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Besuchen Sie unsere Social-Media Auftritte, folgen Sie den neuesten Nachrichten und diskutieren Sie mit unseren Experten. The ability to implement effective major organizational change is recognised by business leaders as a critical requirement for future success. The leadership team, who have identified the business imperative which demands organizational change management, are immediately confronted with the challenge of how to communicate this compelling need to the broader organization in order to effect the transformation.
To add further to the challenge, due to the multi-dimensional nature of Transformation, the activities required in each of the functional areas or geographies will be different; for example for a transformation effort with the objective of improving profitability, Production may be focussed on cost reduction programs whilst Sales may be introducing customer excellence initiatives to improve growth.
In the late 1990’s PROSCI, the market-leading BPR and change management research and consulting organization, published their ADKAR change model, followed in 2004 by their Change Management Maturity model.
The gap between the strategic vision and a successful Program implementation and the lack of a practical change management model and tools to bridge that gap. The "hidden and built in resistance to change" of organizational cultures and the lack of processes and change management methodologies to address this.
So, latest research underlines the issues described above, namely the lack of employee engagement in the Transformation management process together with the absence of a cohesive, comprehensive system to manage the whole Program complexity.
Transformation processes involve many human interactions and so are inherently complex in nature. In contrast, an individual employee may view the initiative more in terms of “what does this mean for me” and so may be motivated by feeling included, having their ideas heard, knowing they are working on the “right things” and being recognised for their contribution. Until now, there has been no single solution which provides a practical Transformation Management system to enact major organizational change and addresses the needs of each participant in the Program.

At the heart of this Initiative Collaboration software is the Transformation Lifecycles module. Underpinning this are collaboration tools such as chat, forums and expert locator to enable the right people to be found and work together in virtual teams. The performance management module meets the need of the CXO and Program Managers with full, real-time oversight of the status of the Transformation effort, so enabling timely intervention where necessary and the ability to identify and reward successes along the way. In summary, xpointTM provides a unique solution to the two major factors that cause Transformation Programs to fail – the lack of an organizational change management system and failure to engage each participant group. How engaged are you teams, and do you need greater engagement to accelerate your Transformation Management Programs?
Capgemini Consulting bietet strukturierte Denkansätze zu den Herausforderungen unserer Kunden und aktuellen Marktentwicklungen. Typically as the “Tops-down” message is broadcast through a dispersed organization, the rationale for change and “call to action” is diluted at the lower levels and outer reaches of the structure, resulting in a reduction in employee engagement and alignment. The Leadership team is faced with a complex matrix of activities to manage and control in order to effect sustainable organizational change.
The “hidden and built in resistance to change" of organizational cultures needs to be minimized to enhance the chance of success.
For example, the CXO’s overarching need is for the achievement of the strategic goal in a timely manner, and to this end have visibility of progress and the ability to intervene in real-time.
Program Managers may feel empowered to enact the change processes under their remit if provided with the right framework and tools to perform the work and the ability to readily garner resources and expertise from the broader organization.

Here Initiative teams can come together and perform their work in a single environment, using a repeatable, structured methodology supported by e-tools and e-coaching capabilities. A document management capability allows work that is completed to be readily stored and retrieved within the platform.
The Connectivity module allows updates and alerts to be sent automatically to mobile devices and email. Collaborative Business Experience™, ein intensiver Austausch und eine besonders enge Zusammenarbeit zwischen Kunde und Berater, ist ein wesentlicher Bestandteil unserer Philosophie. Unsere Handlungsempfehlungen stützen sich dabei auf umfassende Studien und tiefgreifende Analysen. In this environment, the efficiency and effectiveness of teams is greatly enhanced and sustained engagement can be achieved as the needs of both Program Managers and Team Members are met. All of this negates the need for a costly Program Office to laboriously gather and collate information which is often out of date by the time it is published.

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