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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Since we have the functional resume on our site, let's talk about how it achieved its purpose at the time. Jeffrey's resume and all the others on this website were written with the help of my Ready-Made Resume Builder. This resume was reviewed or written by a professional resume writer on Susan Ireland's Resume Team. As official translator, facilitated communications between Americans living in Switzerland and local government and community officials. Developed curriculum on "survival" techniques for Americans living abroad, which was incorporated into teaching program at the U.S.
Taught English Conversation to Chinese businessmen, spouses and children, while living in Hong Kong for six months. Recognized by International Academy of Business for outstanding research project and written report on the European Economic Community, involving multiple markets and business issues.
Assisted Manpower clients in career transition regarding educational steps needed to achieve professional goals. Maximized operations in University of San Francisco French department, as sole office administrator for six professors and their students. Filed under Human Resources Resume Samples, Resume Examples and tagged Career Change, Functional Resume Samples, Short-Term Jobs. Finance professionals in Singapore and Hong Kong are predominately seeking long-term career progression when they change companies, belying their reputation for frequent, opportunistic job-hopping, according to the eFinancialCareers Career Satisfaction & Retention Survey. Cited by 34% of survey respondents in both Singapore and Hong Kong, career progression was their most popular motivation for joining their current firm. Recent rounds of front-office redundancies and back-office offshoring have made finance professionals in Singapore and Hong Kong increasingly take a longer-term view of career progression. Pay is a motivating factor particular for those whose salaries have been frozen in recent years.
But with the exception of talent-short sectors like compliance, where pay rises for changing companies regularly top 20%, those motivated by money aren’t necessarily clinching big pay rises. Still, our research suggests that Asian finance professionals have slightly itchier feet that their Western counterparts.
But while employment tenures may be shorter in Asia than in the US and UK, they are starting to creep up, say recruiters. Posted on May 14th, by admin in Counselling, Executive Coaching, Life Coach Hong Kong, Life Coaching. Continuing from Part 1…  How can we tell the difference between a productive thought and a non supportive one?

Believing that this world is an unlimited multiverse where everything is possible will empower you and make you feel more confident.
The most important thing of all is to start selecting your own thoughts while keeping in mind that you are the master of your own existence. If you ask yourself right now what your heart truly wants by taking a look inside yourself, you will be able to see yourself better.
What is the thing that makes me angry the most and will I be able to forgive and let go of this? In our personal coaching session, we use different non invasive techniques to access the subconscious mind with you and get accurate answers from within.
If your beliefs do not serve you, you must discard these beliefs or expanding upon them but in certain situations, it is a bright idea to let go of one belief and replace it with another.
Do you feel frustrated because you are making no progress in achieving the life you wanted?
Passionate on people business, we provide quality recruitment services in our core practice of Consumer across a broad spectrum of job functions including Retail Operations, Sales and Marketing, IT, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources and Merchandising. To fill his employment gap, Jeffrey listed some volunteer work he did at the Salvation Army. These candidates are looking for a fresh stab at moving up the career ladder by changing banks,” says Jay Abeyasinghe, manager of banking and financial services at recruiters Morgan McKinley in Singapore. They are targeting “stable” banks where they can advance themselves with less fear of losing their jobs, say recruiters in Asia.
Nobody wants to interview with a bank that is offshoring,” says Kyle Blockley, managing partner at recruiters KS Consulting in Singapore.
Respondents to the eFinancialCareers survey in Singapore and Hong Kong were slightly more likely that their counterparts in the US, UK and Australia to cite compensation as their main motivation for accepting their current job.
Compared with the US, UK and Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong had the highest percentages (38% and 44% respectively) of respondents saying they changed jobs every two to three years. Your emotions will serve as a magnet that will attract circumstances, situations, and people that match these emotions. We are born with a number of abilities but society cultivates a belief that we are but powerless beings.
Being compassionate while doing this will make it easier for you to accept yourself for who you truly are. Being flexible about your beliefs is a good thing because there is a need for us to transcend our thoughts for us to thrive.
JHK100003004469917 Tools Save this Job Share Print this Job Ad Report this Job Our Client is a well-known international F&B and catering company. Most of today's employers don't like functional resumes and count them against the job seekers who send them.

The skill headings help Jeffrey (not his real name) highlight the skills he'll need in his new field. We no longer need Plain Text resumes because most websites make it easy to upload Word resumes without any fuss.
Emotions are one of the many subconscious languages, so you should learn to listen to them no matter what because these feelings are yours. If we think and believe that we are creative, capable, or powerful then these are the things that will be attributed to us.
Our natural abilities are blocked at a very early age but this can be changed and we can become a creator of our own reality. Sure it will be difficult to do so, but these questions are very revealing and they will guide you in knowing what you truly value and what you truly want. Practicing positive affirmations and believing in yourself that you can direct your own transformation is the best thing to do. If you have questions or want to add something to this list, feel free to share them in the comments section. And back in the 1990s when this resume was first written, the functional format was a smart choice because employers were okay with that format.
So with that in mind, I converted this resume to a chronological format (see Chronological Resume: International Human Resources), to show better ways of solving the same work history problems.
If we believe that something is easy or something is difficult, it will usually turn out the way we believe it will turn out. For more insights on how to release yourself from the beliefs that chain you, it’s good to take one to three coaching session to learn the best techniques and be able to do it by yourself .
Remember that as we continue to expand our understanding of ourselves, things will just fall into place.
What is brilliant about this is that we get to choose what we will be, what we will have and what we will do regardless of what others say. Our perception of ourselves is very important and will literally define and create who we really are. It’s more effective and quicker to make it happen with the right tools, techniques and therapies provided by your coach, as i do it in all session here in Hong Kong for life, business, executive and career coaching.

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