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We welcome you to spend a day, several days, or a week and enjoy the gift of silence in a prayerful environment. We have 18 bedrooms in our residential wing that can accommodate up to 40 guests comfortably for overnight retreats. Get informed about the different programmes at Mount Sion Prayer Centre Bukalango, designed for different people; children and youth programmes, counselling etc. Let us see our way to prosperity .Some of us have been working hard but come with very little. We should remember that there is nothing that happens when God has not accepted a€” or without Him knowing it.
Many times, most of us are accused innocently and are persecuted for doing weH, You may be hated at the workplace, on the village where you live because of the gifts you have, or of your good deeds, or good behavior a€” many are bewitched and killed. In this prayer you must attentively listen to what the Lord tell you, either in the readings or through different teachings where the word of God is fullu taught.
Do this for some time in silence while meditating upon the goodness of God plus His promises for He said that a€?If you sinners can give your children good things, wona€™t your Father of heaven do much more to give good things to those that ask of Him! Students from this class have the option to form a Senior Youth Ministry Team supported by the college Youth Ministry Coordinator. This student team is active in ministry in the school and parish community over the course of two years. Each year St Joseph’s runs a Retreat or Reflection Day for every Year group in the college. In the Year 7 Reflection Day, students are introduced to the MacKillop charism of the college through a visit to Mary MacKillop Place in North Sydney. Abounding with talent and enthusiasm students from the Youth Ministry Class prepare and run the Year 8 Reflection Day. The Sydney Youth Mission Team ran a fast paced day for our Year 9 students each year that help them to consider the impact of their behaviour and choices upon others.
The Year 10 Reflection Day focuses on Social Justice and our role as Christians in a global community. The Year 12 Retreat provides students the much needed time and space to step outside the business and stress of their lives and to reflect upon their lives and their future within the context of their life as a young Christian woman.
The college offers our students a huge range of opportunity to engage in Social Justice and ministry.
Throughout a student's time at Notre Dame College they have an opportunity to be engaged in various reflection days and retreats. By the end of three days of retreat the goal is that a student will know four things better; themselves, their peers, their relationship with family and friends and their relationship with God.

McGann and MacKillop students visited Amberley in Lower Plenty; Jennings and Mungovan visited Ferngully Lodge in Healesville and Crane and Kennedy went to Mountain View Retreat in Harrietville. The Center is designed to provide quiet for retreatants even when the public areas are being used by groups. Each room has a private bath, and all rooms have a scenic view of the beautiful property on which the Center is located.
The chapel has large windows overlooking the woods allowing the beauty of nature to enhance the spiritual experience. You are invited to visit the first charismatic monument in Africa in view of the coming Pentecost.
You may also be passing through this kind of life have courage the One who released Paul and his colleague is at your side. These aim to assist students to grow in their relationship with God and to discern practical ways they, as young people, can live as followers of Jesus in our world. Students use games, drama, small groups, music, film and personal testimony to spread a positive Christian message to these younger students. Chris is a talented and engaging presenter who uses music to encourage students to reflect upon their lives and their relationships and to build the sense of community amongst the year group.
Both these services provide a mobile outreach service offering refreshments and friendly faces to people on the street.
Each year students from Year 10 offer their service as assistants to the catechists at East Gosford Public School. Each year eight Year 11 students are selected to represent the college to volunteer for a week at a small Catholic school of primarily Indigenous children in Warmun. These reflection days and retreats are designed to be an opportunity for students to deepen their personal relationship with God. The students travelled to one of three destinations with their sister house to reflect and prepare for the year ahead. Students participated in whole group and small group activates, took part in a “fun night” activity and helped to organise a para-liturgy to reflect on their new found friendships, their hopes for the year and to become more aware of themselves as individuals.
We have 4 conference rooms available for meetings whether you are planning a small meeting of 6-10, or a large gathering of 50-70. Its unique lighting creates a peaceful and reflective atmosphere especially for evening prayers and meditations.
Our mission is to provide a place of prayer and welcome so that people of God may come to visit and spend time with the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament in a Roman Catholic  traditional setting. The day concludes with the opportunity for the students to say a special personal prayer in a sacred space.

He is a brilliant storyteller who shares with us his incredible 29,000 km journey, 18,000 km on foot, which was a prayer for Christian unity in love. The retreat experience includes a powerful Sacrament of Reconciliation Liturgy and celebration of Eucharist.
Our students commit themselves to this service for a period of 12 months and do wonderful work with the children from Kindergarten through to Year 3. The team of students prpeare craft, dram and sport activities for the children and in organising fundraising at school to help support the children. The retreat aimed to get students ready for what will be a very eventful year, and to create long lasting friendships and memories with some people whom they have gotten to know over the last six years. These programmes draws inspiration from the liturgical seasons, current events and enduring Catholic topics. This took him a year and a half to walk from Brazil through South America, North America, across Russia, down through Europe and ending on the Camino at Cape Finisterre.
Volunteers provide warm drinks, something to eat, warm clothing as required, and friendly conversation. The land consists of rugged sand and limestone hills, eucalypt woodlands and sweeping savannah grasslands out of which arise mighty boab trees. Warmun is situated alongside the highway that connects the towns of Kununurra and Halls Creek. Our students are assigned to particular classes and work very closely with the students, helping out however they can.
The retreat leader in English will be Sister Linda Marie Bolinski, Sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius of Danville, Penn., who will offer preaching and time for quiet reflection.
The experience of forming friendships with the children in the Warmun community is a life changing experience. The retreat leader in Spanish will be Cecilia von Bertrab, a professor of the Oblate School of Theology. George, will offer a Lenten retreat in Spanish on Saturday, March 7 and in English on Sunday, March 8. The keynote speaker is Christine Rossi of the Archdiocese of Kansas City, author of a ZILLION Ways to Survive Negativity in Your Life.

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