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As per reader’s demand I am sharing 5 Killer ways can you change your YouTube Username.
Username is like a brand for any person at any sector, Changing your identity is not good idea. If you are new to YouTube and want to create a new username then you should need to choose a unique user name to be successful YouTube. 1Username Which can Live Forever: If you are social media addicted then you may have notice that there is always a option available to change your username anytime on Facebook and Twitter. 2Easy Name Gets More Attraction: If you are marketer of your blog or website then you have experienced that in history 80% easy name got success.
3Express Your Brand in your Username: The best part of free advertising is to promote your brand as your username.
4Make Noticeable User Name: If you will use some special character or alphabet in your username then you can get instant notice by users but again I want to clear that quality video with subject is more important.
5Use Username as a Brand: I was mean to say that some user use number in their user name in YouTube account. Note: After changing YouTube Channel username, it will take sometimes to reflect new user name. Note: Your profile photo will be deleted after renaming your Channel URL and Only once in the lifetime you can change your YouTube channel URL so you will get only one shot.
Ans: Using this method you will completely loss your old YouTube account and all the data related to it.

2 Copy each and every descriptions of your uploaded videos along with tags and paste it to a separate file on your computer. 4 When all the backup has been completed successfully, Delete your current YouTube account.
Google is very strict about username in YouTube video sharing site and as per Google Once you have set your user name then you can’t change it again. I will not give their name but I want to redirect your mind that you can get more success with YouTube if you choose easy and short username to easily remember for long time. If you are a model and want to upload YouTube videos to be popular model then You should Choose Capital alphabet with your real name.
When I visited to YouTube first time, Google Profile automatically associate with YouTube and didn’t ask me to open a account.
This process is similar to changing name but because of this you can get maximum highlight and professionalism.
You can do one thing, Backup your videos on your computer, delete Your YouTube account and then create fresh YouTube account with your desire name and upload those videos on new account. If you are on YouTube to make money then still you have a strong branding name which can give you success. Many guys use other user’s YouTube on their Blogs and while doing so they remember brand of the channel. You have multiple options to do it but it will either change your identity or whole YouTube account.

Even if you have uploaded lot of videos on YouTube you still have a chance to change your YouTube channel Username once open a time.
For a successful person there is a big part of his brand or the identity what he have used earlier. I remember one thing and feel very difficult and that is to link any YouTube channel in your video.
If this is your case then you have one chance to change your YouTube username only once for lifetime.
It means your channel username will be changed alternatively it will change your YouTube account user name.
Before you register please ensure you are familiar with our terms of use and related policies. Choose best brand name which will exist forever because you can not change them again and again. That will going to be very tough if you have long and unknown type of YouTube Channel user name.

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