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Hundreds of thousands of folks are still alive today – despite being given a death sentence by the medical mafia!
Medical establishment may scoff at it – but the Japanese government now approves this medicinal mushroom as a bona–fide cancer treatment! WHO can benefit from this all-natural treatment – and who should stay away from it? A century ago, a British doctor stumbled across a remote and isolated tribe at the extreme northern end of India. You might be surprised to know that Americans routinely throw out this highly nutritious food. When you bite into this food, you taste a strong flavor, like an extract that’s used in some cake recipes.
In the mid-1970s, a researcher at one of America’s leading cancer hospitals repeatedly found that this non-toxic food shrinks tumors in mice. As you may know, when cancer spreads beyond the original tumor, doctors usually say it’s terminal. During this research I also uncovered some shocking facts about the cancer industry’s conspiracy to keep Americans ignorant about natural cures for cancer. I’m eager to give you information that could save you or a loved one from dying an early death from cancer.
Instead of getting surgery, I used a natural, inexpensive remedy that I recommend in my book Cancer: Step Outside the Box.
In the 1930s, doctors at the University of California at San Francisco started to give human cancer patients the natural cancer remedy I mentioned at the beginning of this letter – the one from the far northern end of India. You might be interested to know that the tobacco industry had earlier paid these same two doctors $50,000 to endorse cigarettes. You won’t be surprised to find out that one of these doctors later died of lung cancer. An idealistic young employee at the hospital was eager to write a news story announcing this exciting breakthrough. In 1975, 48-year-old homemaker Alicia Pratt of Los Angeles suffered from an advanced case of one of the most dreaded cancers: oral pharyngeal cancer. With the support of her husband, she got rid of her cancer and lived in good health until her death in 2001 – 26 years later!
I interviewed Jason on January 24, 2009, almost 23 years after being diagnosed with fatal cancer. Believe it or not, the survival rate for cancer patients who undergo chemo and radiation is no better than the survival rate of patients who receive no treatment at all! You probably saw the tragic photos of actor Patrick Swayze as he wasted away from poisonous chemo treatments.
Out of the mouth of a Hollywood actress come words of wisdom about the real cause of Swayze’s death. Today, Suzanne Somers is one of the healthiest actresses in Hollywood, and in her sixties she still looks like a million bucks. After you chew this intensely flavorful remedy, it circulates harmlessly through your body.
Whether you have cancer or not, if you have pain you might try this non-toxic remedy, even if you’ve tried just about everything else. A couple of years ago Frank Woll went to his doctor for some blood work, and got a grim surprise: he found out he had cancer.
After following the advice in my book for just a few weeks, Frank went to his doctor for another exam. JFK’s personal physician cured his own cancer with a natural cure that you can easily make on your stove. The alternative doctor with the 93 percent cure rate, based on his 32,507 cancer patients!
The mineral that disrupts the cancer cells’ fermentation process, starving them to death.

Let me give you an analogy: Why doesn’t a forest fire erupt every time someone throws a burning cigarette out of a car window? But if the weather is hot and dry with a blustery wind, all it takes is a spark to start a raging forest fire. Otherwise, simply ask for a refund within 90 days, and our friendly customer service representative will give you every penny of your money back – promptly and cheerfully. Of course, if you order the book in electronic format, there’s nothing for you to return, but you can still get a refund within 90 days for any reason or for no reason at all! You want REAL, PROVEN, SUCCESSFUL treatments that worked for THOUSANDS of folks before you. Probably not – even though this proven cancer cure has been available – and saving lives - for over 60 years!
By creating a low sugar environment – insulin causes the cancer cells to open their receptors at a rate of 16 to 1 – making them easy targets to identify! And remember, when it comes to the medical establishment – PROFITS always take precedence over PEOPLE! Beck couldn’t believe the volumes of research that were printed in medical journals about this electromolecular therapy were completely ignored by mainstream medicine! Beck attempted to find a copy of this paper – all the research had vanished – yes, it was completely cut out of the proceedings!
Beck discovered a very surprising fact: There was a long history of using this technology.
Why isn’t the American Medical Association telling you about an absolutely proven, established cure for cancer? It works by creating a very small alternating electric current which destroys a key enzyme on the surface of a microbe – found in cancer cells - and prevents the microbe from multiplying. And one of the biggest culprits of distributing lies and half-truths about this remarkable cure is none other than the medical mafia. This protocol contains a remarkable, non-toxic and potent nutrient - named on page 122 of Cancer – Step Outside the Box.
The cure rate for similar advanced cancer patients by orthodox medicine is close to ZERO percent! And I’ve put these very special cures down in writing in Chapter Six of Cancer – Step Outside the Box! So I can tell you about this lifesaving cure and give you the info you need – including names and addresses of doctors who can help you decide if this is the right treatment for you! The powerful detox power of this all natural wonder removes toxins from your healthy cells – and squashes cancer cells DEAD! Ty’s book gave me hope, and it encouraged me to see that cancer does not have to be a death sentence. Thoroughly researched, well written and the most informative book that I have come across since my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. When my cancer came back immediately after stopping my last chemo, I knew I needed a different approach. I started reading the book and didn’t put it down for two days until I had finished it.
Discover the potent medicinal mushroom that REVERSES lung cancer by programming your Natural Killer Cells to clobber cancer!
Most Americans are eating a half pound of it each and every day – and getting sicker than ever!
However you can still get a refund within 90 days if you’re not completely satisfied.
Imagine how you would feel if you shared Cancer – Step Outside the Box with a friend and one of the remedies in the book actually SAVED his life?
In 2004, the Wall Street Journal published an article describing one of Clinton’s strangest eating habits. Yes, there’s a better way to beat cancer than suffering through the misery of chemo and radiation.

So the drug industry hired two notorious doctors to discredit the cancer cure from northern India.
The other doctor was burned to death in a house fire, probably caused by a cigarette he was smoking in bed. Then he got the shock of his life: his bosses instructed him to stop working on the story immediately.
Furthermore, they insisted that he write a news story claiming that the natural remedy was worthless for cancer treatment. The lucrative chemotherapy industry is scared to death of the natural cancer cure from northern India.
The cancer treatment racket charges $350,000 to $850,000 for treating seriously ill cancer patients.
Do you realize that two out of 100 stage-four cancer patients who choose chemotherapy will be alive after five years? The profits of the 10 drug companies in the Fortune 500 exceed the profits of the other 490 companies put together!!! You and your loved ones don’t have to go through these painful, futile treatments if, God forbid, you ever get cancer. Rudolph told me recently, “Since day one that I started the alternative healing route, I never, ever used any drug or other tablets for my pain. Healthy cells have an enzyme called rodinase that converts another substance in the remedy into thyocyanate, which is then excreted in the urine. Well, if it lands on the street it will burn itself out unless a breeze carries it elsewhere. My loss put me on a mission – a mission to help every cancer patient get their hands on ACCURATE, proven cancer cures to help save lives!
According to the article, Clinton habitually eats the part of a certain food that most Americans throw out. But I’m not asking you to believe anything just yet, until you see the evidence for yourself.
I knew hardly anything about cancer until cancer killed seven of my family members, including my mom and dad!
And through the 1940s and early 1950s, these San Francisco doctors continued using this natural cancer remedy. It turns out that his bosses had a conflict of interest: financial ties to the chemotherapy industry. If this cure were widely known, it could bring an abrupt end to their obscene profits for drugs that don’t work. And the racketeers who rake in this money couldn’t care less whether you live or die. The FDA approved it as a treatment for cancer because it supposedly improved survival by 12 days!
In my book I’ll tell you how to cancer proof yourself so your body is like the forest that stubbornly refuses to catch fire.
All I ask is that you refrain from disbelieving while I show you my proof, which includes photographic proof.
At that time, doctors had identified only 20 known cases since the disease was first discovered. It has cured patients whose doctors gave them only weeks or months to live, proving those doctors wrong.

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