight of that condemnation and guilt, He sweat great drops of blood and fell fainting to the ground in the Garden.
It is true that they also were subject to death just like Adam, but their death was not the punishment for Adam's sin. But if, after the judgment, Adam is found worthy of the second death, it will not be because he ate the fruit, but because of other sins committed after that experience which were not confessed and forgiven. Justice requires that each individual be held accountable only for meeting the conditions of his own salvation.
Christ came to disprove the devil's false accusation by meeting the requirements of God in the same human nature that any man may obtain through faith in the Father.
Through faith in Christ a new creation takes place, lifting man out of the hopeless, carnal state of the family of Adam.
On the cross, with no ray of hope from the Father, Jesus was enveloped in the darkness of a billion lost souls.
Now he was asked to take the life of that child of his old age through whom the world would be blessed and redeemed. Thank God for the faith of Abraham and for the equal faith and submission of his beloved son.
Thus there is clearly a substitution of the innocent for the guilty in every act of forgiveness. His sensitive nature was traumatized by sharing vicariously the guilt of foul rapes, murders, and atrocities. He could save His Son from cruel taunts and blows, but if He intervened not one human being would ever live again. So God turned away from His Son, and allowed Him to be crushed to death under the weight of sins He did not commit.
The genius of the entire plan of salvation revolved around the application of His death to individuals. He did it in the strength of the anticipated joy of opening wide the gates of Paradise to welcome us into His never-ending kingdom. In this sense, one saved person represents more life, more accomplishment, and greater fulfillment than all the lost people combined. In a moment of surrender and acceptance we begin to share the life He deserved, because He was willing to bear the guilt, condemnation, and death we deserved. Dramatic as it may sound, that is a feeble illustration of the humiliation of the divine Son of God.
Then, let all men be raised from that first death, into which they fell through no fault of their own, and let them stand before God to answer for their own personal sins, for which they are responsible.
Without a resurrection no such judgment could be made, and no just retribution could be given.

Does God create only an illusion to make it seem that man is being restored to the divine image, or does He powerfully provide for the change to take place?
He became sin in order to allow the full wrath of the law to fall upon Him in exactly the same way it would fall upon the lost. Now that you see a little clearer what it cost, do you find yourself responding to the investment He made in your salvation? Only one man was directly contacted during that unpleasant excursion, but that man, later, turned the whole countryside toward the Saviour. Those were the faces which came into His mind as He hung on the cross, strengthening Him to drain the cup of His suffering.
It was love for us, and the desire to be with us for eternity which led Him to endure the unendurable.
Jesus must have recognized that truth every time He looked into the face of a man, woman, or child. We cannot grasp the glory and position from which He separated when He emptied Himself and came into the condemned, dying family of Adam. Others were enduring the same torture of the flesh, but none died from the same causes which took the life of the Son of God. You and I were there, represented by the genes and chromosomes which later produced the hereditary pattern of Adam's children. Adam's happy future was conditional upon staying away from the forbidden tree, but he did not meet the condition.
Their death resulted from the degenerated constitution which Adam transmitted to his offspring.
And if God had done nothing more, that's the way it would have ended-for Adam and all of his descendants.
Then their destiny would be determined on the basis of the second probation (between birth and the first death), and how they met the conditions of salvation through Christ.
There is a theological debate as to whether God's righteousness is only accounted to man or whether it is truly imparted as well. It brings the love and sacrifice of the atonement within the understanding of every child of Adam. It was necessary for Jesus to suffer the second death in order to acquire the power to forgive. Only two courses are possible: either justice will exact the prescribed penalty, or there must be forgiveness from the offended one.
Here is a positive assurance that He was thinking of you and me as He bore the wrenching cruelties of the cross.
In even the most degraded human being He saw a life that could memorialize His love for longer than time had been computed. As partakers of his body and mind, all his descendants had to be affected by what affected him. Those who feel that man is only accounted righteous, do not believe that he can really overcome sin and live a holy life, even in Christ.
Now we can grasp a little better how the Father and His only begotten Son suffered at the cross. If forgiveness is extended, the forgiver will have to accept the consequences of the sin, and suffer it in place of the guilty.
In His omniscience God must have remembered every individual face and name, even of those who had not yet been born. And as ages roll by, we will continue to get new, thrilling insights into the nature of His atoning love and sacrifice. He is our father, and there are laws of heredity which reproduce the genetic pattern from age to age. By faith we try to grasp hold of the reality: Jesus and I share and share alike in all the spiritual riches of the Father. So in order to grant forgiveness to the sinner, Jesus must be willing to bear in His own body the same punishment that the broken law would demand of the sinner.
Rose, The account ending in 6661 was opened as a joint account, which gave you and Eric Swanson equal rights and ownership. The great, loving God who made us, and who gave up His only Son to die for us, now wants us to have everything His Son has, and also everything that He has! During this call the online password was reset, he submitted a Removal of Non-maketable Security Form ,and placed an order to sell Ultra Short S&P 500 ProShares (SDS).
No funds can be removed and no trades can be processed until a signed letter of instruction (LOI) from all account owners is received by our firm.A  In order to remove Mr.
Swanson as a co-account holder you will need to submit a certified divorce decree and a notarized letter of instruction signed by both parties. Swanson could send a notarized LOI asking that his name be removed from the account as co-account holder. This is not an offer or solicitation in any jurisdiction where we are not authorized to do business. Please send me the previously requested Affidavit of Fraud, the recorded conversation between Eric William Swanson, and the proper form for removal of Eric's name from my account. Co-holders to an accountare allowed to do whatever they want with (including withdrawals, changingpasswords, closing the account) without the consulting the other party.
Swanson would have conducted transactions in theaccount if he knew he wasn't authorized to do so by the court.Fraudulent activity has occurred within my account, as Eric William Swanson was not legally entitled to access it. When will I receive the audio recording of the conversation between Eric William Swanson and TD Ameritrade?I'm most curious to hear how he justified accessing my account. Based on your words, it appears that the "security" of my account isn't really of much concern to you, Richard.
Rather, clarification of ownership seems to be your assignment.I'm not concerned about "people evesdropping" on any of my conversations,it's good practice to not broadcast one's personal information and account numbers overcellular or cordless phones. Rose,To process your request, please send us:- A copy of the certified divorce decree that specifically states to removeEric William Swanson as a co holder.
We aresending you this notification to inform you of important information regardingyour account. Talk with our Virtual Investment Consultant and get immediate answers to questions about our products, tools, and services.
Grant, Attorney at Law, Juneau, AK From Wedding Bells to Tales to Tell: The Affidavit of Eric William Swanson, my former spouse AFFIDAVIT OF SHANNON MARIE MCCORMICK, My Former Best Friend THE AFFIDAVIT OF VALERIE BRITTINA ROSE, My daughter, aged 21 THE BEAGLE BRAYS! HELL'S BELLS: THE TELLS OF THE ELVES RING LOUD AND CLEAR IDENTITY THEFT, MISINFORMATION, AND THE GETTING THE INFAMOUS RUNAROUND Double Entendre and DoubleSpeak, Innuendos and Intimidation, Coercion v Common Sense, Komply (with a K) v Knowledge = DDIICCKK; Who's Gunna Call it a Draw?

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